Priyanka Chopra sings Ishani’s song in Disney’s Planes!

Work is helping PC recover from her overwhelming grief at her father’s passing. Here’s proof….

An animated (literally) Priyanka Chopra has sung an upbeat number for her character Ishani in Disney’s animated film Planes. After making a dashing entry into the world of music last year with her single In my city, it looks like Priyanka certainly is taking her new role as a singer very seriously. This song oozes confidence, style and attitude and is completely in sync with Priyanka the actress. Of course you cannot ignore the resemblance PC’s character in the film has to her own journey in Bollywood – Ishani, like PC, is keen on making a mark in a race that is male dominated. No one can deny how PC has managed to stand her own ground in a Khan-dominated B-town, no?

Like the lyrics in this hummable number from Planes go: ‘Fly fast, fly high’, we certainly hope that Priyanka will soar in the chartbuster lists this year with this peppy song. And we wanna know – when is she gonna sing in a Hindi film?

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