Priyanka Chopra’s Reddit AMA chat debut turns a nightmare!

Priyanka Chopra’s Reddit AMA chat debut turns a nightmare!
Yogen Shah

The Exotic babe was thrilled to be interacting with her fans on a live chat, little had she expected that the whole cyber outing will turn into an ugly episode

Priyanka Chopra remained cool as cucumber as she spoke about racial discrimination social bullying in the past. However, her Reddit AMA chat proved worse. From some below the belt comments about her association with Pitbull, to her Late father Dr Ashok Chopra, there were some nasty and lame questions. We weren’t surprised that PC refrained from commenting on some of these questions that will leave you wide mouthed. Here take a look at what were the five questions that made Reddit AMA a nightmare for Priyanka…

Big Fan here, Did you sleep with Pitbull for your song. Or he kept you awake the whole night?

Hi Priyanka – You keep promoting fairness products for people to look like you. Why is it sub human to be dark skinned?

Will you stop singing?

Is this an AMA or AMAWA?(Ask Me Anything Won’t Answer)

How important is auto-tune in your singing career?

Have you seen The World Before Her ? You were a beauty queen before you became an actress, do you think beauty paegants are a bad influence on society (in that they set unrealistic benchmarks and standards for society at large)? Here, I have a second question Ms. Chopra, What do you have to say about this news article, that claims your father was a child molester.

All Priyanka managed was to ultimately conclude this chat with a good bye message, “This has been interesting. Thank you for your time. I’m sorry I could not get to everyone’s questions but I hope you enjoyed this as well.” Many Reddit users claimed that the whole chat was handled by her PR and it wasn’t the actor.

The Bollywood heroine turned international popstar even confessed during an interview that after her NFL performance in September last year that she had received hate comments where people referred her as an ‘Arab terrorist’. She also said that some even shot her down claiming she should not have been allowed to perform because she is not American. However, we’re sure nothing can beat this unpleasant experience on the internet for Priyanka.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • suneeta

    priyanka rules while who cares for insecure haters its their job to be ugly n criticize as they cant do anything proper

  • suneeta

    peecee rocks she is the best actress qween of bollywood awesome international singer so obviously there will be haters who r jerks burning of jealousy n envy over her i feel sorry for the haters pigs hahaha

    • Kanchan

      I don’t think anyone is hating Peecee, its a AMA so ppl want to know abt her I guess it’s the most legit way to do it.
      Peecee fans please don’t tell me you didn’t want to know the answers to all those questions!

    • aisha

      Pls do watch Marykom , spread the word on face book or tweeter , take your friends and family along, it’s rated U.

  • preeti

    priyanka is the best n haters r losers

  • Desigif

    Did you bother reading the AMA before writing this article?

    Most of the questions that she refused to answer were amongst the first questions that were posted to the AMA. They were worded in a polite manner, albeit they required more than a cursory reply which is probably why Ms. Chopra refused to answer them. If she was only interested in answering inane questions, she should have specified that in the AMA.

    Some of the out of syllabus questions that she refused to answer. I don’t see how any of them are impolite, harsh or rude (check the timestamps – these were posted as soon as the AMA started).


    >Hi Priyanka,

    >Recently a road was renamed in Andheri, Mumbai after your father. What was the reason that it was renamed? What contributions has your father made that a road was renamed after him and not after countless other people who strived and died for India? What made you decide to nominate him and not other people for such a thing?

    >I as a citizen of this city would like to know from you since the whole deal of renaming a city road unnecessarily is sketchy and shady and reeks of corruption.

    >Thank You.


    >You endorse a host of cosmetic creams, don’t you think that these companies are preying on the insecurities of people ? How do you justify your endorsements ?


    >Have you seen The World Before Her? You were a beauty queen before you became an actress, do you think beauty paegants are a bad influence on society (in that they set unrealistic benchmarks and standards for society at large) ?

    Perhaps our media has sensitised our celebrities to real, meaningful questions.

    • aisha

      More like media has desensitized celebrities to real meaningful questions. These questions u raised are not harmful or disrespectful in anyway but there were many others that were down right disrespectful and clearly ment to hurt her. Like those insinuating she had an incestious relationship with her father.
      Though i applaud her 4 daring to take this on, she really went into it with total naivete she was totally cut of guard and underestimated the kind of hate she invokes in some people.
      I have my own opinions on fairness creams and plastic surgery, she would have simply owned up to it and named other celebrities as there r so many who have done the same but i guess she’d rather run than complicate issues. Not that i endorse it in anyway but pc in particular is targeted and treated as though she is the only one who sins. This time around she blew it, what in the world was she thinking? Her adversaries will never miss the chance to demolish her, on the bright side, it will prepare her to do her homework next time she decides to do anything like this and i truly hope she will coz the same questions r gonna be thrown at her. People r very predictable these days.

      • Desigif

        >Like those insinuating she had an incestious relationship with her father.

        There was a case filed against her father being a Child molester. No where did it insinuate that she had an incestuous relationship with him

        She drew the ire of people when she did not answer the tough questions as they were voted to the top. If she had answered them, reddit would have not given her such a hard time.

        You know Imran Khan did an AMA not to long ago on /r/india and he was asked why he still acts, and he gave a polished and honest answers.

        tough questions are part and parcel of the game. Not all Indians are blithering idiots that want “fraandship” with actors. Some want real answers to what they see is corruption and nepotism.

        • aisha

          Well,it was reported by many websites one of which is “dna” ; A user commented saying her most cherished moment is watching old boy together with her father, a Korean movie with an incestious angle to it, if that isn’t insinuating and done purposely to cause pain and harm, i wonder what is.
          Ofcourse, tough questions are part of the game and i that’s y i mentioned she should do her homework next time she intends to do anything like this, if u read my comment well u would have seen that. She underestimated the frustrations people carry and how it will be directed at her.
          people want real answers to what they see is corruption and nepotism?, really? And they think they’d get that 4rm a celebrity? I thought they r not bilithering idiots. No wonder things r the way they r.
          What i observe about pc is that she is too honest when it comes to answering questions and when she can’t answer she remains silent. It high time she starts answering questions like a politician and tell people what they want to hear.

          • Desigif

            Or give a blunt answer.

            Well, the fact remains that one of the redditors has now filed an RTI to find out why the road was renamed. Now the govt will have to answer under what conditions was the road named after Priyanka Chopra’s Father.

          • aisha

            Give a blunt answer? i really hope you mean that but incase u forgot u r not the only one asking questions there, so she has to give politically correct smart answers that do not lead to more questions as we both know that’s what not answering wisely will lead to and that will give haters more excuse to pounce on her. I really think she did the smart thing by not answering under uncertainty.
            Well, good that Rti has filled at least someone some where is thinking and doing something about it rather than complaining, i support proactiveness.
            Better still let them push 4 those who they feel deserve the honour to be given to them. No probs.

        • aisha

          And oh! I hope it still innocent until proven guilty 4 any alleged crime in a democracy like India not the other way around.

          • Desigif

            Yeah, but her father kept getting the case delayed. It was filed in 2001. 13 years and no resolution. Whats wrong in asking Piggy what she thought about it?

          • aisha

            Did i say there’s anything wrong in answering the question?, i made a statement of saying someone alluded to incest which u dismissed by bring up the molestation case issue in a single sentence.
            However, in all fairness to her, anyone who has an allegation made against their parent will naturally get defensive. Y should she have to answer 4 something her father not herself was accused of? Dose it make sense? It it even fair?, no one neither u , me or even she can answer 4 that. The problem lies with the judiciary of the country that delays justice in many cases not just her father’s.
            How do we expect to progress and heal when we place the misdeeds of one person on another?
            That question should be directed to the court’s who have real power not to pc .
            How can pple shoot darts in the dark and expect to hit the target. No, people don’t want change, they want someone to blame 4 their misery.

  • Rinni

    simple is that before saying anythng to her or some other actor or actress do guyz see urself wht u r nd whr u r…everybody has his or her past we r no one to interfare in wht they r stars or superstars or public figure we r no one to coment on dem..1st reach that place whr she is or some other star that u cnt achieve so kisiko kuch bhi puchne ya bolne se phle apne ap dekho ki tum khud kya ho…..u rock peecee and all d other actors too rock who so ever it is shahrukh salman or deepika or katrina all r fabulous so stop all diz…nd try to learn ki wo kaha se aur kya kya seh kr aj ye mukam pe h see their struggle nd learn it..nd sorry i dnt wanna hurt anyone bt as everybody has ryt to say or ask anythng bt that dsnt mean we can do anythng…that cn hurt anyone.

    • Desigif

      are you kidding me.

      They are stars and superstars because of us. Stop putting them on a pedestal. If she came to reddit to interview, its was not going to be fan service. Thats disrespectful to the userbase. She pretended like she was doing the world a favor by doing an AMA, when in fact the only reason she was doing it was to promote her new autotuned song. If she really cared about her fans, she would have gone to /r/India not /r/IamA. the fact is that she is an attention addict who thought doing an AMA on reddit would be cake, and would help further her career.

      Anurag Kashyap did an AMA, Imran Khan did an AMA. AR Rahman did an AMA. Monica Dogra Did an AMA, ISRO scientists did an AMA – no one targeted them. She acted entitled, and she got the full wrath of reddit – and the dumbass deserved it.

      • aisha

        Every celebrity will be asked different questions 4 different reasons I’m sure Monica and the scientists were not asked questions about plastic surgery, fairness creams or told that better people deserves honours than her father. Yes she ran away or chickened out it’s still better than speaking without weighing yr answers which would have done alot more damage. So having the sense to backout when she isn’t sure how to respond only makes her smart, it doesn’t make her dumb and u know that well.

        Celebrities r a very flawed bunch but even more flawed r the people who claim to be at odds with the things they do and endorse yet remain passive in changing the things they claim to hate. They hide on line and take jibes at soft targets to sooth their frustrations and that is no way to change any nation. Maybe they ask the celebs cos they put them on a pedestal as well, did that ever occur to u?
        I’ll rest my case now, thanx 4 the chat.

        • Desigif

          Lady, you’re obviously a brainwashed fan.

          We want change. That is why we are holding her accountable, and asking her the tough questions.

          • aisha

            It’s easy 4 u to use words like ” brainwashed” holding her accountable how?, u use the word we as if u speak 4 others as well. What u guys did was put her under the spot to embarrass her and make her feel bad, she’s not the owner of bollywood neither is she the ruler of India.
            Funny u talk about others putting celebs on a pedestal but u do just the same albeit in a twisted way, y should their opinions or answers matter if they weren’t important to you or if u too weren’t putting them on a pedestal also. U want change? And you seriously believe that’s the way to get it? If u think so then good luck.
            It’s been hours since the AMA’s how many changes have you seen so far?

          • prof

            thanks pc or her pr. people are putting her on the spot cause everyone can see thru the facade she has put up over the years, the amount of lies she has spewed and everyone knows she got where she did only cause of her ‘connections’. shes not responding cause she knows shes caught – she knows everyone sees thru the bs and the lies. she has no answer. she will have no answer. yes there are others who lie, endorse fairness creams, etc, but she is the poster child for someone who likes to remind ppl how she was bullied (which is a lie), she got her nose polished, her being 5.7 for that matter or even her stint in the US which is all made up cause facts don’t add up! we agree, she is not the only one …..padukone, aish, etc. most have tried putting up this facade to make their ‘story’ look genuine, relatable, gawky girls turns into a swan, etc. and in fact a lot of them have climbed the ladder by befriending directors, married superstars, established actors or even star children. if pc herself didn’t want media to talk about her personal life then maybe she souldn’t have had her family parading with her all the time. maybe she should put an end to the rumors of her affair with srk, maybe she shouldn’t make up nonsense about her past – she said it all and lets media speculate IS cause its a way for her to stay in the news.

          • aisha

            U know am not even Indian, the ways u guys just lebell anybody who makes constructive observations and opinions a .pr tells more about you than the person, it’s really pathetic, all yr hulla hoos ISN’T REALLY ABOUT PC ISN’T it? It really doesn’t matter how fake she may appear to be, what’s sad is alot of u really think that this AMAs gives u some sort of voice as people to ask yr burning questions or rather direct yr many frustrations, i mean what u wrote only shows again that there’s no genuine attempt to know ” any truth” from the questions thrown at her.
            y yy should it matter to you who they sleep with?, y should it have any significance in yr life?, y should it bother u if she had surgery? Is it yr face? Y do u even bother to hear stories of her past if you think it’s just a facade? Y?
            Celebrities r not rolemodels to find answers to problems, they r a section of society, many of the flaws they have represents of the flaws of that society.
            I don’t follow on tweeter, i don’t do instagram am sure many who will called me .pr keep close markings on her alot more.
            U know the law of power says a person has influence over you once their matter takes away yr time an energy, though u may dislike Priyanka, she has more influence over u than u will ever know. If making her uncomfortable like this makes u happy, that’s just sad, that u need to see her in distress to feel good, that only shows her importance in yr life.
            I like her 4 her work and i think she is beautiful, that’s it. All this hulla hoo I’ve been writing isn’t really about her either. Difference with u and me is, i know and accept that.

  • aisha

    If anyone knows pc and chats with her on tweeter , they should plead with her to do a rerun, the same pple will ask the same questions. She should approach them as if she were running 4 political office. When someone tells u yr father doesn’t deserved to be honoured by making it seem like he is asking a question, u answer their question by asking them another question, “what have they done to ensure that those they feel deserve to be honoured get their due recognition?, y haven’t they played that part as a citizen of the country? ” Then u go ahead and tell them y u feel yr father deserves such.
    Y haven’t those asking her about fairness creams asked their governments to ban them? Pure hypocrisy .
    She has to own up to her nose job, if she owns up to it, pple will talk less about it, the more unappologetic and shameless u r about those kind of things the less people will be on yr back about it, sad but true. The world is a hypocritical place today. There r alot celebrities do and endorse things that I’m totally against but the selective judgement, mistreatment, lack of proactiveness in changing things pple claim not to like make those who fuss more disgusting than those celebs they take a jibe at. Especially Priyanka.
    She should take her time, think about it and redo it. Surely haters will call it damage control, that’s clearly what it is and as long as it works, all is well.

  • Shakuntela

    I think she did well and it was the right thing to do. Even giving a single piece of attention to those type of questions would mean a new controversy etc. It’s taking away from the amazing work she is doing. Imagine she has said something about her music career, or the use of autotune which is used heavily in the pop culture as people like it. I think it got really nasty with people asking ”Did you sleep with Pitbull’ etc. and its OK if she wanted to back out. This girl has been making some headlines and with success the haters follow. It’s up to Priyanka what she does with the hate. Therefore I always emphasize on spreading love.

    This is the question about the road that was asked to Priyanka and what followed:

    Here, I have a second question Ms. Chopra, What do you have to say about this news article, that claims your father was a child molester. – Now tell me, would a fan ask such a question? Would you want to answer such a question, especially in a troll environment like it was? Why would she put her dad, who she has lost to a long battle of cancer less than a year ago out there to be insulted by these anonymous trolls. She did the right thing. She is smart.

    It’s called dignified silence which PC possesses. She has never talked about controversies as they only feed rumours and make it worse. Work is what is important. I’m sure Priyanka will speak about the road named after her father. Remember she lost her dad to cancer and it hasnt even been a year. There were so many trolls there and her speaking about her dad, would have also definitely resulted into insults towards her dad. What was meant to be a fun conversation turned out ugly and in these kind of situations one has to ignore certain things in order to not fuel it with more hate. I hope that makes sense. It’s very personal. I’m sure there is a time and place for everything.

    So much hate means only one thing. She is doing something right and it’s pissing people of. Priyanka’s professional career has been a roller-coaster which never came down again. Her upcoming movies shows her diversity as an artist and an actress. Her music career is barely launched and those same haters from India are probably the same people who bought all three songs of Priyanka and made them all #1 songs on Itunes. Besides that she is the brand ambassador of headphones brand, Beats By Dre, did an International Guess campaign and much more. When one flies high, other feel it’s time to pull them down. Mary Kom, Dil Dhadakne Do, Bajirao Mastani and Madam Ji are a few of her future projects. This kind of a reaction was very much expected. The same happened with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan when she did some Hollywood features. Again, her OWN people started hating her. At the end of the day, the haters haven’t achieved anything, not have their favourite’s gained browny points by this.

    From winning national awards to being part of the massive movement among current actresses like Vidya and Kangana to put female centred roles on the map. Her commercial movies do extremely well and this shows her versatility. Priyanka is able to do a Krishh 3 and Don 2 but can also do a Fashion, Barfi, Saat Khoon Maaf and a Mary Kom.

    She is extremely loved by all her costars in the industry. Has no silly fights with actresses maybe apart from Kareena -_-.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    Spread love. Lots of Love Shakuntela One and Only.

    • aisha

      U know, i have an Indian colleague at work who invited me to visit India but going through their papers websites and gossip sites has given me serious cold shoulder, nothing against India or Indians but they have alot of sad and frustrated people, there’s soooo much hate, imagine if they were in a state of war like Afghanistan how bad it will be particularly 4 women. Every country has bad people and their own problems, but truth be told, Indians amaze me and not in a good way. It’s really a sorry state that most people are in, people think the internet gives them power or freedom but in reality it’s “an illusion of power and freedom” . When you say the things that truly matter or can actually bring change you get banned or blocked, i can say so cos i am a victim of that, i was banned 4rm u tube.
      All people are given is the freedom to hate.
      What’s even worse is people have no idea how much they are being lied to and manipulated and I’m sorry to say the entertainment business is a huge part of this. I hope God gives us the strength and wisdom to salvage what’s left of our humanity.
      Don’t know if u fast but Ramadan kareem!

      • aisha

        “Cold feet” i meant, typo.
        Hey, imagine her Marykom gets nominated for the oscars, i wonder what haters will say then, they’ll probably say she slept her way through 4 it, or say someone like SRK used his influence so it can get the nonmination or any sick thing they can come up with, judging by all the stuff they came up with, that wouldn’t be far fetched .
        I know makers of the movie said that they will delay it’s release, i still wish it will be released soon, preferably in September as it is the only movie i really hope to see. I also hope she surpasses her own and everyone else’s expectations and get good karma possibly in form of Oscar norms that will sure make all of this worth it.
        Its time 4 me to stop this b4 bollywood life bans me from using their thred as a chart space. Sometimes, it’s good that they don’t usually censor, i am particularly, grateful 4 this post that they don’t.

    • aisha

      “Cold feet” i meant, typo
      Hey, imagine Marykom gets nominated for the oscars, i wonder what haters will say then, they’ll probably say she slept her way through it or claim some one like SRK used his influence to get the nomination or any sick thing they can come up with, with total disregard to the credibility of the Oscar awards, in effect slandering its organisers. Judging by the stuff they come up with, that wouldn’t be too far fetched.
      I know makers of the movie said they will delay its release , i still wish it will be released soon, preferably in September as it is the only movie i really hope to see. I hope she surpasses her her own and everyone else’s expectations then get good karma, possibly inform of an Oscar win or nom. That will sure make all of this worth it.
      Its time 4 me to stop this b4 bollywood life bans me for using their thred as a ” chart space”. Sometimes it’s good that they don’t usually censor, i am particularly grateful 4 this post that they don’t.

    • hello, its me. aisha

      Hello, complements of d year. I already know u r a huge pc fan but I’m now certain that u communicate with her after seeing some pics and collegues u posted 4rm d sets of BM.
      Pc is riding high in her career right now things have never looked brighter but her emotional and ” private ” life is a different matter. Anyone can see what’s going on, she isn’t happy. I don’t care much 4 celebs but somehow this sadden ‘s me.
      Cancerians need to have balanced emotional life in order to thrive in their career . I know cos my sister is a cancer. Right now pc needs balance more than ever cos she has been given opportunity of a lifetime in Hollywood .
      ” NO one is unfortunate than a person who doesn’t have pple to tell them the truth but even more unfortunate is the one who denies the truth” . That is why i need you to deliver this msg to her.


      If you can copy, lift it whatever, please do so, you could it on her face book page, email her , tweet and tag her just make sure she gets this. It’s essential . She has been irritated lately arrogant too and i think she is just trying to compensate. You r no stranger to noticing how she is always targeted. Sometimes through what she herself says or does. I just want her to be a better person. Sometimes i wonder if she has any true friends atall, if they advice her or if the problems persist cos she doesn’t listen but i know she listens to her fans cos I’ve seen proof. So pls shauntela deliver. Lots of love.

    • hello, its me. aisha

      Please put in name of author. “48 laws of power ” Robert green. Thank you and god bless.


    priyanka chopra n her stupid sister pariniti are just lizards.priyanka thinks she is a hot babe but actually she is totally mistaken.i hate her n her fat lips.her acting in marykom is quite appreciable and i know that she has worked very hard in that movies but still she is just a lizard and will remain a lizard for me forever.

  • Ashish

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  • Ashish

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  • Ashish

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    What can I expect during an aromatherapy massage?

    After the consultation, one or more essential oils are selected based on what you need and are mixed in with the massage oil or lotion.

    The subtle aroma of the essential oils fill the air around you during the massage.


    * Relaxes, balances and harmonizes the body.
    * Reduces stress.
    * Strengthens the entire body and supports the body in its own healing process.
    * Encourages a healthy immune system to fight infection.

  • Ashish

    Massage therapy is beneficial on its own; however when its used in conjunction with essential oils, these two therapies can be synergistically more beneficial than when they’re performed separately. Aromatherapy massage involves a massage treatment using essential oils.

    The essential oils which refers to oils that come from the essence of plants – are a little oily, very fragrant, and usually too concentrated to be used undiluted. For this reason essential oils are typically blended with a carrier oil – such as jojoba or grapeseed oil – in order to dilute them so they dont harm the clients skin.

    The essential oils used are determined by the massage therapist. They are chosen to therapeutically treat the emotional disorders of the client through the olfactory glands (through smell). Aromatherapy massage works when essential oils are inhaled by the client. When the fragrant oils are inhaled, a chemical message is sent to the brain which triggers a certain emotional response.

    Oftentimes the oils chosen for aromatherapy massage are meant to tap into the clients memory. These can be smells that remind the client of a time when they felt happy, safe, relaxed, peaceful or energized. The combination of the senses – the emotion elicited by the scent of the essential oil and the sensation of touch – is how aromatherapy massage makes a client feel relaxed, stimulated, peaceful or euphoric, depending on their desired emotional response. This combination can also provide stress relief and pain relief, help aid a sleeping disorder or physical condition, or energize the mind and body.

    Aromatherapy has long been used outside of traditional massage practices, and has recently become popular among consumers as a way to relax and rejuventate without the added benefit of massage. Aromatherapy essential oils are often used to fragrance baths and even rooms in the home. Using an aromatherapy diffuser, also known commercially as a fragrance diffuser, the oil is heated above a small flame, often from a tealight, to help disperse the fragrance into the surrounding air. Because more and more retailers are jumping on the home fragrance and at home relaxation bandwagon, aromatherapy gifts are very popular to give among friends and family.

    Before your first aromatherapy massage session, your massage therapist will conduct an initial consultation with you to learn about your desired outcome. They might ask about the current state of your work life, home life, physical health and mental state to learn about what you need. Following the consultation, the massage therapist will select several essential oils specific to your mental and physical conditions, and blend them into a massage oil to be used during your first massage. Many massage therapists will also give you a small blend of the essential oil to use at home between sessions.

    Aromatherapy massage is performed on nude clients; however the therapist will leave the room so that you can undress in privacy. In addition a sheet or towel will be available for you to cover yourself during the massage. The only time the massage therapist will pull back the sheet is to work on a specific body part. If you are uncomfortable, please notify your massage therapist immediately.