Qubool Hai: Did Karan Singh Grover quit the serial?

Yesterday we told you that KSG aka Asad was out of the popular TV show. Now we hear that he was doing overtime on an expired contract. So who is telling the true story in this mess? We wonder…

Karan Singh Grover has always been the heartthrob of thousands of women, young and old, all over the TV-watching world. So when he stepped into the shoes of Asad, his character on the popular Hindi soap Qubool Hai in October 2012, there were many sighs of delight. But now, over a year down the line, there are problems. Karan has been dismissed from the show for non-cooperation, unprofessional behaviour and his absence from shoots. But the actor says that much of this is an attempt by the channel (Zee) to defame him. In an interview he explained, “It has been said that I came on the sets drunk, which is an utter lie. It is extremely sad that way they have spoken about me. The truth is that my contract got over three months back. Right at the beginning I made it very clear that I would stay with the show for a year and then move on. I stayed on because Vikrant (Massey) left the show at the time when my contract expired, and being close to Gul (Producer Gul Khan), I did not want the show to get affected. Hence, I did not renew the contract but continued to shot for Qubool Hai.”

And there is more. “I am suffering from some ailment which I don’t want to talk about but yes, multiple physical tests are being done. I am in Delhi for health reasons. I had a meeting with the channel on 19th of December – I told them about my problem and they understood. I said it was physically not possible for me to continue shooting. But on that day they asked me to stay on for a month. I was worried that people love the character of Asad and they would miss it dearly. So I sat with the juniors of Ajay Balwankar (the head of the channel) and pondered upon how to show my exit. I told them instead of replacement, for many fans connect me with Asad, kill my character and get a new lead. All was good but then bam…comes the version from Ajay.” In fact, the actor had even convinced his replacement Raqesh Vashisth to agree to do the role of Asad, he says.