Qubool Hai: Raqesh Vashisth impresses as Asad Ahmed Khan!

Karan Singh Grover has been replaced, we miss him, but the show must go on

Raqesh Vashisth has replaced Karan Singh Grover as Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai. His first episode went on air January 10, and people waited with bated breath to see how he did. However, we barely got a glimpse of the actor and we had to wait for another day to see our hero in action.

Fans of both Raqesh and KSG have been waiting for just this moment. Raqesh started his first sequence with an action stunt which left us mighty impressed. The promos of the actor’s entry clearly did not do justice to him, there just wasn’t enough of Raqesh to be seen in those.

What happened after Karan Singh Grover left Qubool Hai?

Considering KSG fans are a little biased, they will give the actor a lot of flak for his performance, but we don’t blame them. However, one cannot also ignore the fact that Raqesh is a good actor. We are happy that the production house made a wise choice in selecting KSG’s replacement. Raqesh’s emotion filled eyes, his demeanor and his dialogue delivery seem perfectly in sync with the Asad’s character. However, we are yet to see the actor romance Surbhi Jyoti onscreen.

Karan and Surbhi, popularly known as AsYa set the screens on fire when they romanced each other. We believe Raqesh will have to work a lot more hard to get the chemistry right. When we see them together onscreen, they seemed more like friends than lovers. Tch…tch. Guess that will have to change with time, right!