Qubool Hai: Will Tanveer wreck Asad and Zoya’s wedding?

Qubool Hai: Will Tanveer wreck Asad and Zoya’s wedding?

The pre-wedding ceremonies are in full swing and our happy couple is about to tie the knot soon, but will Tanveer let it happen?

Qubool Hai is witnessing some festive mood with Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui’s nikaah around the corner, but Tanveer is doing just about everything to disrupt the wedding.

While Asad and Zoya are in love, they are not yet ready to reveal their true feelings to each other just ‘coz their egos won’t permit it. Unfortunately, Tanveer is using this silence to break them apart and even though it bugs the hell out of us, there is nothing much we can do about it.

Asad’s mother Dilshaad knows very well that Asad and Zoya love each other and their continuous bickering is just a proof of this, but Tanveer’s constant nagging makes her doubt her own decision, but we just hope she doesn’t take it too seriously.

If rumours are to be believed, in the upcoming episodes, Tanveer will hatch some major plan to separate the couple forever. But will she succeed or not – that remains to be seen.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • humeraamatul

    zoya and asad were superb they made for eaeh other

  • Priya

    Asad&Zoya my fav

    • karuna

      kya koi mujhe asad se ek baar milva sakta hai ?????????

  • huma

    i dont understand why they are making all viewers crazy about zoya and asad marriage.every serial get bored day by day as they turn it in negative way.today only reality show should be seen.the programe have impact on our lives as all learn for the programes even some peoples see programs with families and the negative and positive effect can be seen in todays children.if u people not show the proper way to next generation then who will todays tv and radio,inter net has a great impact on kids mind they tried to be like them u people should make some nice programs and tanveer character should be short

    • teeque

      I just don’t know what to say abt dis stupid evil tanveer…I rili wanna stop watching dis serial coz ov her buh agn I love seeing asad nd zoya 2geda….lyk seriously a serial musnt hav villians dat too as wicked as tanu.I hate the way asad says dis”TANU”…he also annoys me when he doz dat.I jst can’t wait for d truth abt tanveer to be out…*sign

  • nazli

    Tanveer’s character getting too long and too boring, do all Zee tv’s dramas have to have a villain, they cant make a serial without a negative role.

  • ravi

    asad & asad mother & father is gud actor

  • sharmila

    asad & zoya look ossum as acouple.But asad’s way of tanveer as
    ‘TANNU’ is very irritating.i wish tanveer’s charectar ends
    soon. zoya really u look fab in asaree after marriage please
    wear a saree

  • sharmila

    asad & zoya look ossum as acouple.But asad’s way of calling tanveer as
    ‘TANNU’ is very irritating.i wish tanveer’s charectar ends
    soon. zoya really u look fab in asaree after marriage please
    wear a saree

  • monika

    hai zoya how are you?you are my fev actor .

  • snbr

    Qabool hai is the best serial

  • furqan

    For Qubool Hai Tanveer can only win if ever evil overcomes good in the long run. So we wait eargerly to see the various twist falsehood takes before simple, plain truth surface.

  • Zohra

    Iam mad before AsYa………………………………………….. Cant explain in words…………………!

  • Jeni

    Pls change ayan and zoya track.atlast we want asad and zoya together

  • Jeni

    Pls change ayan and zoya track.atlast we want asad and zoya together.tanu should stop her cruel activities

  • Naz Ali

    Love the story and lead actors are just amazing! what a chemistry between the two….love Zoya so much (that’s the reason why I watched and the only drama that interest me) and of course the Akdu as well. But; recently the Billu plot is getting on to my nerve, it just to much and to my horror it is just plain stupid….and tooo unrealistic…..Please creative people (whatever they call u) I’m not sure…this is what I have to say ‘Stupidity comes with limits’…or should I just have to watch the series after this billu left the show :( …..hah!

  • Shona

    I simply don’t understand what is the director doing.. It has been more than two months and dragging the same story.. Tanveer is shown as some deity who knows everything and she is present everywhere.. C’mon the audience is really irritated. I am soon going to stop watching this show bcoz of the nonsense shown..and suggest the same to all..

  • prashant

    asad and zoya my fav…………

  • Dk

    I wana cry

  • Samiksha

    Asad n zoya as a couple look aussam.The serial is getting bore bcoz of tanveer character

  • mariam

    Tanveer will never succeed ȉŋ her plan. Zoya will marry ayan тσ expose tanveer’s truth Αη∂ asad’s fada will help zoya nd ayan.
    Zoya nd asad will get married nd be together forever.
    No one can separate them not even destiny can.
    I ℓσνє u zoya nd asad.
    ZOYA ΑΗ∂ ASAD ARE MY FAV ℓσνє u guys hope tanveers plan

  • hemangi

    hii, zoya and hii, asad ………….
    how are you?????
    you are my fav actor.you look romentic couple.& look ossum as couple…………….
    i love you so much zoya & asad.

  • Rashmi

    coming episodes should [little hint]at the web so that the peole who are curious about knowing the story little bit

  • Muhammad Wasim Ansari

    Hiiii…….. Zoya & Asad how r u ????? U look romantic & ossum as couple.

  • beauty

    Get Tanveer out she doesn’t do a nice role or doesn’t Raziya
    Get Zoya and Asad married
    I have stopped watching quboool hai but hopefully when Zoya reveals tanveers truth then i will be watching it

  • Gifty

    What a hot couple zoya $ asad get marry soon .

  • Dorie

    Zoya& asad u luk xo amazing

    • b. gayathri

      zoya you looks fab in western dresses and asad ur an awesome man iam a very big fan of u

  • pragati kaswa

    asad n zoya r made for each other