Qubool Hai promo: Will Seher brew trouble for Sanam?

There’s a new twist in the tale… and we love every bit of it

Qubool Hai recently started to pick up in terms of numbers and managed to get us hooked too. We recently told you about Seher (Surbhi Jyoti) – Sanam’s twin sister making an appearance on the Zee TV show. Wonder what new is in store for Mrs Ahil Raza Ibrahim.

The new promo of Qubool Hai showcases Sanam finding Zoya’s hidden room and some old photographs of her parents. She also finds pictures of her little twin sister Seher. It’s then that Sanam realises things about her lineage. However, with Dilshaad in the hospital, there is no one to confirm her doubts. She has no clue whether Seher (Sanam’s twin sister) is even alive.

However, going by the promo, we see that Seher has learnt the street ways to get by life. Dressed as an old helpless woman, she cons people for money. Now we are eagerly waiting to see Seher enter Sanam’s life.

Will Sanam realise that Seher is her twin? Will Seher unknowingly brew trouble for Sanam? Or will the siblings get together to find their parents’ killer? There’s so much of drama waiting to happen. So stay tuned to this space as we keep bringing more gossip on Qubool Hai.