Qubool Hai: Will Razia Begum and Tanveer succeed in killing Zoya?

It seems like the age old cliché, ‘an enemy’s enemy is your friend’ has become the new mantra for the manipulative women of Qubool Hai

Razia Begum (Alka Kaushal) and Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) have joined forces against their arch nemesis, Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti). Tanu had issues with Zoya ‘coz she wanted to marry Asad (Raqesh Vashisth). In spite of trying a gazillion times, Tanveer could never separate the lovers.

Zoya is Gaffur Siddiqui’s (Tej Sapru) illegitimate daughter. When Razia came to know about the affair between her husband and Zoya’s mother, she killed her. Zoya came to Bhopal to find about her father. Every time Zoya came close to finding him, Razia would distract and divert her. When Siddiqui saab realised that Zoya is his daughter, he tried to approach her. But Razia stopped him and threatened to tell Zoya that her mother was killed by Siddiqui. Fearing Zoya’s reaction towards him, Gaffur remained away from Zoya.

In the recent episodes, we saw how Tanveer was leaving clues for Zoya to find her father, but in the end she still didn’t reveal who he was. When Razia realised that it was Tanveer and not Gaffur who was playing these games with Zoya, they decided to join hands.

The makers have apparently decided to combine the two evil forces against Zoya. Of course Asad will be there to protect her. But it’s not so easy to escape Razia and Tanu when they have a common agenda. According to our sources, the two women will first target Asad’s father – Rashid (Vaquar Shaikh). With him out of their way, there will be no one to tell tales on their past crimes and murders. The two will then focus all their energies to kill Zoya.

Will Razia and Tanveer succeed in killing Rashid and Zoya? Keep watching this space to find out!


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