Priyanka Chopra snubs Ranveer Singh

Find out how Priyanka ticked off the newbie actor!

Still-newbie Ranveer Singh may have tasted success with Band Baaja Baaraat, but methinks that role worked so well for him because it was fairly true to life: his character was brash, high-energy and brattish. And that is just what he seems to be too, at least in public. His interviews reflect that kind of personality and his stint on Karan Johar’s talk show was all fire and bubble, frankspeak and youthful high spirits, with borderline rudeness and a tad too much information being given out. Like did I really want to know that the actor does not wear undies after 10pm? His co-star in BBB, Anushka Sharma, does her bit to squash him, but he reminds me of a rubber ball that can’t be kept down for too long. Be all that as it may, I was starting to wonder when RS would be cut down to size and, believe you me, that process has already started, from what we hear. Recently, Priyanka Chopra was heard ticking off the young man, telling him that he better behave himself, saying, in her usual cool and cazh way, “Don’t you dare do that to me, baby! I am your senior!” Of course, while that would have subdued Ranveer for a little while – we hope – but he would have bounced out of it sooner than expected – we are sure. But along the way I do have a little word of warning for our rising star: If you wanna do big things in Bollywood, learn a little PC. Political correctness, I mean, of course!