Priyanka Chopra: Victim of racist attack, called an ‘Arab terrorist’ after her NFL performance! Watch video!

Thu, January 23, 2014 2:00pm IST by
Priyanka Chopra: Victim of racist attack, called an ‘Arab terrorist’ after her NFL performance! Watch video!

The Exotic babe is getting famous in the West, but there has also been a downside to all the good times…

Priyanka Chopra is scoring high internationally as a singer. She delivered two back-to-back hits last year and is ready to release her third single, I can’t make you love me, her peppy cover version of the Bonnie Raitt song. However, Bollywood’s desi girl has not had a totally happy time in her new adventures in the United States. In a recent interview to Lee Hawkins of the Wall Street Journal, she talked about how she was flooded with hateful comments and racist remarks after her performance at the NFL, the mega sports event that she opened with her In my city last year.

The actor, who spent a few years in the US said that this kind of behaviour towards her was also part and parcel of her growing up days in the West. According to Priyanka, “I’ve been in the limelight, in a public space, for very long. I understand dealing with brickbats and with bouquets. You will get the bad and you will get the good. And I’ve dealt with racism too. I think the only way to go forward is to shut the detractors up with your work. Keep being an achiever, keep achieving, because there are so many people who support you.”

The Gunday actor created quite a splash internationally with her music and the collaborations with and Pitbull. Her visits to the US create quite an impact, with fans flocking to grab a dekho of the Bollywood star turned singing sensation, so much so that the cops had to intervene during one such appearance to manage the crowds. And looks like the latest Guess gal is unperturbed by the racial remarks she has thrown at her. We totally love the way the Chopra babe laughed off the entire episode, and if her haters think she’s no American and an ‘Arab terrorist’, we thinks she’s a sexy one! Hai na, BollywoodLifers?

Watch Priyanka Chopra’s full interview:
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  • Sudheer Yadav
  • JC

    Attacking PeeCee via twitter for singing at some lame football bash is pretty ignorant. On social media the freaks come out 24/7.

    • Inverted

      She didn’t sing at a football bash. She did the intro video for some show on the NFL Network (that nobody actually watches).

      Also, Rashma, you need to get your facts straight:

      “Priyanka Chopra is scoring high internationally as a singer. She delivered two back-to-back hits last year… The Gunday
      actor created quite a splash internationally with her music and the
      collaborations with and Pitbull. Her visits to the US create
      quite an impact,”

      What?!?!?! She only delivered hits in India and she has not created any impact outside India. Neither of her songs charted in the US or any western country. People don’t know who she is and have never heard her songs. And those two events where she drew a crowd were filled with Indian-Amercians and Pakistan-Americans, not mainstream Americans.

      • Cattypuss

        I hear what you are saying, but I am an Anglo Australian who has heard of her. Her work with Hrithik Roshan is how I got to see some of her work. A very very pretty girl – I am sure given the right break in the West she will come to our notice. :-)

        • Inverted

          Cattypuss, you’re a Bollywood fan so of course you know of PC. I know here for the same reason, but we’re not representative of the average westerner.

          I like Priyanka and I want her to be successful, but let’s face it; I don’t think the US is ready for an Indian pop singer and the material she’s putting out isn’t that good. Minorities have to work harder to make it. She should try in Australia. Even Jay Sean managed to get a few recent hits there.

          • Cattypuss

            Australia, or even England would be better for her as a starting point. While Americans are willing to give their own a break, it is very very hard for outsiders to get recognition there. Most of our Australian actors have to learn how to drop their accent and practice the American accent to perfection if they want work. A chosen few ever use their native accent, and then only when an Australian character is required. You would be VERY surprised how many actors are actually Australian. For example: The guy that plays The Mentalist is an Australian. So are the Hemsworth brothers Liam and Chris. Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchette are are also Australian. But they to drop their Australianism to succeed. It’s not fair – but that’s how Hollywood operates. I like Priyanka too, she seems such a fun girl. Doesn’t take herself too seriously. I hope that 2014 is good for her, as well as Hrithik Roshan. Last year was a horror of a year for him. If he manages to get his life in better order this year might prove to be on of his best. I am actually looking forward to his Shuddhi – many thanks for replying to me. :-)

          • Inverted

            The UK is definitely a better idea as South Asians make up the biggest minority group and they might support her. I follow Australia’s pop music charts and Australians seem to be more open-minded when it comes to unknown pop acts (Wynter Gordon hit #1 in AUS and she’s unknown stateside).

            BTW, I’m American and we actually do know that all those people are Australian. To you guys, their accents might seem Americanized, but to us, they’re still very Australian and very Australian-sounding (just like Priyanka sounds Indian to us even though Indian nationals complain she sounds too American). And yes, of course Australians in Hollywood have to practice American accents as they’ll be trying to play American parts. It’s just like in India; to make it in Bollywood, you have to learn Hindi even though most Indians do not speak it as their native tongue.

            I think it just goes back to the point that minorities have to work hard to get noticed and Australians qualify in this example. Anyway, Happy New Year. Thanks for the non-hostile response.

          • Cattypuss

            You are welcome – are you an American of Indian descent? I am Caucasian myself – a mix of Anglo-Celtic. I actually got interested in Bollywood movies by watching some on our Multicultural Channel SBS here in Australia. Then I started talking to some of my Indian friends who run a restaurant in the city. They recommended Jodhaa Ackbar for me to watch, so I saw snippets on Youtube, liked what I saw and then purchased the movie itself from England via Ebay. That then lead me to Dhoom 2 , ect, I have that on the way right now. I got quite a shock when I saw what a good dancer he (Hrithik) was. He’s very talented and versatile, not to mention drop dead gorgeous O_O it’s a shame his private life is in such turmoil, huh? It looks like he is only going to manage Bang Bang this year, and Shuddhi next year (maybe) there seems to be some doubt about it the leading lady. Oh well, let’s hope they sought it all out. I have noticed that he is branching out into other areas like his HRX clothing brand and take-up of lucrative commercials. He has a degree in Commerce so it makes sense for him to diversify if he ever makes a decision to quit acting. He’s 40 now, so he is probably thinking ahead. I’ll give him this – he’s not a dumb boy. Nice talking to you – I love exchanging views with people who are, as you say, non-hostile. Personally I don’t see any advantage in being that way – this is why we are in the mess we’re in today. Too many haters and not enough common sense!!

      • Salman Gurung

        Agreed, get your facts straight. Those back to back HITS were not US Hits, may be they were Asian hits! they didn’t even make it to the Charts, how come they’re Hits? just because it got huge itunes download??

  • Salman Gurung

    Thanks to the media for fabricating the fact that she’s “very famous in US and the racist remarks came as a shock to everyone.” Give us a break! She ain’t popular in US yet. Her singles didn’t even make it the Billboard charts! About Racist remarks, well, that’s sad. People really need to grow up