Priyanka Chopra’s singing debut to feature!

Whoa! Now that’s some news, right? But it’s not the only reason why Piggy Chops is bouncing up and down

The puppy-dog eyed actor of Barfi!, Priyanka Chopra, will soon be seen in her new avatar – a singer! And while we’ve been privy to the buzz about her album getting released by the end of this year, what actually excited us is the fact that the lady will debut with her single In My City pretty soon at the National Football League’s Thursday Kickoff match on September 13 in the United States. And that too with – hold your breath – the Black Eyed Peas’ rapper!

Is she excited? Hell, yes. “I’m really thrilled to bring my music and a touch of India to America and its football fans,” the actor said in an interview. But preceding the thrills was a bundle of nerves. “I was quite nervous the first few times I went into the recording booth to sing but everyone has been very supportive and helped me find my feet,” Pee Cee revealed while talking about recording with RedOne.

But now that our jungli billi has busied herself with serving some Indian tadka on American platter, let’s not forget that September 13 is also the date on which Barfi! releases in Dubai. Ah! Now that’s a double whammy for Piggy Chops, no?

Time to ‘reach for the stars’, as might say, Pee Cee. All the best!