Priyanka Chopra’s I Can’t Make You Love Me song launch appearance – a wardrobe malfunction or a bold style statement?

Priyanka Chopra's I Can’t Make You Love Me song launch appearance - a wardrobe malfunction or a bold style statement?

The Exotic babe set temperatures soaring with her sexy appearance at a recent event

One would have never imagined the image-conscious, swear-by-my-stylist Bollywood lasses going that extra mile and exposing their lingerie, unlike pop stars in the West. However, PC did the unthinkable at I Can’t Make You Love Me release when she managed to pull off a daring sheer textured skirt which gave ample glimpse of her white thong and baring her shapely butt underneath.

Not long ago, Rihanna flashed her pink thongs which she wore under a completely sheer skirt with a crop top, a pair of sporty trainers and a Dior bag. Also, Kim Kardashian rocked a Rachel Roy sheer lace dress which exposed her bra and knickers. The buxom beauty took the look to a chicer level by pairing it a Balmain leather jacket.

Designers Muiccia Prada, Marc Jacobs have time and again brought lingerie exposing ensembles in their collections, however, this look is only meant for a very fashion forward woman who just has the right combo of chutzpah and attitude to rock it.

Full marks to PC for pulling off déshabillé chic with aplomb! She completed her look with a crop top, black and gold bracelets and gladiator heels. Well done!

Story Courtesy: DNA

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  • anonym

    For India a risqué outfit, by such a thing it comes that so many women are raped. Plastic Chopra is cheap and shameless

    • aisha

      All bollywood actors r shameless, it’s just that some r more shameless than others, no excuses 4 Pc but other top actresses have revealed alot too. Pc’s outfit is not the reason y women r raped, am sure rape has been going on in India long b4 she was born. The incidences have surely increased but that’s becos of alot of many other factors that i cannot even begin to discuss. Indecency is one of those factors but so is the chauvenistic attitude of men, lack of proper capital punishment for rapists and corruption.
      Being someone who likes Pc, i must say, that outfit is “tacky and trashy” was a bad call. Surely, those who hate her have now found themselves one more thing to dedicate their life’s time and energy on in order to sooth their insatiable obsession of hate.
      I wish more pple will be constructive when they criticize.