Qubool Hai: Will Zoya Farooqui survive after falling off a cliff?

Qubool Hai: Will Zoya Farooqui survive after falling off a cliff?
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Ms Farooqui and Mr Khan are desperately trying to get close to each other and confess their feelings, but there are too many obstructions in between – his doubts, their ego and Tanveer

Asad’s (Karan Singh Grover) childhood friend Tanu (Amrapali Gupta) is fuming with anger on seeing the couple trying to find ways of being close to each other. Earlier, she had attempted to kill Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) by dropping a chandelier on her, which – unfortunately for her – failed.

The increasing proximity between Asad and Zoya is leaving Tanveer extremely jealous, vindictive and dangerous. It seems, in the upcoming episode, Tanu will push Zoya off a cliff. Zoya, however won’t not die but Tanu will believe that she finally has Asad to her. Asad frantically goes in search of Zoya and finds her hurt and bleeding. Of course, Asad, who can’t bear to see his love in pain, will be close to tears…awwww! He will carefully pick her up and get her home. All this while, Tanu will be seen rejoicing as she thinks that she’s finally managed to get rid of her biggest enemy. If only she knew the truth!

When Asad enters the house carrying Zoya, Tanveer gets the shock of her life. And boy, do we love that look! So, Zoya survives the big fall, but that doesn’t mean she is safe. Wonder what Tanu will do next to be rid of Ms Farooqui.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shajid

    plz don’t make asad and zoya saperate, plz failed tanu in her work. plz plz plz

  • Asya fan 1

    OMG!!!!!!!!:D what a fantastic twist i am looking forward to this can’t wait at least we will see them together aaaaa can’t wait i hope this fall brings them together i love Qubool Hai its spectacular

  • Asya fan 1

    Omg what an amazing twist i can’t wait for this track to come its a perfect way to bring them together if she falls then they will be together and dilshad wouldn’t want zoya to leave:D i love Qubool Hai won’t quit watching it at all :)

  • dfddfd

    asad and zoya should be one and tanu should fail in her work

  • chonda

    asad & zoya should get married.

  • mariya

    we want asad and zoya get married…

  • loveleen

    If tanveer suceeds in her machiavelic plan and asad and zoya are separated, the film is not worth watching. Pls dnt make viewers stop watching this beautiful serial. I alredy stopped watching

  • nutan

    asad and zoya should get married yarr.plz in dono ko juda mat karna plz.we love you asya

  • lali tripathi

    aur tanu tanu kro .

  • geet

    Plz asad nd zoya ko alag mat karo nd tannu ka jaldi se pardaphas karo aur usse iss show se jaldi nikalo…

  • Naz Ali

    I only watched the drama because of this 2 as a couple; they are mesmerizing to watched. Let see if the reason is still there……:)

    I don’t watch any other drama…they don’t seem interesting to me and I like Surbhi Johti, very telented….she should be in a movie…

  • kayenaat kour

    Plz zzzz true love always get fissured
    Dont make it possible this time

  • Jessica

    Zoya I hope you make tanveer failed in her evil things that she is doing

  • Sunita Pai

    I love qubool hai. I Love Asad and Zoya jodi. The best jodi. Plese dont seperate them plz plz

  • mnath

    today i watched SBS [1 july 2013] i saw that tanveer will be marrying asad and she will put zoya unde the stone. and zoya will have to suffer alot. i would request you please tanu should not marry asad & zoya should be saved. why are you not taking out this tanveer from this show. its to much as i cant watch her anymore. and please dont seperatre them. i only watch qubool hai to watch asad and zoya and they are the beautiful jodi. and if they will be seprated then whats the need for us to see qubool hai.please dont seperate them . i love them and their performance

    • sheema

      asad and zoya are best dont seperate them

  • mnath


  • Tina

    Nobody will watch this serial if they separate Asad and Zoya… mean while Ayaan and Humaira’s relation is also verrry sweet :) Don’t spoil ur TRPzzzzzzzz..

  • divya

    i wish that tanveer ‘s real face should come infront of Mr.Khan very soon………m waiting 4 dat moment very eagerly……:( :/
    will dis day come????????

  • divya

    i wish dat tanveer’s real face should come infront of Mr.Khan…….when dis day will come???????? m waiting…….:(

  • yashra

    its good

  • Alina khan

    its awesme to see Mr.Khan nd Miss.farooqui.. they luks fab togethr.. really very xcitd to see what hpns nxt. bt v wsh that they shld get married soon. Love u both… Hope ths shw cntinues for years nd years. all the bRt. nd reach gr8 heights.***

  • teemash

    I love asad and zoya and also I love qubool hai