Qubool Hai: Raqesh Vashisth impresses as Asad Ahmed Khan!

Qubool Hai

Karan Singh Grover has been replaced, we miss him, but the show must go on

Raqesh Vashisth has replaced Karan Singh Grover as Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai. His first episode went on air January 10, and people waited with bated breath to see how he did. However, we barely got a glimpse of the actor and we had to wait for another day to see our hero in action.

Fans of both Raqesh and KSG have been waiting for just this moment. Raqesh started his first sequence with an action stunt which left us mighty impressed. The promos of the actor’s entry clearly did not do justice to him, there just wasn’t enough of Raqesh to be seen in those.

What happened after Karan Singh Grover left Qubool Hai?

Considering KSG fans are a little biased, they will give the actor a lot of flak for his performance, but we don’t blame them. However, one cannot also ignore the fact that Raqesh is a good actor. We are happy that the production house made a wise choice in selecting KSG’s replacement. Raqesh’s emotion filled eyes, his demeanor and his dialogue delivery seem perfectly in sync with the Asad’s character. However, we are yet to see the actor romance Surbhi Jyoti onscreen.

Karan and Surbhi, popularly known as AsYa set the screens on fire when they romanced each other. We believe Raqesh will have to work a lot more hard to get the chemistry right. When we see them together onscreen, they seemed more like friends than lovers. Tch…tch. Guess that will have to change with time, right!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Salman Karisma FC

    ok cool how much have u been paid by zee tv?

    • Shayeri89

      same question from my side….how much zee tv paid u to post this article?

  • mooumi

    kya bakwas hain, zee ko bolo kudh ka show khud dekhe, qh end for us.

  • Zara

    Every one has the right to their opinion, I am not a KSG fan, and dont want to be known as one, but i do admire his acting in QH as Asad, and, I for one am not impressed with the new Asad. Karan is the only Asad for me.

  • Srashti Kulshrestha

    what r u for real….his eyes are not pain filled but glycerine filled!! and who was impressed by the way by that jumping and that whisper in name of a roar….that he did!!

  • Drishya Rajan

    Kisne kiya accept????Aapne kiya hoga lekin humne nahi…We can never accept him as Asad.He is still not able to impress KSG fans and I am very he won’t be to.Karan Singh Grover can only portray Asad with perfection.We are not accepting him….

  • Fareesh Zaman

    and here you call KSG fans biased!what a joke!Get this straight,you and whoever you are working for,WE WANT KSG BACK and that is final.RV is pathetic in portraying Asad and his eyes arent expressive..watch previous epis of qh with ksg and you will know the meaning of expressive eyes!

  • jaya

    hahaha gud joke he is nt even looking like asad…………..

  • Karthik Kumer

    OMG it is the better you should kill asad character now he is killing depth and soul of AAK poor SJ iam feeling sad for her you guys are ruined AsYa

  • Nazia Tasmim Joya

    How much zee paid you fr this artical?sorry fr my language…Bt the way u write it,its complety visibal.We r not baised.Ur pen being baised.

  • Fari


  • Fari


  • asyafan

    seriously??letty dear you are again out with your lies, not only KSG fans think he cant act, every person who has seen KSG as asad and this guy now, thinks the new guy is butchering asad. evidence of it you will see the diehard QH fans discussing how he cant act in QH forum. so please do visit the forum and get some opinions from people who have watched QH from begining ok before you come up with your articles!!
    he looks like zoyas brother for heavens sake

  • aysha

    What a JOKE!………And whoever you are……..yes we can ignore the fact that “raqesh a very good actor” because he really isn’t he makes me feel SICK!………KARAN SINGH GROVER looks so young and HANDSOME………WHERE AS THERE IS raqesh WHO LOOKS LIKE A WRINKLY OLD GUY who IS APPAULING IN PORTRAYING the role ASAD AHMED KHAN!

  • KSGSmitten

    Good joke!! Get your facts right first then make your stupid opinions! Karan recommended Raqesh. He is definitely doing a good job. His best in fact BUT Karan’s best and his best are poles apart!
    Karan cannot be replaced! His replacement has proven that!
    Karan can act without even uttering a dialogue. His emotions make us feel what he feels. Excess of glycerin and pressure is absolutely not in sync with Asad’s character!
    Even the most unbiased viewers of QH know and agree on that!

  • soniA

    Ek or bakwas or ghatiya article all we know
    Raqesh ek flop actor hai tv ma bhi movies ma bhe or Han sub dikh rha hai k wo kaise zabardasti apni eyes ko phar rha bekar actor Ye Jo Trp barhi hai na wo media or promo ki waja se barhi hai but zyada khush hone ki zarorat nhe next week down hogi

  • Ksg Crush

    another one more crap

  • Ruma Roy

    Those who are saying that RV is good, I would suggest them to watch the old episodes of QH specially the MANGALPUR & AJMER track and then make out the difference. We have seen the best days of QH with KSG as Asad and Surbhi as Zoya. KSG is best suited for the role of Asad as if he is meant for this role. Sorry to say but Raqesh is nowhere around KSG as Asad, not even nearby… He can never match the depth and intensity of KSG’s eyes and voice as Asad. Raqesh’s chemistry with Zoya looks as cold as ice and lacks that spark which sets the screen on-fire… putting loads of glycerine on the eyes doesn’t mean that u r doing justice to this role..

  • Ruma Roy

    Mr. and Mrs. Vashisht are now promoting themselves by tweeting the fans to give them fair chance to play the new Asad. KSG never tweeted his fans or promoted himself in FB for watching his show and to increase TRPs. This is the difference between KSG and RV. Mr. Vashisht would never be able to match the acting potentiality of KSG as Asad. He is nowhere near KSG as Asad. After watching the BEST we cant afford to waste our time and brain in watching a fair actor like RV…

  • Ruma Roy

    After seeing the 4-5 episodes of new Asad and to be fair with Mr.Vashist, my sincere and honest advice to Mr.Vashist would be – Pls RV don’t waste your time in trying hard to play the character of Asad anymore because u don’t qualify in those attempts even with grace marks. For fans Asad-Zoya will always be Karan-Surbhi only. Pls RV u kindly watch the Mangapur and Ajmer track of the show and then compare yourself. Promoting and tweeting wont help u further if u don’t have the in-built talent to act. Sorry to say but face the reality now. The character of Asad is not at all meant for you and Surbhi looks like your younger sister on the screen.

  • Ruma Roy

    Mr and Mrs Vashist is tweeting everywhere that with Raqesh’s entry the TRP of the show has increased. I think they should go check their memory. Raqesh had a 2min and 40 sec entry seen on Friday,10th Jan. QH is a widely popular show because of its unique storyline and because of the acting talent of KSG, Surbhi, Alka ji and all other major characters. How can Raqesh and his wife completely over-look the contribution of KSG, Surbhi, Shalini ji, Alka ji and Mohit Sehgal? This is the height of ungratefulness.

  • zulfiqar khan

    really what happen to zee tv . why they remove Karan singh grover from the play now really very boring to watch this drama we are very requesting to zee tv to bring him again

  • Ruma Roy

    Does our comments matter? It seems that u r giving us the verdict. U people delete our comments also

  • Ruma Roy

    Precisely who does Mr Vashishth impress?, Certainly not the audience that invested the past 14 months of their time in Qubool Hai and Asad and Zoya. Apart from the select few hypocrites who hated Asad when portrayed by Karan Singh Grover and now love the character when played by the replacement.
    The replacement doesn’t understand the A of “Acting” how would he understand the A of “Asad”, his portrayal of Asad is horrendous to say the least; he has successfully ruined the characterization of Asad Ahmed Khan.
    “Raqesh’s emotion filled eyes, his demeanor and his dialogue delivery seem perfectly in sync with the Asad’s character.”
    Are you watching the same show the objective audience watch? Certainly not
    I choose not to highlight the technicalities that the replacement failed to deliver, as I do not desire to commence a campaign on changing the regressive thought process of those who live in denial and ignorance to progressive change.

    Living in a democratic state, where freedom of the media is a legal right, it infuriates me, witnessing regressive media demonstration.
    Instead of publishing fabricated garbage, I’m certain there are more interesting content you could cover that would add value to the knowledge of readers on your site.

  • laxmi

    awesome acting by rakesh

  • Jnapika

    I dont think he can replace KSG since 1yr im watching the show because my sis a fan of KSG & i do like him for all that he’s.. & i don’t think he could fit into the shoes of KSG so easily but if at all we dont compare him with KSG Raqesh is good but here he need to face a long competition with KSG… which indeed is tough… Gud luck Raqesh…