Punar Vivah: Will Yash marry for the third time?

Punar Vivah: Will Yash marry for the third time?

The show is called ‘Punar Vivah’, or again marry, but how many times will he do it?

After his first wife’s death, Yash Sindhia’s (Gurmeet Chaudhary) family asked him to marry again for the sake of his daughters. Reluctantly, the brooding man agreed. Of course, second wife Arti (Kratika Sengar) came with baggage – her son Ansh.

No one expected them to fall in love, but they did and were extremely happy. And then her ex husband Prashant (Vineet Raina) came knocking back into the picture, demanding Arti come back to him. So much crap! The couple – Arti and Yash, that is – stood their collective ground and decided that come what may, they would stay together. And we were happy! It seemed like the serial makers were finally creating something sensible – okay, not entirely, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt here.

When Yash’s father – played by Chetan Pandit – found out that Arti was not a widow (his son was a widower) but a divorcee, all hell broke loose. He ordered his son to get a divorce immediately and abandon his new wife. Being a man of virtue, Yash did not relent and instead moved out of his family home. Smart decision!

But daddy dear Suraj Pratap Sindhia was not the type to let go, so he kidnapped Ansh and as ransom demanded that the couple split…how terribly tired that line is! We really thought that Yash would stand strong against his father, but we were so wrong. As per recent developments, Yash will sign the divorce papers and will be forced to marry for a third time. OMG!

Yash’s new bride Ishsita (Heena Parmar) is his father’s choice. Frankly, we are livid at the way the story is heading. In our opinion, it’s absolutely barbaric and we do not like it one bit. Do you?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Shahnaz

    Punar Vivah started off slowly, then it picked up and u could somewhat enjoy it. We all thought, finally a sensible serial, boy were we wrong! As always the storyline becomes completely ridiculous and it just puts one off from watching. I really hope that serial makers would stop treating their viewers as idiots and begin to make serials worth watching, and rather end it quickly before they run out of ideas.

    • Anjalyne

      Gurmeet – you so qute……..especially when you give angry look…..awesome actor

    • V123

      You said it all I was gonna say, this is piece of crap right now. Even KS and GC look so bored in romantic scenes as they are forc

      • summy

        he will not………….marry again hopfully

        • Konal

          if yash get married wid 3rd wife then to hell wid punar vivah..il not watched bloody PUNAR VIVAH

          • nancy

            yesh and arthi should not be separated. if he marry 3rd time, ill stop watching tis serial. I know if he yesh marry this is going to be stupid serial

          • tapathi

            why yash and aarti quit the serial please dont do like that
            Now the serial is very nice
            why did u like this

  • aji

    I think that 3rd marriage is a stupid idea.

  • lakshmi

    3rd time marriage is a very bad idea

  • sushree mohanty

    3rd time marriage is a very bad idea change your story or else your trp will decrease soon

  • Sini

    3rd time marriage is a very bad idea pls change………………. we really love this show pls dont make this a rubbish one

  • Geetha

    3rd marriage is a stupid idea. Pls I request u to change……then we won’t watch punar vivah…….

  • mano

    3rd marrige is a really stupid idea.plz change this idea

  • husna

    plz dont do 3rd marriage
    this is my one of the best serial
    if u done na realy i never watch this serail
    plz change the story arti is best

  • Vandanasain

    this is stupid idea. Plz change it. I wont watch it.

    • Sashi

      I love this show.but if hash marry again it will be not punervivah but making fun of our culture where marriage is a joke.why mr sindia punishing arti for her lie but what about the youngest daughter in law who slept n kill someone ??? Where is his justice.he is an as

      • yaki M’sia

        I completely agree with you . The writer should stop making fun on our culture . What is in her mind making Yash married again and again. I don’t like serials , but PV really had pull my attention , if YASH married again than sorry about the stupid story and sorry for YASH & ARTHI as it is damaging thier image too. I don’t think in real life this kind of nonsence will happen. Pls stop teh crab and bring back the story to life.
        If Mr.Schindhia said his family reputation is tanished b’cos Arthi lied than how about YASh marrying again. Will this not reflect a complete negative point of view on Schidia’s family. OMG …

  • Sashi

    If yash marry again I will lose my interest in this show.never watch the show again

  • Uma

    No,yashmak should no marry again.if he marries again am not interested in watching punarvivah.sorry yashmak.but lov u.

  • shereen

    If yash get married, this film is going to be a boring and stupid one, why they dnt catch the culprit, and the ansh can be saved, then they deal with the culprit and prashant at a latter stage, and frm der u carry on.


    I am liking the way this story is heading, if Yash marry for the 3rd time, this will differently change the story and the title “PUNAR VIVAH”. Aarti and Yash are the best couple why are you messing the show for it’s viewers.

  • manisha


  • heena parmar

    well this serial name is punarvivah-2 so it is likely to have again n again merriage as this states punrvivah so its det yash will do merriage again wid ishita-the evil planner

  • Bruna Savana Hiskia

    I hate the fact that yash and artie have to split up

    • winnie

      I also hate the fact that the two love birds will be separated

      • kayla

        What of their child the one she is carrying?

        • http://www.bostec.co.za Aglia morudu

          yash was madly in love with arti. how could his father do that to him. but i have a strong believe that yash will go back to Arti.

          • favour

            yes that’s it yash went back to aarti

          • http://www.bostec.co.za Aglia morudu

            what is going on in the sindhia family? is Yash a member of this family?

  • Bruna Savana Hiskia

    I don’t like the third wife



  • Annie Unisa

    If Yash will have to broke up with Aarti, then my love for this drama ends with their separation OMG!!

  • omoniyi temitope

    What will happen to aayu will he be found. Pls this film is making me crazy