Priyanka Chopra’s item song Babli badmaash not to get ‘A’ certificate

Mon, March 11, 2013 6:30pm IST by
Priyanka Chopra’s item song Babli badmaash not to get ‘A’ certificate

Censor board chief Leela Samson confirms that there will be no separate categorisation for sleazy item numbers

There was much noise in the industry last weekend over the possible decision of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to grant ‘A’ certificate to titillating item songs in movies. Priyanka Chopra’s debut item song Babli badmaash (Shootout At Wadala) was reportedly being considered for categorisation as ‘Adult’. The result: producers Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Gupta would not have been able to promote the number on prime time TV. Director Tigmanshu Dhulia suffered the same fate during Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns when he was not allowed to air promos of his film on TV.

However, when contacted, CBFC Chairperson Leela Samson denied any such move by the board. She reiterated her statement, “I would like to unambiguously clarify that no such decision has been taken, either by the board or by the ministry, nor is such a move being contemplated. The guidelines governing certification of films, trailers, or any part thereof simply state that they will be certified depending on the age-group of audiences that they are suitable for. Hence, dance numbers will continue to be examined on a case-to-case basis, too.”

Which means item numbers will continue to be shady and/or sleazy and filmmakers will continue to influence young minds in to believing that a semi-porn song and dance sequence by a semi-clad item girl making suggestive movements is the best thing to happen to them! Do you think the censor board should, in fact, scan item songs separately for adult content, before the trailers are aired on TV and the film is released?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Mona

    Unfortunately this way of making movies is getting more and more popular and the impression we are giving our little girls is sex sells and any other qualities in a woman are not as desirable. It is as shame that all the attresses do not see it their job description as a responsibility to influence young girls in a positive manner. Gone are the days when you could watch an indian movie with all the family with no concerns about the quality. Bring in the likes of porn stars and indian is making progress… what rubbish..


    • mohit

      you’ve got a valid point there as far as the double meaning item song lyrics and vulgar dance moves. but as far as this item song is concerned, it was reported that they have made sure it doesn’t have any vulgar lyrics or dance moves. so how can we judge already when the promo of the video hasn’t even released. let’s wait for the 15th of march, when the song releases then we can talk about how this song has anything to do with only itemizing and humiliating women

  • anonym

    She is getting fake and more fake day by day ..That English song she sung was horrible and her nose and lips are getting strange day by day…Plastic-Chopra….
    this item number look resembles a striptease number….shameless person……..she was always mad. Now she has gone totally bonkers.

    • mohit

      The item number looks like a striptease number? The only thing that has been released is a damn first look. I bet you’re the kind of person that would not have said a word when Chikni Chameli or Fevicol Se released. And now that she’s doing item numbers, she’s gone bonkers? LOL, so basically the industry is filled with actresses that have gone bonkers? Because a lot of the actresses are doing item numbers

  • Tina

    Very should be happened with PC.bloody girl.she deserves it. Hahaha.bebo is the best

  • sahar

    You people, stop judging her, she is the best. you are saying these things coz she is not showing any thing like sheila or muni? shame on you people, wake up she looks superb and she is the best because before anything first she think, she could also show every thing to get you good comments but she did not. PC, go girl, we ar with you.

  • Pink

    This song will Rock. Priyanka can do anything if she wants. And I’m sure this item song will beat fevicol or watever. she is a way better dancer than that bimbo kareena. So haters jux hate and be jealous but dont mess with PC , afterall she is PRIYANKA, the no.1 actress now. Way to go PC!

  • md shadab

    bhabhi bahut hot lagti ho kasam se