Qubool hai: Nida aka Chahatt Khanna injured!

Chahatt has not been reporting on the sets of this hit TV show from quite a few days

Chahatt Khanna Mirza, who currently portrays the character of Nida in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai, was recently bitten by a stray cat while she was on the sets of this hit show. Due to this, the lady has not been reporting on the sets and has been forced to stay back home.

“After being bitten by the cat, I requested the unit to arrange for a doctor. However, that never happened. I have had fever, inflammation and severe vomiting because of the bite and my doctor has asked me to take rest for a couple of days,” the TV actor was quoted by a daily.

Despite all of that, Chahatt visited the sets yesterday and resumed shooting for the show. “I shot yesterday for a couple of hours. I’ll be taking a few days off again,” adds Khanna.

Talk about being professional.