Qubool Hai: Will Ayaan and Zoya get married accidentally?

Qubool Hai

Just when we thought that everything is settled and our favourite jodis are about to tie the knot, the makers spring a new twist to the tale

Qubool Hai’s favourite couples Asad-Zoya and Ayaan-Humeira have announced their wedding and are all set to tie the knot. Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) will get married on the same day as Nazma (Neha Lakshmi Iyer) and Imran’s (Vikram Singh Chauhan) nikaah, while Ayaan (Vikrant Massey) and Humeira (Ketki Kadam) will announce their wedding dates.

Preparations are on in full swing and everyone is busy getting ready for the D day, even their enemy Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta). But the twist in the tale begins with Vikram’s re-entry, who attacks Ayaan and Humeira to seek revenge. The duo runs towards Moti Masjid. On the other hand, Zoya finally figures out Tanveer’s role in Imran’s life, but just before she can let the cat out of the bag, she gets attacked.

Tannu chases Zoya to Moti Masjid too. All the three try to hide themselves in the chaos of a community wedding happening at the mosque. Both Zoya and Humeira get dressed in a bride’s costume to camouflage themselves in the crowd. And then takes a place a series of confusions and accidents.

Destiny will now play a cruel hand and their love lives may be up for a big shock. Will Zoya and Ayaan get married or will Humeria end up marrying a stranger… Keep watching the space to find more on what happens next.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Nibha

    Asad and zoya best copule, ple dono ka nikah kara do……!ple……….ple………….!

    • MAk

      The current twist in serial will ultimately lead to the disappointment of the viewers……..

    • prahathi

      plz yar asad &zoya ko alag mat karo.plz don’t dis upoint us.i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this couple ever.
      if u r want twist 2 do for other thing.

    • zainab

      i too love their couple…………they look cute together

  • asiya

    no one will watch your serial if ayaan ad zoya get married it s a horrible twist dont make this serial worst plzzzzzzzzzzzz :-(

    • no name

      Exactly very very dirty twist in the serial…

  • mahejabeen

    Dont let it b happen like dis.no one cant bare zoya with ayan……….plz…….. i request u.

    • Afiza

      I love zoya and asad good couple

  • Zainub

    No zoyaan only Asya!!

    • Misss

      Asad n zoya aap bst couple hoooo…..plzzzzzxz zoya aur ayaan ka nikah mat krana yaarrrt plzzzzzz..

    • nasreen taj

      No zoya and ayaan no getting married

  • suresh

    serial dekhne wale bhi faltu and comment karne wale bhi ……..

    • Sonam

      to phir aap kyu kar rahe ho , sabse bade stupid to aap ho

  • vicky matta

    This is not good please don’t do this .zoya is only for asad not ayaan .so please if u will do this nobody n l ll not see qubool hai again.

  • naznin

    v r watching this serial for zoya asad plz dnt separate them plzzzz

  • zoya

    Dont panic. Its a indian tv serial. At the end the couples wil be 2gether.. But i also feel d mariage shouldn’t take place. Many viewers wil loose interest.

  • anushka

    Plz stop This twist And Let Asad And Zoya Get Married
    If Not Then I Wont Watch D Serial
    Plz Accept My request

  • AsYa AyRa

    Exactly! everyone will stop watching the serial.. Such horrible twists makes the serial loose its viewers and then the show ends up recklessly! please dont let this happen! Qubool hai is my favorite serial.. please dont mess up with the couples! Asad-Zoya!! <3 <3 Ayaan-Humeira!!!!! <3 <3

    • poonam

      same here

      • anushka sharma

        plzzzzzzz. asad and zoya ko alag mat karo…

  • ummi

    Pls zoya cant disapoint mr.khan again…waaat!

  • vedanti

    Asad & zoya is very cute couple on t.v.plz.plz.donoko
    Alag mat karo yar.this is very very bad twist in the serial.
    Thats why serial t.r.p.most down.

    • reds

      asad and zoya is best couple

  • Sheron

    U can give a memory lose to zoya and Ayaan but not get them married

  • Yahya

    Pls dont let this do

  • ali

    asha is best.ayaan aur zoya ka nikha mat karo

  • daman ,beant

    plz zoya and asad ko juda mat karo agar ye anarth ho gaya to apka serial doob jayega koi ise dekne mein intrested nahi hoga plz let them b 2gether

  • monika thakur,anu sharma

    Asad and zoya are the best couple plz get married for of ur fans.plz don’t spoil the interest of the serial,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is our best serial,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love you zeeeeeeeeeeeee tvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  • papa’s angle monika

    Plz stop This twist And Let Asad And Zoya Get Married
    If Not Then I Wont Watch D Serial
    Plz Accept My request

  • papa’s angle monika

    zeeeeeeeeeeeeee tvvvvvvvvvvvv best couple is asad and zoya……………………..plz get married ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • ayesha shaik

    i dont want asad ,zoya&ayan humaira to get separated……

  • Dilna

    D’nt sepearate asad & zoya they are the bst jodi

  • sonia

    i dont understand why the qubool hain team are twisting the serial so much.we will loose the intrest if zoya nd ayan get married.
    dont do this…..

  • farah

    Yeh twist acha nahi hai koi bhi ab serial itne pyaar se nahi dekhega zoya or ayaan ke nikah se viewer’s ko bohat bohat disappointed kiya gaya hai pls yeh twist badal do plzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzz.

    • Anna

      I want ayan to soya that will very good

  • Rahima

    If this merriage , is an incident, so it isnot a merriage. The merriage shud be ayyan ad humera … Asad ad zoya , if it waste of serial , if this twist of ayyan ad zoya merriage is wrong ?

  • Meme

    please don’t separate the couples if it happened then no one will watch your any of serials on zee tv with qabool hai even your money will be wasted so please let the people enjoy the serial with lovely couples its our requests the fans requests :(

  • raisha

    plzz aab to azad aur zoya ka nikha kara do ………….

    • ami

      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz agar ayan aur zoya ka nigha hua to fir serial is soooo boring inever see this serial in future sooo your trp is less

  • shabnam

    Pls……………………..asad aur zoya door mat karo yaar.they are the best couple ……..,

  • kashish ahmad

    in my skol no 1 will wtch the serial if asad and zoya nikah will not be so dont make a judaai between them

  • kanchan

    zoya and asad are best couple so plz don’t get this twist if do this ,then all fans of this couple will not see this serial plz accept my request because i am big fan of asad and zoya plz…………………….

  • Dilu

    Ab to badal de ye twist hum asad or zoya ki nikkah keliye wait kar re bah logom ko alag mat karo

  • Muhammad Hamza

    Joya and asad couple are very beautiful

  • jack

    agar yeh howa toh qubool serial ka toh naam hi badnaam hojayega

    • jolly

      Once in the show, qubool hai, Zoya said,” agar mai ek baar nikaah krungi , to use taah umra nibhaungi, So if you want to show joya rightfor her commitment, stop this stupid twist to get married joya & ayaan, bequse begin of the show, we got joya only for Asad…………….

  • samy

    story z not about asad and zoya love story… its about two brothers…. and the storyline from d day it started wz about ayan and zoya ending up as a couple… so plzz viewrs accept d twist and keep watching d show.. as uh nevr know wat gul z upto wid d story…. plz keep liking d show….

  • archita

    ayan aur zoya ka nikka nahi hona chayeh hai

  • archita

    asad and zoya made for each other don’t make sepration between them asad aur zoya ka hi nikha hona chayehi hai

  • Anjith

    How can one get married to brother’s fiancee ? That is so disgusting. Brother’s wife is equal to mother, you morons.

  • mansi

    this is absolute nonsense i have ever watched on tv. if this was going to happen why did they ever made this jodi.. they seriously make a good couple…i love asad and zoya .. i cant see them separated..

    • aysha

      bakwas serial I ever watched in tv .everone wil stop watching this serial really I hate it .



  • aysha

    plz let asad and zoya marry .don’t drag it like chewing gum .no one wil watch this serial if ayan marrys zoya don’t make any twist .people wil stop watching it .

  • Saba

    Asad and Zoya is the lovely couples God help them to get marry inshalla.

  • Saba

    Asad and Zoya is the lovely couples ,in dono ki alag na karo.

  • Sasha

    Why are they bent on doing what viwers don’t like.

  • sapna

    in qubool hai twest is bar bahot he bakwas dikhaya hai…no logic..no connection…the worest bakwas….

  • LISA

    Asad and zoya are the best couple why do yourl want Ayan and Zoya to get married accidentally they don’t make a good match

  • LISA

    Asad and zoya ArE ThE bEsT cOuPLE WhY dO UrL wAnT Ayan and Zoya tO GeT MaRrIeD aCcIdEnTaLlY tHeY dOn’T mAkE a gOoD MaTcH

    • Sonam

      kyu baar baar asad ko saza dete ho …..please dont this to him plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • supriya verma

    my favorite seriel qubool hai

  • Reena

    I guess the writers think all the viewers would stay and watch this ridiculous twist. THEY are wrong. Can we do something different. Didn’t we see something like this in Pavitra Rishta. I am disappointed. I hope your TRP’ s go down for this so you can make this story right. Until then unhappy and stopped watching viewer :( .

  • hafsa

    Zoya nd ayaan y u both r nt revealing wat exactly happend…..nd zoya apne muh mein laddoo kyun rakhti ho..tum seedha seedha kyun bata nahi deti…i luv u zoya…pplzzz tanveer ne jo kuch bhi tumare sath kiya woh asad ko batado…i luv u both…nd i dnt want u to b seperated from mr.khan

  • lovely

    I have request to Qubool hai serial dirrector please don’t spoil your serial all over the world they are watching Qubool hai every one like very much like this Qubool Hai we are watching this serial from start to till now please dont break up Zoya and Asad jori they are perfect couple please do some thing to change this story about zoya and Ayan’s Nikkah we want to see Zoya and Asad Nikkah — and Ayan and Humeira they are perfect couple from 3 days we lost our intrest of watching Quboo hai please – as soon as possible change the story——please—-

  • Afiza

    I love zoya and asad good couple

  • adeena

    i am getting irritation 2 watch this serial.dirty twist story writer had made. plz stop it .otherwise nobody will watch ur serial.

  • Adeena

    I use to watch this serial with interest.after the dirty twist had came out i don”t like to watch this serial.plzzzzzzzzzz for god sake plz change the story as it before……………..

    • sadaf

      i know the serial is going to get over but plz…. atlast dont dissapoint us plz get marry off asad and zoya plz,,,,,,,,,,….

  • abdul musauvir

    dont to this to zoya i also wont this serial again why u people want to make long for buisness so no

  • tamanna

    asya should get together

  • anju

    asad and zoya are the best couple i luv their jodi

  • javaid

    it is better to end the program
    without make it worse

  • diksha

    ur show is no more watched by any of my frnds now because of the separation of asad and zoya. dont separate them else it will be no more be liked by any one