Qubool Hai: Zoya kidnapped; Tanveer is back!

Qubool Hai: Zoya kidnapped; Tanveer is back!
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Their wedding is jinxed and we frankly see no scope of them uniting any time soon

Asad (Raqesh Vashisth) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) announced their wedding and the entire family is kicked about it. Preparations are in full swing for the grand union of the couple. Everybody is busy celebrating, unaware of the fact that their arch nemesis, Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) is gearing up to re-enter their lives.

Tanveer has been in the asylum, pretending to have lost her sanity. But that’s not the case and we all know it. On the day of AsYa’s wedding, she enters all dressed for the occasion. Now we are not sure what really transpires at the festivities, but we know that the couple will not be able to tie the knot just yet.

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Our khabru birdie from the sets of Qubool Hai tells us that Zoya will get kidnapped. Now here’s our confusion, who planned the kidnapping – Razia Begum (Alka Kaushal) or Tanveer? Either ways, the wedding is stalled and Asad goes on a hunt to find the love of his life. We know the fans of the show will be extremely upset seeing their favourite jodi in crisis again.

Well we have good news too. With everything going wrong, Zoya finally gets to meet her father. They meet and recognise each other. But whether they will hug it out or not, remains to be seen. Keep watching this space to find out more!

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  • Yash Bhatia

    Its good they aint getting married. .because for us Asad is Karan Singh Grover. .and now its like zoya is getting married to a stranger (Raqesh)

  • Alishba

    To run the show smoothly I think the production house should just focus on the story because the story has hooked the viewers so far at the moment and is getting very interesting indeed. Marriage should’t be done just yet 1) because it will look inappropriate and its something that not needed keeping the current story in mind 2) most of the viewers have not accepted raqesh as Asad and want to see zoya nikkah with old asad that is Karan therefore it may have opposite effect on trp because I highly doubt that anyone will watch their nikkah episode after they waited for 15 months of asya nikkah with karan surbhi. Most viewers including me feel cheated now. So better to keep nikkah and lead pair at one side and focus on the story.

    • jaseena

      i hate razia she sooo baad women

  • rebbecca

    I think they should get married its about time there marriage has been cancelled a million times its sooo boring and just to reaveal something it takes 1000 episode. It will take zoya another 1000 episode tobfind out about her father and nikats story it even worse kill me now pleeeeeeease

  • umar zebai

    i like this plot…even though it is stupid, it is kind of like even if you dont want to watch it and make up your mind that you are not going to watch it again, you go and watch it again…same thing i did when zoya got married to ayaan…but went back and watched it!!