Qubool Hai: Why do fans want Gul Khan to end the show?

Qubool Hai: Why do fans want Gul Khan to end the show?
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The Zee TV show is taking a 22 year leap and Karanvir Bohra has been roped in to play the lead opposite Subhi Jyoti, but the fans are not happy

Qubool Hai has been facing a lot of flak ever since  Karan Singh Grover left the show. In spite of all the changes in the script and plot, the makers have not been able to make their fans happy.

Recently, a 22-year leap was announced and Four Lions Films decided to retain Surbhi Jyoti as the daughter of Asad and Zoya with Karanvir Bohra playing a grey character opposite her. With a whole new story, the makers thought they could bring back the old days again, but looks like the new change is also not working in their favour. Bollywoodlifers who were ardent fans of Qubool Hai have demanded that Gul Khan should end the show. They’ve demanded that either the makers bring back their dishy dude (KSG) or simply end the show. Some have even suggested that Qubool Hai should have an entirely new cast, which means Surbhi should be out too. Read on to know what fans say…

KarthiKaBhian : NO It can’t be accepted… Again a bad move by channel and production house. Qubool Hai needs to shut down. There is nothing left to hook the audience….if u want Surbhi to work with your channel, please kindly make a new show with her…and if u want super hit serial please cast Karan Singh Grover opposite Surbhi Jyoti

Ruma Roy: Karanvir Bohra opposite Surbhi Jyoti is an absolute Noooo… Karanvir Bohra doesn’t know anything apart from playing negative role? His chemistry with Surbhi Jyoti will definitely fall flat on the ground. Its better they shut down the show. Anyhow channel never listens to viewers… Most viewers have lost faith on Gul Khan and 4Lions productions and we won’t ever watch their show again…

Kannika Kabhian: Better to wind up!! A wrong move!!

Ashrita: Why don’t they shut the damn show now? What is that r u waiting for? Killed the essence of d show brutally now trying on various permutations n combinations wid different new aspects, jobless morons ! Get it to ur bird brain that nothing will work, better free Surbhi from ur crap n torture!

Richa: Karanvir looks a bit too old to play a lead opposite Surbhi Jyoti. Surbhi being the actor she is, I know will do her best to make it happen, like she did with Raqesh. But the truth… Chemistry is that magical equation between two which cannot be commanded or demanded. It is exists between two people or it does not. Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti is a match made in heaven. The viewers got a taste of it. If KaBhi had ended decently and not the way it did – abruptly, with so much negativity – maybe, just maybe the viewers would have / may have accepted a new lead opposite Surbhi Jyoti. It’s not just Karan Singh Grover leaving that has upset the viewers. It’s the breaking apart one of the hottest, cutest jodi’s ever to have been seen both onscreen and off screen.

Guess the audience has said what has been on their minds, only time will tell if the producers will listen to their fans or not. Keep watching this space for more on Qubool Hai.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ayesha ahmed

    karanvir bohra the best so shit your mouth

    • Vashti Harripersad

      Best for what. ???

    • Vashti Harripersad

      You did not answer Ayesha ??
      Well you said it not me !!
      The shit came from your mouth . So I guess Bohra is the best shit !

  • Vashti Harripersad

    Zee needs reading glasses
    Gull needs a hearing aid
    Karan needs a reality check
    SJ you are a darling but Gull is nobody’s DARLING.
    KB all that glitters is not gold ! HTH with RV
    QH means KABHI !! Now stop this nonsense and create a show with a new identity that has no connection with QH in order to keep your heads above water . Seriously ! Shut the damn show down yesterday !!

  • Athira Mohandas

    All those who asks to shut down show are just KABHI fans not qh fans….
    But there are many who are eagerly waiting for the leap and the new look of surbhi jyothi….whoever be the actor…the story should be well executed with a good script and good story telling….if its so.,then we watch qh unless all those like who were with qh will have to change our decission and quit it….
    as far as qh is good in its story and execution.,we are going to watch it..

    • Princess10101

      Who the fans who are bringing the 2.0 TRPS?

    • KarthiKaBhian

      So many are watching for story. ? Then tell me the reason for lowest ever TRP for QH 2.0

    • Fadiya

      no offence,but qubool hai is how people fell in love with Kabhi,so throwing them out really doesn’t make any sense.

  • Princess10101

    We want the show to shut down or kabhi to come back listen to the fans! We can either make u or break u

  • jay raj

    fuck off karanvir is the best give him a chance to play a lead role like in madubala

    Gunjan Utreja came as Abhay Kapoor in lead role than Vivian Dsena came if karanvir plays a lead role karan singh gover come too

  • Lallan

    Why do these delusional waste of space loonies keep getting coverage? I second Athira. These are some Kabhi fans and not the entire audience of QH.

  • NomatterwhoIam

    WTF! This serial is becoming a waste of time! When there is no Karan Singh why do you want to add more actors opposite Subhi? Just shut the f show now!

  • Dr gm das

    This is hell and no one will not accept this…..We need only karan singh grover and surbhi jyoti . If karanvir and surbhi together Then Gul khan should end qubool hai and make new show with ksg and surbhi. No hell actor can take place in karan singh grover….or gul go to hell . Bring back ksg…ksg…ksg. If gil does not bring KABHI then qubool hai will be finished .Gul go to double hell.We support ksg and surbhi.!!!?.

  • DhariniBabu

    pls dont ruin the wonderful show!!
    jst shut the show!!
    Its better to shut the show than ruining one of the best romantic show of tellywood

  • Fadiya

    two options Zee Tv:
    1) Shut down Qubool Hai Before fans shut ZEE TV!
    2)Bring Back The Old Jodi:KaBhi!!!
    come on,do you really think that JUST by changing the SCRIPT!!??
    along with the script,the other thing audiences love is surbhi and karan…..after splitting that combination,don’t EVER expect any fans.
    just by changin’ the script???come on,did THESE writers create the funny ,romantic and amazing show which we all loved less than a year ago???
    Listen to fans, and for god’s sake,bring karan back.

  • grishma mehta

    plz….. don’t close this serial ” qubool hai”….. kgs or surbhi ki vo funny fight vapase la do to serial ki trp bahjaegi our koi apko ye serial close karne ko nahi kahe ga…….

    • ASYA 4 EVER


  • asya 4 ever

    oh god ,give the people a chance !
    u never know
    qh can be no.1 again
    don’t worry gul i still support u!

  • hai qubool

    in the artical above they said replace the whole cast including surbhi, for me that’s a NO NO !
    just like how there was a chhoti bahu 2 with the same cast

  • kalaiselvi

    this show is fully copy cat of madubala leap story .

  • darshana

    Please bring back KSG and make qubool hai 2 with “kabhi” it will be a super duper hit show on television how it use to be before. Guy khan needs to brush up her brains.KSG and surbhi looks awesome together

  • fanline

    Hi every one watch this serial with the eyes u watched once its amazing show now also but ur style of watching had changed ……so keep watching qubool hai

  • Sarah

    all you people who were complaining, the show is still amazing. why would you want to shut it down???