Posted Fri, September 14, 2012 11:36am IST

BollywoodLife was in attendance at the glittering event where the quintessential desi girl unveiled her first song amidst crazy fanfare

Last night was a grand one for Priyanka Chopra as she presented her much-awaited music album to the Indian media and a group of special invitees in Mumbai. Her first single In my city, featuring is produced by the veteran music sensation RedOne and Brian Kennedy. And Priyanka was absolutely thrilled to share her debut single with India first. “This is the culmination of a two-year journey that has been the toughest yet most enriching experience of my life while also marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter,” said PeeCee.

Dressed in a stunning black outfit that only accentuated her impossible figure, Priyanka was looking every bit of an International pop diva. We caught up with PC and could not resist asking her how she managed to blend her well-known desi charm with her gifted international looks to the best effect for the album.

“When I went to LA to do this album Jimmy Jovine, chairman of Interscope Records, saw me and he was like ‘with you in that album Priyanka, it will be the easiest thing in the world to make this album a hit’. The makers had tremendous faith in me, even when I was not sure if I could deliver what they were looking for. They wanted a face from India who could make it on the international stage. I walked into this as a novice, with no training experience in singing or music. Today I share my music with the world,” said the actor-turned-singer.

In My City will be available across various platforms over the coming weeks. We are confident that PeeCee will make waves all over, this time with her seductive voice!