Qubool Hai: Will Zoya be able to stop Asad from marrying Tanveer?

Qubool Hai: Zoya confesses her love for Asad

Tanveer attempts to kill Zoya again by pushing her off the cliff, but our ‘Die Hard’ heroine manages to save herself yet again

Qubool Hai’s Tanveer has almost tried every trick in the book to kill Zoya, but somehow fate always sides with Ms Farooqui.

Zoya is now sure that Tanveer played a dirty trick to separate Asad and her. She remembers Tanveer’s outrageous claims of marrying Asad at all costs and decides to storm into the wedding.

Zoya is now on a mission to get home from Ajmer. After Mr Khan’s confession of love, she is sure that nothing can stop them from marrying each other. Even though she is exhausted after her big escape from death, she tries to run back to her home in Bhopal – yes we mean literally run back home! Considering she is not a professional athlete, Zoya was bound to faint. Seeing Zoya in the middle of the road, injured and bleeding, Punar Vivah’s Rohan (Abhishek Malik) helps her out and gets her medical attention. Once Ms Farooqui gains consciousness and is able to walk, she continues her journey.

Meanwhile, Tanveer has already informed Asad about her pregnancy and claimed that Mr Khan is the father of her child. Asad feels guilty about ruining his friend’s life hence he agrees to marry Tannu and take care of her. Arrrghhh…

However, we believe that things may not exactly go according to Tanveer’s plan once Zoya walks into Asad’s house claiming her love for him. All we know is that there will be a major showdown in the Khan house where both the women will be seen tussling over one man.

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  • alishba,zubiya

    hey..its good

  • Sunidhi

    I swear, if Asad gets married to Tanveer, the TRPs have to fall and i say should definitely fall because then the purity of saying “I Do” (Qubool Hai) vanishes.
    In philosophical language, Acchhai par BURAI ki jeet hogi whereas it should be “BURAI par Achhai ki jeet”.
    I am definitely gonna stop watchn it then. Coz i watch Qubool hai only for Asad and Zoya.
    With the Ajmeer track i really hope that Ajmer Sharif’s blessings should show shower on Asad and Zoya. (and Asad should definitely get the brains which will help unfold the blindness strip on his eyes).
    How can Asad be so dumb. He has to understand that a three-month pregnancy is not possible within days of having a physical relation… (the Ajmer Sharif should shower his Blessings on Asad. please……..

    • bharani

      i also want the same thing the evil will not succed to good. i want asad and zoya getting married if not happen i quit to watching the show not only me all my friends want to do the same.

  • Sunidhi

    The show is going so predictive. For Heaven’s sake! How can it be so predictive… It was so easily predictable that Tanveer will manage to break Asad n Zoya’s marriage.
    It was also predictable that when Zoya calls Asad on his cell from Ajmer, Asad will never get the message and the message will be heard vamp..
    For Heaven’s sake, a man has gone out of station leaving his cell at home and that too he kept it switched on.. How dumb has Mr. Asad Ahmad Khan been acting.Now please do not act dumb and marry Ur ‘bestest friend’ thinking u r d reason for a 3-month old pregnancy.. But u r bound to do that. I am cent pr cent sure. Wake up Asad.. Wake up… Stop acting dumb yaar. That’s not acceptable from such a successful young businessman..

  • Sunidhi

    And for Heaven’s sake, why can’t anyone think of a DNA test to confirm that Asad is innocent…

  • Sunidhi

    I can surely say, that Zoya will not be able to stop Asad from marrying Tanveer. Because for obvious reasons that Asad is acting so dumb. And how can i forget — he’s so blind for his “bestest friend”.
    And for Heaven’s sake, what’s wrong with (Ammi — Dilshaad begum – Asad’s mom) and (tamatar – Asad’s sister). Don’t they know that 3 – month pregnancy is not possible within hardly any few days of physical relation. (even if it is one-month).
    Please show some logic..

    Else atleast I am sure I will stop watching Qubool Hai.. coz i can’t watch the evil win over the good. (the heights to which the vamps go to make their plan work in unbelievable.) Please stop showing illogical things.

  • Sunidhi

    Letty Mariam Abraham — Trust me, I would really like to see your belief come true as you rightly said in your last line in this article above — “However, we believe that things may not exactly go according to Tanveer’s plan once Zoya walks into Asad’s house claiming her love for him. ” Although I can be very sure that it may not be so.. as have been seeing things turn the way they have been (in the favor of Asad’s bestest friend).. (I am sure to quit watching the serial then.. And i am sure many others too will and the TRPS are bound to go down.) (Leme confess though, – like everyone else, i too want Zoya to succeed in stopping Asad from getting married to Tanveer.).

  • bharani

    i hate story line how the bad person will suceed all their move. there is no place for truth. both rasiya and tanveer are arooogant ladies and dont want them to suceed. please make zoya and asad of getting married.

  • aiswarya mani

    yeah iam also finding some peace that intelligent zoya would can think about the dna test.. becoz she knows all her crimes….

  • Miss Zoya Farooqi

    What stupid nonsence . . .. . . arghh……………
    i cant belive my eyes . Is Asad this much careable for tanu.
    Leaving his love behind he will marry that stupid TANVEER ?
    there are many things to say that Asad is innocent.
    1.they can check their dna’s.
    2.as humira ko Imraan par shak ho hi gya hai to very soon they will aslo understand about tanveer . And as obvious Ayan apne bhaijan ko sab sach bata dega.
    3. CHILL guys………………Agar Uper Likhaua Mese Kuch Nahi Hua, To for sure ASAD ka tanveer se nigah karne se pehle hi tanveer ka chupa chera pata chal jayega . Kyunki
    main janti hun ki qubool hai ke producers qubool hai ke fans ka dil nahi dukhayenge.
    So ab nahi to badme hoga . Vaise bhi abhi se arguments karne se accha hai ki thoda intejar karo . Kehte hain na intejar ka fal meetha hota hai . So just chill …..QUBOOL HAI
    hai hamesha ki tarah top postion pe hi rahega koi bhi use niche nahi kheech sakta…..

    • Zahra khan

      Zoya will marry asad but when..……………

  • Shikha

    Allah miya….whats wrong wid Mr. Khan…..how cn he act lyk a suprrrr dumb…fr gad sake asad….wake up…nd see what ur so called best frnd Tannu doing fr u nd zoya….i know zoya is stupid sometym bt she is right always….look into histry….nd zoya what r u waiting fr dr…?why dnt u tell asad about dat billo rani….tym is running…..go nd tell ur jahapanh about billo rani….nd the writers….wht is going on….dnt u remembr tanveer is 3 or 5 mnth prgnnt….dill karta hai ki us tanveer ki dusri aakh v kharab kar du…na wo asad ko dekh payegi aur na hi uski panoti najar asya ki rishte par paregi….demmm….all the qubool hains wnt 2 see asad nd zoya to get married nd saying QUBOOL HAI….nt tanveer nd asad…..come back on the right track…

  • krupa

    Plz it’s a kind request nt to change zoya (surbhi joyti)
    In D serial coz of her only D series has fine up n with her facial attraction only ppl watching the story….

  • Sg

    I too will stop watching if Zoya cannot stop Asad and Tanveer’s marriage. This is ridiculous . Do the writers like evil so much.Are they not giving a wrong message to the society by showing crime that is being so easily hidden. Razia killing Zoya’s mother and now physically abusing badi bi and Tanveer attempting to kill Zoya so many times. Nobody tried to find out how Zoya was going to be buried in the orphanage. Looks like there is no law and order and indian police force did not exist. Ms Khan please stop sending wrong messages to the society. showing Asad so dumb is also sarong message to the society. Television is a very powerful media. Please use it for the welfare of the society not to degrade it further.

  • bharani

    today i only watching the first part of the show and i decided to quit watching the show. from now on i never watching qubool hai. i really hate the story line.

    • Aishwarya

      yuppp true,,,,I did the same

  • Aishwarya

    This show was like…the best for me….but now this tanveer and razya bee…seriously its to much now….Nothing good happens in this show.;….WTFF!
    in our hindi tone….Yar director tune to pagal kar dia…..idiot ab ise theek b karo…aur kitna irritate karoge us billo raani se…

    c’mon dude…..I am done with my patience

  • minahil

    i am a big big big fan of this drama,i just love asad ahmad khan and zoya,i watch all the episodes ……………..

  • junaid

    i like tanveer( billo rani) plz don’t change her

  • Arush Makheja

    Zoya ji aap hmmhe bht jyada swwt lgti ho OR jab aap hasti ho to sbse Beautiful ldki lgti ho OR haa khaas tor se hmmhe aap kaa Araz kiya hai bht accha lgta hai mai Qbul hai serial roz dkta hu Aap ki OR MR. Khan ji ki jodi ikdam acchi lgti hai Kya kbhi aap sch me Mr. Khan se shaadi krogi

  • ashish

    i really like this reality show now this show is going now a very very popular tv show

    • nanscyso

      i am also a big fan of this drama but after this twist asad and zoya love story destroyed i hate this drama serial

  • misha

    hy,its goo
    d n oasom serial in z tv

  • Love is N

    Love Is N