Qubool Hai: Will Ayaan keep his promise to Asad?

Qubool Hai Asad and Ayaan

He tried his best to send Zoya back to her first love Asad, but fate was clearly not on their side

Qubool Hai is currently dragging the reunion of Zoya and Asad, which is making us very irritable. The couple has been separated and united too many times.

As per the recent track, Ayaan (Vikrant Massey) is sick and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) is nursing him like a dutiful wife. But Ayaan convinces his big brother to come and take Zoya away. After a lot of thought, everyone agrees and decides that Asad (Karan Singh Grover) will come and pick Zoya.

But looks like the makers love playing with Asad and Zoya’s fate. In the next episode, Razia Begum (Alka Kaushal) will lock up Zoya to keep her away from Ayaan and this will hinder her plans to meet Asad who is waiting outside the house. After waiting for long, when Zoya doesn’t come, Asad is hurt and leaves without calling.

Ayaan, who is unconscious remains unaware of this and believes that he has fulfilled his promise by uniting Asad and Zoya. According to Razia’s plan, Humaira (Ketaki Kadam) nurses Ayaan’s wounds so that he thinks that Zoya has left.

Poor bloke will be in for a rude shock when he sees Zoya with them. Zoya returning back to Asad in time or not remains to be seen. Keep watching this space to find out more.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Madhavi

    ZEETV,pls stop telecasting this serial.pls replace this with other serial.horrible to watch with unusual twists.This serial ruined KSG’S career.

  • RM

    Poor bloke? The poor bloke has had no qualms using his brother for everything. He asked his brother to loan his bride!!!! I hope he suffers more, no offence to Vikrant who is a good actor. One attempt to drop off Zoya or one phone call does not redeem him from emotionally blackmailing his brother or using Zoya like an object rather than a human being. The first thing he should have done is informed his folks about his awful bargain. It’s poor Asad and Zoya.

  • Deepshika

    I luv you very much zoya, even an episode I won’t miss.OMG when will Azad and Zoya will get married.

  • javaid

    its high time just quit the show

    • samrat singh

      you are crazy idiot