Priyanka Chopra wants to appear in a power chick video with Beyonce!

The babe launched her celeb milkshake at the Millions of Milkshakes store and when asked if given a choice who she wants to do her next video with after Pitbull, without thinking twice she replied Beyonce

Priyanka Chopra spoke like an international star at the promotional event of her music album Exotic. She was candid and cool, the rockstar-like attitude was spot on and of course she sounded like a diva even with that heavy American twang. And the interesting part arrived when the Chopra chick was asked about whom she would love to do her next music album with. It seems the babe harbours an interest of sharing a platform with none other than the ‘dangerously in love’ babe Beyonce Knowles. She thinks BK is an absolute power chick and doing a kind of video in which the two hot and strong babes will croon and groove like no one’s watching is a great idea. All we can say is, can’t wait to watch the gals sizzle on screen…

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