Qubool Hai: Will Zoya be forced to stay with Ayaan?

Qubool Hai": Ayaan and Zoya
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Though the two have always been friends and shared a similar wavelength, getting married was definitely not on their agenda

Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) and Ayaan (Vikrant Massey) got married accidentally but they do not have plans to stay together. However, Ayaan’s family has no clue about this and they start treating Zoya as their daughter-in-law.

According to the pact between Ayaan and Zoya – their marriage will last for seven days until Nikhat’s (Archana Taide Sharma) wedding, after which Zoya can go back to Asad (Karan Singh Grover). Sources inform that Nikhat’s wedding finally happens amongst a lot of drama, but once the deed is done, Zoya packs her bags to go back and resume her life with Asad. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances Ayaan gets injured. The whole family expects the new wife to take care of her husband, but she doesn’t want to. Life takes another twist and forces Zoya to tend to Ayaan and his injuries.

On the other hand, Asad is desperately waiting for Zoya to come back, but when he doesn’t see her, he thinks that Zoya will never return. Miscommunication and interference from Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) creates further misunderstandings between the Asad and Zoya.

Zoya is forced to stay back with Ayaan for a while longer… arrrrggghh! Will Asad’s wait ever get over? Will Zoya accept her destiny to be with Ayaan?

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  • tison

    I,m not from India but I link quboolhai saryil but this twist so stupid twst oll my friend stop whating

  • eathena singh


  • Sara

    Very stupid, some one please stop all this stupidity please

  • Fatema

    I will definatly stop watching this serial. Wht nonsense ! Do they really have any reason to separate zoya n asad i dont think soo

    • swati

      even they dont have any reason they will create one. you know it looks like asad and zoya kabhi ek nahi hoge. ye serial baki serials ki tarah hogai hai.

  • javaid

    can any one plz tell me when this stupid twist qubool hai has show that aayan and zoya got married but this marriage is not valid
    if we preform nikah both parties are interested then it happen you people are give wrong picture of nikha

    • teeee

      Wen two pple marry they give their consent. Apart from hatin ds twist u r misrep nikai.love shld conquer not tanveer’s evil puleeeeeez!

  • janu

    Bakvas serial. Writer ka dimag thik karo . gull ye aap kya kar rhi hai, serial ko bakvas bana diya hai.

  • nazali

    I’m not from India and been following the serial from the beginning. Love the chemistry between Zoya & Asad….and I watched the series because of them. Never heard about accidental marriage in Islam, further more even the name is wrong and it’s definitely an invalid nikah. Is the Qazi/Malvi damm stupid or what….It’s getting funnier day by day :(

  • Rocky Pandey

    They have spoiled nice serial………they are copying DMG 2…..serial ko khichenge…khichenge aur end me Asad & Zoya ka nikah dekhake serial khatam karenge…….like Arman and Ridhima……….all fans of KSG love to see his romance and not him crying everytime

  • naagin

    If everyone stops watching Qubbol hai then it might force the director to plan to get back Asad and Zoya. What s the meaning for Asad to go to Azmeer, if Zoya has to get married to Ayaan. Ayaan and Zoya , they look like cousins.Whats the purpose to get back Zoya from the air port when she has to leave India for ever, just to marry Ayaan? The whole life they will be looking at each other with tears I mean Asad and Zoya whenever they meet? We have to watch it with tears ?

  • karima

    i lik qoobul hai but i want zoya to speed more time with ayaan and love him in the time finaly zoya love her husbands ayaan and stay with him please to writen of this serrial change the final please please please the story of qoobul hai become very very very best and fantastic if the final wil be change zoya ayaan and asad humaira

  • Fatee Muhd

    Nonsense show. from today on ward I have put a stop on watching this annoying India series. Mexicans are far better and more talented than them.

  • Sara

    I Hv stopped watching this stupid show & I think everyone else shd stop so z stupid director & writer will get 2 know how much we r angry & stop this nonsense

  • sapna

    what rubbish……..that maha episod was also stupid……….
    its really going to be a wsate if joya nd aayan will stay together

  • kaka

    stupid i stop watching this drama because zoya and ayaan marrige