Punjab government to ban Honey Singh?

Tue, May 14, 2013 5:42pm IST by
Punjab government to ban Honey Singh?

The rapper has been taken to task by the Punjab High Court for his obnoxious songs

It seems like there is some time before popular Punjabi rapper Honey Singh can breathe a sigh of relief. Only a few months ago, when the nation was in furor over the Delhi gang-rape incident, Honey Singh’s songs drew a lot of flak for their lyrics and the way the rapper demeaned women in his songs. While the issue was laid off then, it seems the Punjab and Chandigarh High Court has woken up from its slumber only now and criticised the Punjab government for not taking any action against the singer.

Today, a division bench of Justice RK Jain and Chief Justice Jasbir Singh ordered the Punjab government to take action against Honey Singh. The court also went on to say that he should be boycotted and observed that ‘heads hung in shame after hearing his songs.’

Well, too bad for Honey considering he is hugely famous in India, especially up North in Delhi and Chandigarh where his music plays at swish clubs and discos! Plus, we’re still trying to get our heads around the fact about how music could inspire crimes! Anyway, what do you think BollywoodLifers? Should Honey Singh be boycotted?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Reya Ahmed

    Dude, what kind of articles do you write? If music and inspire , move people then of course the demeaning lyrics are unacceptable! You carry out candle-light marches, processions against rape and abuse but on the other hand people dance to these blazing lyrics in discos ? Hipocrisy, no? And btw, angst can never inspire good music. And if a person is respected or appreciated for music which derogates a human being, then sorry, faith in humanity just got devastated.

  • Areebah Shahid

    If music can inspire revolutions; if it can be used to keep the morale of armed forces high on the war fronts by virtue of the same fact it has enough power to also inspire crimes! This man has demeaned women enough! DOWN WITH HIM!

    • Damien

      is you feel offended then do what millions of others do, CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Music is never an attack upon anyone personally, but used as a figure of speech universally. It must be hard for you personally to hear his music because of life changing situations in your own personal life, so you should not speak for all women, but only for your self, there are many women who feel its just a song, so the message for you is open your eyes and embrace what the world really like, a song is a song, get over it………if you watch many other music videos women use the fact of their physical appearance being used in music videos as a form of compliment. But I also understand why most women would be offended, they most likely don’t get the attention which they need because they are not< as society would say, "pretty enough". So its true, the ones who always complain are the ugly women.

  • Damien

    I think the way that the government is reacting towards the concept of freedom of speech and views towards an artist is completely unfair. If anything the Indian Government should embrace the new lifestyle which the whole world is moving into and stop living backwards in life. Music is only an expression and that is all. People embrace music in their own views but also have a right to their OWN opinion, but that does not mean to single out an individual because of it and to crucify him or her. If anything, the people who are finding any kind of offense in Honey Singh’s music need to ask themselves one solid question, “AM I BLIND AND OLD FASHIONED ” OR ” CAN SOMEONE SLAP ME AND WAKE ME UP INTO THE REAL WORLD”. People need to wake up and realize the world is becoming more balanced when it comes to views as a society, embrace change, don’t fear, then only you would be able to keep up with the rest of the world. Also remember music is meant to point out societies ups and downs, how can you live your whole life making music only about LOVE and money…….open your eyes!