Qubool Hai: Will Asad Khan stop Zoya Farooqi from leaving him?

She has booked her flight, packed her bags, and is all set to fly back to New York, but will Mr Khan let the love of his life go just like that?

Zee TV’s popular show Qubool Hai has taken a new twist this week. In the recent episodes, we saw how Zoya Farooqi’s (Surbhi Jyoti) search for her father leads her to his grave – no, he is not dead, but she doesn’t know that yet.

Disheartened and depressed, Zoya believes that the reason she came to India has now been fulfilled and she doesn’t need to stay back any longer… errr…did you forget Mr Khan? He may not have been in her agenda, but plans change all the time. Right?

Asad (Karan Singh Grover), on the other hand, is upset and heartbroken ‘coz Zoya has decided to leave. Even though he loves her, he has not yet mustered up the courage to tell her about his feelings – barring her irritating and interfering nature, we all know that he deeply loves her. While we as ardent viewers want the makers to plan a major love scene between the two where they confess their love for each other, the creatives are planning something totally different.

It seems, Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) will play her cards and try to keep Zoya from leaving. Not because she cares for Zoya and Asad and wants to unite them, but just to spite Razia Begum (Alka Kaushal). It was Razia’s plan all along to get rid of Zoya and stop her from reuniting with her father. She almost succeeds in achieving it, but Tanveer plays spoilsport. Boy, are we glad!

All said and done, we think it’s high time that the two love birds acknowledge their feelings and do something about it. What do you think readers?