Qubool Hai: Sanam and Aahil to get physically closer

Qubool Hai: Sanam and Aahil to get physically closer
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All of Tanveer’s plans are going kaput; does this mean it’s the end of the journey for her? We’ll soon find out…

In recent episode of Qubool Hai we saw how Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) meets Dilshaad in the room, taunts her about her impending death and leaves. Tanveer also leaves a poisonous gas case under Dilshaad’s bed and goes back to Haya’s wedding.

Every time Sanam (Surbhi Jyoti) tries to go to Dilshaad’s room, Tanveer distracts her. After a lot of effort Dilshaad manages to get up from the bed and move but by then she has already inhaled a lot of gas. She falls down unconscious.

In the next episode we will see that everyone rescues Dilshaad from the crisis. While they are tending to her, they hear a blast, which happens in Dilshaad’s room. It strikes Sanam that Aahil (Karanvir Bohra) was in Dilshaad’s room when they rescued her. When Sanam reaches the door, Aahil comes out injured and bleeding and Sanam screams in shock. Sanam takes care of Aahil and nurses him back to health. This care and concern will warm Aahil’s heart for his temporary wife.

But will this bring them closer? Well our sources inform us that this incident will get them physically closer to each other. And Tanveer will try her level best to keep them apart. Well looks like we have to wait to see the fireworks, right BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Guest

    The show is effed up so pls dont try selling sex to pull in the viewers, It is now yucky seeing the same actress romancing so many men on one show. Get a life and a proper scriptwriter and PH. 4 lions is disgusting.

    • guest

      No disrespect but are you out of your mind lady? First of all, how are they “selling sex” to get viewers? Last time I checked, romance is a essential part of a marriage. Every show has a romantic track; so that means each every show is “selling sex” to get viewers? Wait, so what about with Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar kissed on screen…were you complaining then? Second of all, do you complain in other shows when one man romances so many women on one show? Because if you don’t, thats incredibly sexist. As I recall, everyones favorite KSG romanced so many women on one show. Were you complaining then? Now please enlighten me. How is 4 lions “disgusting” and different from all the other production houses?

    • Aahil

      go take a jab somewhere else you creep !

  • aziz baloch

    I love u sahil love u qubool hai I jast hope bhandan not replace qubool hai

    • sonu

      aahil … not sahil -_-

      • umar zebai


  • aaliya

    Please please do not replace Qubool hai for bhandan
    Its trp is rising and it has more viewers than before
    How can it end in just 2 weeks when its climax is just about to start??
    I think pavitra rishta should end
    It did get enough time to do what so ever
    Even aur pyar ho gaya is boring enough!
    Okai, Qubool hai even was once crap, with no proper story line
    But then again how can Qubool hai go off air for a reason which came up long ago
    Because right NOW its AWESOME!
    And SAHIL, They are just warming up!
    I know no drama serial will get everyone’s support and like
    However it would be nice to see how Qubool hai started to rock among the viewers
    Its doing pretty good, Much much better after the gap between karan leaving the show and up to SAHIL’s nikah
    I really hope it does not to off air in september or not just on 15th or the week, a little bit longer ( I even do not like longing it up to 4th generation or 5th generation, just time to finish the story in a smooth and non rushed way)


  • Aahil