Qubool Hai: Will Asad believe Zoya’s accusations against Tanveer?

Sun, June 9, 2013 6:00pm IST by
Qubool Hai: Will Asad believe Zoya’s accusations against Tanveer?
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Finally time has caught up with Tanveer as Zoya figures it all out

Zee TV’s number one Qubool Hai is seeing some major drama unfold, keeping audiences on tenterhooks. While there’s no dearth of coochicoo moments between Asad and Zoya, there is a lot of melodrama happening too.

Zoya has figured out that Tanveer has been hiding a lot of secrets and telling a lot of fibs. She also realises that every time she and Asad are together, Tanveer somehow manages to get attacked or hurt – but why? Is it because she is in love with Asad or is there more to it than what meets the eye?

Going by the promos, once Zoya gets the fingerprint results from the knife used on Tanveer, she will learn that the stone-eyed person is none other than Asad’s best friend. She will confront Tanveer three or four days before the wedding and let out all her treacheries, but will she be able to prove this in front of Asad? Wethinks it will be a long time before Asad starts believing Zoya, but we hope by then it’s not too late for the couple. What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • meenakshi singh

    Role of ASAD has been reduced to a bit which is sad for us who watch series only for him

  • rida-ch

    i love this show veryyyyyyyyy much but if zoya weds ayan so good bye qubool hai

  • banu

    hai zoya i lile you

  • ruby raghav

    zoya u should not marry ayaan bcoz if this happens all your’s fans will get dissapponited including me…………..”””as u nd asad r made for each other .

  • navu

    Zoya please don’t marry ayaan. plz….. plz…..plz….

    • mirza naila

      I agree wd u guyz..if she marrys ayan dn itz a flop show

  • madhushri


  • M B Shaikh

    love this show very……… much but if zoya weds ayan so good bye qubool hai,bhut acha i like …………..

  • mirza naila

    Awsome….mmmm….serial.em addicted to dz serial..ma eyes dnt even blink while watching it..

  • mirza naila

    Awsome….mmmm….serial.em addicted to dz serial.

  • shaz

    role of asad has reduced a bit cuz now its world war III amongst both the girls. d gud and d evil. and asad is always against the gud. so definitely wont believe zoya!! i hope everything gud happens later

  • shafiya

    wil the nikah be sucesful

    • aerissa

      yes! of course it will be success.I love this show and i love u asad

      • krithi

        i hate sterday’s episode,,,the director would hav gone mad,,nothng s hapenning good with zoya nd asad,,,,,asad should know the real face of tanveer,,,nd should tie knot with zoya

  • muhammad azad

    i love this show. Allah is show ko kameyabi de

  • rekha

    It was amazing with all d twist but wish zoya faughtung back against the evil and being successful in knowing the truth of tanveer and her tricks she followed now its since long Tanya story is hidden so I wish it should be an end because it was good to see zoyas innocent love story and none should enter to their space

  • BIG fan of QH

    The show will go down for ever if Ayan and Zoya gets married. very disapointing ):