Priyanka Chopra thinks John Abraham is the hottest!

Priyanka reciprocates to John’s flattering statements about her

Recently, on Simi Selects when John Abraham was asked who he thought was the hottest girl in the industry, he had quickly replied Priyanka Chopra. Now, we never heard John take Priyanka’s name till the time he was with Bipasha Basu. After the rumours about his closeness to Priyanka, John had to strictly stay away from his Karam and Dostana co-star. But things have changed since the breakup and John is now free to voice his opinions. Priyanka, it seems, was quite happy with John’s statement on national television, so at a recent event when she was asked who she thought was the hottest actor in B-town, she promptly replied, “John Abraham.” It’s interesting to note that Priyanka chose John over her regular choices Shahrukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Either Priyanka is trying to stay away from the two stars she’s being linked to constantly or she wants to return John’s complement. Anyway, if sources close to the two stars are to be believed, the duo is now open to working with each other too. Are B-town’s directors listening? Well, it would be fun to see the two hotties, who have shared a great chemistry in the past, get back together, on and off the screen! What say?