Priyanka Chopra’s Reddit AMA chat debut turns a nightmare!

The Exotic babe was thrilled to be interacting with her fans on a live chat, little had she expected that the whole cyber outing will turn into an ugly episode

Priyanka Chopra remained cool as cucumber as she spoke about racial discrimination social bullying in the past. However, her Reddit AMA chat proved worse. From some below the belt comments about her association with Pitbull, to her Late father Dr Ashok Chopra, there were some nasty and lame questions. We weren’t surprised that PC refrained from commenting on some of these questions that will leave you wide mouthed. Here take a look at what were the five questions that made Reddit AMA a nightmare for Priyanka…

Big Fan here, Did you sleep with Pitbull for your song. Or he kept you awake the whole night?

Hi Priyanka – You keep promoting fairness products for people to look like you. Why is it sub human to be dark skinned?

Will you stop singing?

Is this an AMA or AMAWA?(Ask Me Anything Won’t Answer)

How important is auto-tune in your singing career?

Have you seen The World Before Her ? You were a beauty queen before you became an actress, do you think beauty paegants are a bad influence on society (in that they set unrealistic benchmarks and standards for society at large)? Here, I have a second question Ms. Chopra, What do you have to say about this news article, that claims your father was a child molester.

All Priyanka managed was to ultimately conclude this chat with a good bye message, “This has been interesting. Thank you for your time. I’m sorry I could not get to everyone’s questions but I hope you enjoyed this as well.” Many Reddit users claimed that the whole chat was handled by her PR and it wasn’t the actor.

The Bollywood heroine turned international popstar even confessed during an interview that after her NFL performance in September last year that she had received hate comments where people referred her as an ‘Arab terrorist’. She also said that some even shot her down claiming she should not have been allowed to perform because she is not American. However, we’re sure nothing can beat this unpleasant experience on the internet for Priyanka.