Priyanka Chopra voted Bollywood’s biggest heroine!

Priyanka Chopra voted Bollywood’s biggest heroine!

The Barfi! babe is probably having the best year of her career so far, and her fans seem to be loving it! conducted an online poll asking our readers who they thought was Bollywood’s biggest heroine right now, and we got an overwhelming response. Must say that the competition was tough – between Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra. But PeeCee quite comfortably beat her contemporaries to come out as the winner of the poll.

While Priyanka received 31 percent votes, Kareena – the current ‘Heroine’ – got 25 percent votes and Katrina Kaif came third with 24 percent votes. The others in the running were Vidya Balan with 10 percent votes and Rani Mukerji with 5 percent.

PeeCee has had an amazing 2012 and it’s not surprising at all that she has come out tops in this poll. She started the year with a big hit in the form of Agneepath and now Barfi! has managed to win over the audiences and critics alike. Priyanka was applauded for her subtle and mature portrayal of the autistic girl Jhilmil. The only thing that hasn’t worked for her is Teri Meri Kahaani with Shahid Kapoor, but it seems like everyone has already forgotten about it.

Barfi! has made over approximately Rs 80 crores (including overseas collections) and has been picked as India’s official entry to the Oscars. And if that wasn’t enough, the girl is making waves internationally as the first singing star from India. Her first single In my city became the anthem of the National Football League, putting her directly in the top league. Her video is set to release soon, and it’s creating loads of curiosity in India.

Priyanka’s 30th year definitely seems to be proving lucky for her. And we are sure that 2013 will be as exciting for the babe, as she vies for all the best actress trophies in India and Barfi! fights for a place in the top five foreign language films list at the Academy Awards. The superhero flick Krissh 3 releases next year and Priyanka’s album also hits the market in early 2013! Way to go PeeCee!

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  • Ajay

    Love you Pc. You deserve this Tag

    • monalisha padhi

      salman is a great actor

      • Muhammad Sajjad Hanif

        I like the Shahrukh khan 2nd, aamer khan and 3rd salman khan best of luck, in ladies prinky chopra , printi zenta

  • alice

    she defintely is the winner! She deserves to b the current queen of bollywood! God she was super awesome in barfi..unbelievable.

    • monalisha padhi

      catrina is top actress in film industry

  • Mayukh

    PC you won this all coz of public voting and this poll showed how important u are demanded in public..!! Love you PC… <3

    • prinka chopra

      prinkya chopra is a top actress in film industry.

  • chris

    queen of bollywood PC

  • chris

    I’m from france but i really enjoy watching PC acting on screen she’s unbelievable!!! she has a wonderful brain that give her full marks…

  • sandhya singh

    Priyanka has proven herself in so many ways that she is so multi talented. A true Daughter of India. As an outsider she coveted the Miss World Title and proved what an outstanding actress and dancer she is.
    Now she has outdone herself with her song! She is stiff competition to the Madonnas and JLo’s but Priyanka Shines. Well Done!! As a NRI we are so proud of our PC

  • Dawn

    Take that Gauri Khan!! You must be burning with jealousy!! :)

    • Laii

      Haha lol

  • Shreya

    Ahh my inspiration.. The ultimate diva.. The multitalented one and only PC.. Love u Priyanka.. U r the best actress Ive ever seen..

  • afam

    sincerely i dont hate priyanka chopra but she is always getting what she doesnt deserve. Kareena acts better than pc and everyone knows this. Priyanka films are a success because of the male lead. She doesnt deserve this. Kareena does. Its a pity

    • SilverC

      Are joking me? Kareena can just act but PC is miles better than her!Don’t even compare PC to her!!! You must be a big fan of Kareena’s to say that but please don’t be baised!

    • memo

      wat abt kareena????? she got all her 100 crores due to salman amir and srk……nd priyanka got her national award only for her tru talent…..looser kareena…..nd the movie heroine is a flop…….hahahahhaha

  • SilverC

    Yay! So happy for you PC! Totally deserve all the praise and achievements! Wish you best of luck throughout your life!

  • afam

    And oops i am not a fan of anyone. Its just the truth. Priyanka can act but not better than rani, kareena, or preity because her film is a hit doesnt make her the best heroine. I wonder why she keeps getting what she doesnt deserve. Even miss world she didnt deserve

    • ar

      shut up

    • zaid

      You are pathetic. PC obviously deserves all the recognition she has accomplished. she is just as good as an actor as rani and preity but not kareena. she is better than kareena. she made it into bollywood all by herself, she didnt have a star family but is still succesful. she has won numerous awards, inlcuding the national award for best actress. she has recently won the filmfare critics awards and by the looks of all the praise she is recieving for barfi she will once again have the chance to win the national award. even rani, kareena and pretiy have not won this award. and pc accomplished this all by herself. she deserves much more recognition.

  • kumar rai

    prynka is the best actrs ever lived. She my best actrs .

  • afam

    priyanka joined twitter and facebook and many social network so she can get many fans and people will like her. What a cheap girl but well she has gotten what she wanted. She has many fans now thats why she wins in votes

    • pyari

      shut up!

  • Ashok Kumar

    PC try maintain your image now which you had reached at least for next couple of years, wish you all best to be topper in rats race.

  • salman

    Pc is no1 cant belive it deaf dumb pc ko kitne nariyal walo ne vote diya hai khopre ko sunlo katrina kaif is no1 .most searched celeb world wide

  • ash

    pc the best of best!

    • sk.reiyas

      it is real priyanka is the best of best …………

  • Raman

    pc is the versatile actress there is no doubt

  • katie

    i loved PC in barfi she is good and i agree with the poll

  • Raj miah

    The only reason she won this is cos barfi had been released . Heroine was still yet to release I doubt she would have won if heroine was out cos Kareena was much better in heroine. Plus everyone knows Kareena is the number 1 heroine followed by Katrina when it comes to popularity

    • Deepak

      ROFL.. U liked kareena in Heroine? her perfomance was horrendous in Heroine.. She was like Rakhi Sawant… Yeah its true that she played herself in the movie.. But in a pathetic way..

    • kybollywood

      kareena has had three flops so far this year including heroine. the so called #1 heroine of bollywood is going to depend yet again on a khan in the form of amir khan`s talaash to keep her position. isn`t that sad. that kareena is heroine #1 of bollywood i must say is quite laughable when u compare her to previous #1`s like madhuri and sridevi.

  • Adriana

    I’m from Mexico and I really like Priyanka’s acting, I mean PC and Vidya are the only girls who would be label as talented in International standards.

    • Ajay

      You r cent percent correct

  • zeeshan

    priyanka is the best ever

  • kevin

    Yay……………so happy to see Sridevi in this list.

  • sk.reiyas

    I think u don’t deserve to talk about priyanka chopra

  • sk.reiyas

    I think u don’t deserve to talk about priyanka chopra…… and if u don’t like any one just stop your nonsense……

  • Aman

    PeeCee iz jst A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

  • Devender Kaushik

    There is no doubt, Priyanka is the biggest as great actress

  • noon

    yaa its possible only in bollywood life
    where only stupid news are pablished
    all wanna be is a star here ur sat is not waorking man
    get a life
    you r the dumpest bollywood channel ever



  • armaan khanna

    priyanka always copy hollywood style of clothing especially selena gomez first she used to wear the same clothes wat selena used to wear now she even singing like her and its hard to find priyanka’s voice it looks like the voice in the song in my city is dubbed by some other person…she is not the best actress kareena is…

  • alisha

    priyanka chopra should win all the best actress award for barfi

  • Pallavi Gupta

    Priyanka Chopra is beautiful heroine.I like him

  • uday


  • a.kumar

    No doubt…obviously she is biggest bollywood actress..