Qubool Hai: Will Zoya and Asad part ways?

Qubool Hai: Will Zoya and Asad part ways?

Tanveer’s new plan to separate the love birds is a masterstroke

In the last episode of Qubool Hai, Zoya comes back home and agrees to forgive Asad. The entire family gets busy with the wedding preparations, while Asad and Zoya seem lost in each other’s thoughts.

Seeing all her plans backfire as Asad and Zoya get ready to marry; Tannu finally plays her pregnancy card. She emotionally blackmails Asad to marry her. Mr Khan, who thinks he is morally doing the right thing, asks Zoya to leave him alone forever and walks off with tears in his eyes. Zoya immediately realises that Tanveer is the only person behind Mr Khan’s sudden change of heart. Fed up of her tricks, Zoya threatens Tanveer about revealing everything about her to Asad.

Shocked by our heroine’s intentions, Tannu offers her a deal – Asad instead of her father’s name and address. Now if you remember, Zoya first came to Bhopal from New York to find her father and his whereabouts. When she learnt that her father is dead, she had almost made up her mind to leave India but her attraction towards Mr Khan made her wait.

In the upcoming episodes, Ms Farooqui will take the deal that Tanveer offered and try her best to let Asad go. Mr Khan on the other hand is feeling miserable about his situation and keeps sulking. His indefinite silence worries his mother Dilshaad, who has decided to never accept Tanveer as her daughter-in-law. If rumours are to be believed, Asad will come to know about Zoya’s father and will try to help her. Of course, this will get them closer, but Tanveer will always be around like a sore thumb.

Ideally, family always takes precedence over love, but we wonder if Zoya’s sacrifice will bear any fruit at all? What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Shreya

    These ppl are stretching the story too long… i’m getting bored and loosing interest in this show now…!! huh…

  • Madhavi

    Asad lost his charm,he dont know anything wts going on.he dont have mind also …he blindly believes whatever tanveer says ha ha ha…Is he hero or zero….he lost his charm with improper direction.
    I think this serial director is also like rajia and tanveer in real life..how crudely she shows women in this serail.channels should ban this kind of serials.

  • raeese khan

    I simply love Qubool hai. The whole Tanveer episode is making the program boring.I Love you Mr.Khan and mrs.Khan (hopefully to be)

  • Jeelani

    The Serial had a great start and went on with series of interesting events for few months. However from last month it’s not moving ahead. Its not just boring but pathetic to see the story not moving ahead. Seriously loosing interest!!!

  • Neelam Mishra

    Both Razia and Tanveer act very cruely and Mr. Asad doesn’t have mind wow.. at least at the month of Ramzan there secret should be open to everyone otherwise people believe out on goodness. Now serial is going very bore there is no gudness only politics and womens negativity. it would be happen.
    But this is indian tv and Directors have lack of vision and gud story. jaisa dimag waisi soch lagta hain director ka bhi dimag aisa hi hain… very funny

  • rajveer


  • saman

    i love you asad means karan so much

  • saman

    hy asad

  • rashi189

    director this serial is boring idiot and asad and zoya doing every thing well

  • omesh

    Hi asad & zoya app key jodi qubool hai Hi anaan how are you