Qubool Hai: Jennifer Winget, Sanaya Irani, Sukirti Kandpal – Who shares the best chemistry with Karan Singh Grover?

Posted Sat, March 2, 2013 11:00am IST

Zee TV’s popular show plans a major twist in its love story

Zee TV’s Qubool Hai is currently witnessing a blooming romance between Asad Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti). And just when we thought we’d get to see a few intimate moments between the lead pair, we hear that the makers are planning to introduce a love triangle into the story. Arrrrgh!

The new character will be Asad’s childhood friend and neighbour Tanveer, who has just come back into town.  Now this will definitely bring in some some major drama into the show. While the makers are still debating over whom to cast for the role, we have a few suggestions they might want to consider. Here goes:

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  • Anu

    Karan singh grover creates a sizzling chemistry with none other than Shilpa anand:)) We are eagerly waiting to have them back on screeeeen:))) Hope to seeee KaSh soooon:D

    • angel sharma

      i love your sereal

  • Vimal

    Just Stop Ur Nonsense Reporting .Why Always U Guys Post Negative About Sanaya Irani Show.Did Any One Pay U Guys For Tampering Sanaya Image.So Senseless Writing

  • Gurpreet

    Karan Singh Grover Create super hot , sizzling & killer chemistry with the beautiful Shilpa Anand <3 KaSh <3
    Hope to see them together once …missing the magical chemistry couple

  • Sunaina

    There is no doubt about Karan Singh Grover shared best chemistry with Shilpa Anand & Make a perfect pair ….KaSh Rockzz

  • rajsua


    kajen anyday

    the chemistry which have is so powerful and beautiful

  • Teetli

    Kajen — karan singh grover and jennifer winget grover simply rockzz

  • saheli

    No doubt KaJen

    they are powerpaced jodi and performers

  • jeet

    There is no other jodi as powerful as Kajen

  • Sanju

    of course, the one and only KaJen but Jennifer is already doing a lead role!!

  • Mehak

    There Is No Doubt In It….Karan S Grover Shares Best Chemistry With One And Only….Shilpa Anand….<3KaSh Roxxxx<3

  • Sana

    Is this a question to even ask???
    KSG looks best with Shilpa Anand.He shares best chemistry with her…..A chemistry which can never be created…KaSh-The Best

  • shweta

    karan singh grover already has a great chemistry with shilpa anand as we all have seen in the past
    kash rocks <3 the r the best no doubt abt it

  • Neda

    Karan Singh Grover shares best chemistry with Shilpa Anand.They are the best.<3KaSh<3

  • pink flower

    shilpa anand they make a great pair & inchaALLAH they will be rocking again :)

  • Ojaswi

    Jennifer…karan nd jenni r best……

  • purvi

    karen gover share the best chemistry with sukrity. they look amezing on screen. i love kasu. go suk

  • Nisha

    KSG share the best chemistry with none other then Shilpa Anand . They prove it two times . KaSh have great chemistry & a hug fan base . They make fans crazy for them & burn the screen on fire .

  • Kratika

    Again same question everyone know the answer very well ….Karan have killer chemistry with Shilpa…they r the kind & queen our all hearts …I wish we get them back tv is so boring without them.

  • Priya

    Karan and Shilpa make a great pair & burn the screen on fire with there sizzling chemistry.It was KaSh , KaSh & only KaSh.

  • Rajeev

    Karan Singh Grover & Shilpa Anand make hottest pair on TV and created Great chemistry .We all seen it in DMG 2 times & loved it . waiting to see them together & hope to see them soon.

  • Rahul

    Karan share sizzling chemistry with the beauty Shilpa Anand. They look great together & Rules our hearts.

  • Karan mehra

    Shilpa Anand any day any time look the best with KSG. i wish they come back together. I LOVE U KASH<3


    I Like Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti
    Karan Singh Grover And Jennifer Singh Grover

  • Diya

    Karan share damn hot & sizzling chemistry with one & only Shilpa Anand. KaSh is look to cute together.KaSh rockz

  • pooja

    KSG is my fav & if u talk about best chemistry then it will be only Shilpa Anand i must say….I seen KSG with many other female lead as well but still no one create sizzling chemistry which KaSh created together.Hope to see them together soon .

  • Naina

    Karan share the best chemistry with Shilpa Anand. Everyone know it ever u guys also know it

  • Aashi

    Karan Singh Grover share the best chemistry with Shilpa Anand without any doube they create magical on screen.

  • Prince

    Karan & Shilpa sizzling the screen on fire.
    KaSh is the best
    I love u KaSh

  • ilovebieber

    no no no not shilpa anand lets try sanaya irani oh no but that will make asad and tanveer the best no way fyn let it be stupid shilpa anand

    • Prince

      Just shut up okies
      If u don’t like her then no need to say about her

    • spandana varma

      how can u bash a celebrity like dat!!!!

      see urself before bashing others!

    • jenny

      Shilpa anand and karan singh grover will set the screen on fire please she should be casted opp him!None can create such a rocking chemistry

    • nisha

      Mind ur own business

    • Gurpreet

      Is that the way to bash other fav

    • KaSh

      stop abusing Shilpa Anand…

  • KSGian Always

    Want ASAD ZOYA together ! It will be good to see twist with new girl but Want AsYa together pleaseee don’t spoil the lead pair & chemistry of them it’s a humble request! Pleaseee





  • simmy

    Please cast shilpa anand with karan singh grover they are one hell of a pair:))) People would love to see them againn!

  • Kashish

    KSG & SHILPA create thye best chemistry
    We all badly need KARAN & SHILPA back together please cast them together na

  • Sanjida


  • KaSh_fan

    LOL Even for a short period of time, i would choose to see Shilpa as the new girl. Want to see KaSh somehow together on screen again.

  • Sabina

    Karan Grover looks best with Shilpa Anand only.He shares great chemistry with her only.And we have no doubts about it.

  • Areeba

    KSG looks best with Jenny :)

  • marie

    no i want asad and zoya to be together come on we r enjoying the show and now to change the leading star it gonna be sour if u know what i mean give ayann the new girl not asad

  • deepika

    Sach a simple question & u know the ans very well still i will ans it …..Karan shared the best chemistry with Shilpa Anand….. no doubt at all they proved it many times

  • Gunjan

    Karan Singh Grover with Shilpa Anand any time burn the screen on fire. i m missing the killer chemistry like anything. i wish they come back together once again to burn the screen.

  • rahul

    i like sahid priyankas jodi

  • Divya

    Karan Singh Grover Shilpa Anand rocks

  • sameer

    Can v pls have Shilpa Anand opposite Karan Singh Grover in QUBOOL HAI.

  • Simi

    would love to see Shilpa anand opposite Karan Singh Grover these two were amazing in DMG love their on screen chemistry would love to see their chemistry again…

  • Deep

    please cast Shilpa Anand opposite Asad ahemd khan…

  • Love

    we want Shilpa anand opposite Karan Singh Grover…

  • Alankrita

    want to see KaSh jodi (Karan Singh Grover Shilpa Anand) together AT ANY COST!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think someone ugly coz asad and zoya need to be together they are the best pair

  • Jazz

    This is a new show with new characters. Asad and Zoya have great chemistry and I would like to see them together. Give Surbhi Jyoti a chance.

  • Shally

    Shilpa anand…

  • asad zoya

    i thnk surbhi shares a great n outstandng chemistry wd karan singh grover. In the above votings, u havent mentioned SURBHI JYOTI’S name so i havent votd…

    • gopi brar

      I think its right

  • aneesa

    i thnk his wife Jennifer

  • Jia khan

    Love u KSG

  • lili

    i love KASU and sukirti has the best….chemistry with karan. NO ONE CAN BEAT THEM!!! and hate this surbhi. SHE IS SOOOO UGLY!!YUCK!! i miss my KASU.

  • silsila

    ofcourse SUKIRTI!!!

  • silsila

    ofcours SUKIRTI

  • lili


  • Amar

    We want only SUKIRTI opposite KARAN! I love them a lot

  • Jazz

    I must say SHILPA AND SURBHI are too ugly for KSG! JENNY is ok! But the best with KARAN is only SUKU! KASU made in heaven

  • Allie


    • jazz

      how can you say that SURBHI is too ugly for KARAN!!! YUCK!! KASU ROCKS AND ONLY KASU

  • priya

    kajen rocks…

  • Mashooq

    Surbhi jyoti is the perfect and we wanna see her as ashad’s partner.

  • Faruk

    Surbhi jyoti is ok with asad

    • jazz

      how can you say that surbhi is too ugly fot karan!!! KASU ROCKS AND ONLY KASU!!!

  • khushi

    jennifer iz very beautiful but zoya asad ki jodi mast hai yr

  • hamed


  • roxxx

    jenni for sure … she is superb nd ksg is her hubby so i guess she is good among others …

  • sriharsha

    i think its jenny

  • tanu

    jenny is perfect 4 ksg.both of u luv u so much.You wil be the best couple in television industry.keep rokzzzz.

  • diya

    i think jennifer, surbhi and shilpa looks best with karan. sukriti/sanaya with ksg will not luk good, hate kasu but krystle will also look nice with ksg.

    • Ilias

      How dare you to Say that SUKIRTI LOOKS NOT GOOD WITH KARAN!! KASU are the best!! Shilpa and Surbhi are so ugly

  • sriharsha

    keep rocking

  • AneeZarp

    Y surbhi’s name is not mentiond in d above poll??? Deze 2 guys share d most outstandin chemistry onscreen….luv u ASYA…n yah talkin offscreen…obviosly jenifer is d bst…

  • Bafi

    zoya u r ausome

  • zeenat

    i love zoya and asad’s couple

  • zenab

    surabhi(zoya)and karan(asad)the both are awesome

  • Rumi

    Karan and Surbhi best couple

  • sana

    SHILPA ANAND AND JENNIFER WINGET BAS!! no surbhi she is to ugly….shilpa and jennifer are the prettiest! even drashti is very pretty!! SANAYA UGHHH NO WAY! sanaya is to ugly for him!

    • Lasya

      Surbhi is prettier than all of them

    • surbhi forever

      Lol i thnk u dnt lyk beautiful thngs…
      Cuz if surbhi n sanaya r ugly than, hats off to ur thnkng lolzzzz

  • anusha

    for the fan of ksg may i kindly inform u that ksg isnot sutable to sanaya.nor sanaya is not suitable to ksg

  • giyapo

    Where’s Drashti Dhami ???
    She looks best with KSG !

  • naza

    surbhi and jennifer………..

  • esha

    to good images

  • Gandhi pratiksha k

    Surbhi looks owesome…..meet me…ur speech is damn good….

  • khushi

    karan&surbhi jodi is best.plz dont change them

  • maeve

    I would be in heaven if Shilpa and Karan would be cast together but I don’t think people would like her in the negative role that tanveer portrays. Shilpa and Karan’s chemistry looks so real that if they would be cast together then maybe Surbhi’s character would side tracked. So in that case they should someone who doesn’t outdo surbhi’s beauty and acting skills as then the storyline and the viewers demands would become very different. I think Nisha Nagpal was very good as Tanveer but the new Tanveer, Amrapali Gupta makes the audience laugh too. Even Drashti looks very good with Karan but not in a negative role.

  • Lili

    Ofcourse SUKIRTI…

  • surbhi jyoti

    Surbhi u r da best…
    U r beautiful than all others…

  • nazia khan

    karan singh grover and surbhi is best jodi

  • nazia khan

    surbhi u r so beautifulll

  • Sarayu

    i love this serial, so entertaining, Karan and saurabhi are so stunningly beautiful, loving their pair! I love whole drama though, vidya sinha, so good!

  • sara khan

    karan i love u so muchhh

    • simran

      U R RIGHT……….. I LOVE THIS SERIAL…………..

  • simran

    I LOve this SERIAL…..issss bar asad aur zoya ko best jodi ka award milna chahiye…………I guessssssssss

  • Divya Odedra

    Of course Jennifer Winget Grover. KaJen is the best and always will be. They both look great together U guys make a perfect pair. Love u guys loads!

  • Wahid Hussain

    Yaar Jenni ab itna door mat jaao. Itni Der main to Khuda Mil Jata hai tum kyun nahi Mil raheemn Mery e mail per reoly kar do I will be thankful to you

  • mnath

    love you karan, surbhi and jennifer

    • SANA

      surbhi is best for ksg i think

  • mnath

    well karan you have a sizzling chemestry with everyone

  • SANA

    sure zoya farooquie and asad ahmadh khan chemistry out of the world and ksg and surbhi chemistry also fantastic so ksg ki best chemistry with surbhi aka zoya

  • mnath

    according to me on television karan shares a best chemestry with surbhi but in his real life he really shares a googd chemestry with his wife jennifer

  • shaik yasmeen

    i love qubool hai serial . best jodi zoya and asad . whole family in serial iz gud and gud roles given by all .

  • farzana

    he asad you are mad why you marriged to jenniferrrrrrrrrrr wingettttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Rae

    the one and only Shilpa Anand of course….

    come on, when it comes to Karan, there is not better pair than Shilpa :) KaSha forever!!

  • preety thakur

    i love karan singh grover

  • preety thakur

    i love karan singh grover and qubool hai

  • hussnain

    shilpa anand best

  • Pinki Dutta

    Kash my fav..ksg nd shilpa rockzz..they r d bst jodi of tv scrn..no one cn denied tht cz history cnt repeat

  • aliya

    sukirti is best. beauty queen

  • simran

    Kasu are simply gorgeous…. sizzling hot

  • drashti

    I love karan and sukirti.. they nake smoking hot couple

  • vithuan

    Surbhi is the best Jodi with KSB, even no need of sex or lip-lock scenes we still can feel the love between Zoya and Asad…We can feel the pain of love when they are separate by some circumstance and cheering when they are hands in hands again.

  • kabhifan

    yes surbhi shares best chemistry with ksg