Qubool Hai: Zoya to call off her wedding with Asad

Qubool Hai: Zoya to call off her wedding with Asad
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Asad’s heartless nature and indifferent behaviour was bound to lead to a break-up sooner or later

The romance is out of the window in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai as Zoya calls off her wedding with Asad.

Ms Farooqui learns about Tanveer’s wicked ways and desperately tries to reveal it in front of Asad, but in vain. Tanu outwits Zoya yet again and pretends to play the innocent victim. Irked by this, Asad lashes out at Zoya for accusing Tanveer of being a conniving bitch and plotting her own attack. He asks Zoya to apologise and stay away from Tanu.

Hurt by Mr Khan’s lack of faith in her, Zoya finally decides enough is enough. She calls off the wedding and says goodbye. After all, she can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust her, right. Zoya decides to leave Asad’s house for good and makes up her mind to never come back or see his face again.

Just when we thought that Tanu’s track is finally nearing its end, the makers twisted the entire plot and separated Zoya and Asad instead. And Tanveer finally got what she wanted; she will now find reasons to get close to Asad in the pretext of comforting him, but will she manage to marry Asad? Aahhh… that’s something we will have to wait and watch.

While we are upset with the entire separation, we agree with the makers; what’s the fun if Zoya and Asad unite this soon. What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ricky

    If they separate, I will quit watching the show. Indian soaps are so irritating

    • SneakySneaky

      Same here. They split, I quit.

    • maria

      for real

    • Lubna

      hai mujhe asad avr zoya bahut pasant hai inki jodi to lajavb hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in ki shadi kara do in dono alag alag rehena mujhe accha nahi lagra hai plzzzzzzzzzzzz in ki shadi jalse jad karalo

      • sofi mearaj

        hai mujhe asad avr zoya bahut pasant hai inki jodi to lajavb hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in ki shadi kara do in dono alag alag rehena mujhe accha nahi lagra hai plzzzzzzzzzzzz in ki shadi jalse jad karalo

  • BeeKay

    LOL, it would be interesting to see the TRP rating after this… Anyway good for you Zoya… Way to go, girl. I hope the writers introduce a friend of Asad or her friend from US and have Asad “burn” with jealously.

    • shamim

      exactly what i was thinking!

  • NazAli

    Yes girl! Please walk away….stupid men is only for stupid girl :)
    Zoya deserved someone better!

  • zoya

    sooooo here it is all we thought and imagined…that asya will never be united.bcz there is no respest for audiences views and request……. gul khan is same as ekta kapoor ….welll i had little hope but very well goodbye qubool hai becuse asya ka seprtn qubool nahi hai…. i will find something good to watch goodbye..

  • banu

    hai asya i have see to your marriage

    • Asya fan 1

      people don’t stop watching Qubool Hai please this is a real great track hopefully Asad will hate Taanveer and search for Zoya !:D come on Karan singh Grover’s fan don’t give up and Qubool Hai fans this is a great show don’t quit watching it <3 love this show

  • Jovana

    On the contrary, the action will have on the schedule, because no matter how nice it is to watch and Zoya Assad to “mitwa” scenes, would quickly become boring.
    Qubool Hai is not a movie that takes 2 hours, but seam which can last several years. Everything depends on us viewers. Absolutely everything was perfect, the only flaw is Amrapali Gupta. Sorry darling, you’re a beautiful woman, in some scenes seem good, but do not have demonic energy what should be the real villain. Because of that Tanveer get on the ours nerves:))))

  • prabh

    If they will separate. I will quite watching the show. Okkkkk so please don’t separate them.

  • zarah

    This program is full of crap. Just end it

  • r saggu

    Dissapointing if Asad & Zoya break up, they have fantastic on screen chemistry. Tanveer is irritating and frankly about time they got rid of her. I don’t normally watch asian serials but it looks as if it is turn to a boring predictable serial, I hoe not.

  • aruna

    I am sure Zoya walking out will all be a strategy by her to expose Tanveer. I am so sure I can bet money on that ;)

  • aruna

    I am one hundred percent sure that Zoya walking out will be a strategy of hers to expose the real Tanveer

  • Kris

    I will still look at it. This show is very interesting. If Asad and zoya get together now, there will be no more excitement.

    I really want to see the day Asad finds out the truth about Tanu then he go begging to Zoya.

    She deserve much better than how Asad treats her.
    Please I wish they bring in someone who treats her like she’s supposed to be treated and trusted.

    Not Ayan. Don’t like him much.

    • Jaya

      same here.
      Joya deserves much better than how Asad treats her.
      Please I wish they bring in someone who treats her like she’s supposed to be treated and trusted.someone a friend of Asad or her friend from US and have Asad “burn” with jealously.

      I HATE HIM because Humera is already their for Ayan.

    • Krupali Jani

      I agree with u ..
      Waiting 4 d same

  • Pani

    so the marriage is off? well let me know when it comes back to actuality so i will start watching again tired of tanveer stint. enough already.

  • sunil saha

    the writers/directors are illiterate people. first, repeat the murder by burning for Rashid and his son Ayan, stupid. second, no amount of evidence against tanvir works. third tanvir is pregnant for nine months now! stupid show.

  • Deeps

    THe show is gona be sad if dey dont unite.. I have been waiting for so long for the wedding…
    Argggghhhh so annoying..



  • shaz

    why doesnt asad believe zoya?? I mean its really high time and their marriage date is cmg closer and they have created a twist. If they get apart m sure no one will watch the show indeed the ratings will go down .

  • fatshet

    Pls introduce som1 gud zoya…but jst 4 awhile

    • shaz

      if she will leave no one will watch na. so who sum1 do you want??

  • adeela.ghafoor

    zoya aur asad mein aap dono ki bhoot bari fan hon aap dono eak saath bhoot achayl laktay ho u looking so nise and sweet couple i love u all of u sada khush raho wasae asad oh sorry karan tum aur jennifer good news kab suna raha ho good by and allah hafiz.

  • Noorcour

    They can’t separate plz whenever they separate show should be down and I quit the show


    plz dont seprate them

  • komal

    its too irritating
    i hate U tanweer><
    im tgonna continue watching it and see what Asad is going to do without zoya
    go and marry r TANNU and come to beg zoya wen everything will be over and zoya will move on
    i think this u desrve it for nt believing zoya
    ohh poor zoya!!
    but plzzzzzzz
    dont marry ayAN else itll be too boring and im gonna stop watching this!!!!
    im gonna miss MITWA moments
    i was crazy about this soap n would rush to see it and did not even miss its rediffusion
    it will be hard to stay without it so im gonna watch it
    im ssearching for another soap now coz i dont have the choice

  • Tanu

    if they do like that I do stop watching qubool hai.anyway keep rocking asya.nd I wish writer not to do like that.

  • pankti shah

    same here, if zoya nd asad accept their luv, nd after they dn’t meet then quit the show. soory yeh qubul nahi hai.

    • shaz

      we dnt knw wht wil happen in the cmg episodes . if zoya leaves its gud for her as she is getting married to a person who doesnt trust her at all. he trusts d evil not the lover. but still i wish they dnt get separated as i love dem both!!

      plz get a solution to this. we all will b happy as we wer when v see asya together.

      love you both.keep hardworking!! god bless…

  • Lakshita

    Ys l’ll also quit watching ths show.dont seperate them.

  • Rajshree

    Do not seperate them love them together If they are seperated do not alaaw zoya to marry ayaan i do not like him much

  • aanya

    exactly what i was thinking! ……..

  • aanya

    xactly wht i was thnkng! ……..i’ll stop wtchg ds shw if dey wlll separate ……………

  • krish5king

    qubool hai is a good drama which shows an real life situation
    and i love watching good series with good ethics .

  • ruthvika

    please dont seperate asad and zoya but its fun watching Qubool Hai if they seperate because if they unite the story will get over. ok then every one dont stop watching Qubool Hai and love you asad and zoya

  • ehtesham siddiqui

    zoya u loking nice today yar?2mne accha kiya jo asad ko chod kr chali gae wo 2mhare pyar ke layak hi nhi i luv your serial episode?tanu not gud girl i hate tanu nd i luv zoya dewana hu mai aapka zoya your face is amazing yar

  • jannat khan

    Guyz its not true zoya will never leave asad she loves him alot she is trying to reveal the truth of tanveer & she will get success

  • Poonam

    Pls dont do this in the whole serial I only love to watch her and asad romance if they get seperated then I will never watch the serial

  • asya

    Is this really going to happen if they r going to do like this i will be disappointed :( plzzzz dont do this we want asad and zoya together

  • rimpy

    If the wedding is off, and they are separated i’m not watching the show. One and only asian show i watch and they have the same stupid boring separation scene over and over it is better to watching something else than this.

    • Jasmin

      Same here, this is the only program I watch, and if the evil wins i.e. Tanu and Asad get married, I don’t think many people will continue watching this program.

  • dana

    wat is it with all these indian serials … noobody could never be happy and normal.. seriously normal people dont faced soo many difficulties in life… problem after problem… seriously i am sick of these serials… and y these ppl dont ever stand up 4 demselves…. always gting proof when its 2 late… zoya knows about technology so much soo y doesnt she video tape tanveer… ugh srsly ….

    • shaz

      you are right frnd. jab saari situation complete ho jaati hai tab jaakar yeh mahaan logh sabooth dhoondtey hain. ms.farooqui can solve anything, her famous dialogue but here she is nt able to solve one thing only!

  • preeti

    If asad n zoya r seperating many will quit i ll surely quit pls dont seperate them get them married there ll surely be some other turning pt to make this story interesting so pls pls pls consider this

  • priyanka

    i hate it

  • Arshieya Khatib

    They taking waay to long .
    Zoya and asad needs to come together !

    • jaycee


  • jaycee

    hi i luv asad and zoya sooo much!
    and i wud really like to meet them in rl life but we all know that’s never gonna happen..
    just wanted to say hi!

    • heena

      zoya plz apa asad ke sath hi shadi karna nahi to boht bakvas hoga vo

  • Dimple

    Pls stop this nonsense if asad not with zoya pls off this serial and change gd serial new but if continue I don’t think someone will be watching bekuas drama but if asad and zoy married it will be gd drama superhit

    • ania

      yeah ur right

    • ania

      zoya and asad should get married

  • zara

    i dont like this news zoya and asad must stay together tanveer should remove from the show

  • nyla


    • armaan

      plz don’t seperate them

  • mnath

    zoya please dont go.

  • mnath

    zoya please dont go.asad you have to bring back zoya home and have to trust on zoya and not on tanu

  • Asya fan 1

    even though they wont be together i will always love Asya I am not mad at Zoya if she does marry Aayan instead but either way they will meet up some day but yes its tragic that they won’t be together Come on Asad now u should hate Taanveer!!!!! What more proof do u need ?????? hate her their has to be advantage of this right?I think Zoya should give him time to explain what really happened for rea =l but please people don’t quit watching this show they will be together just dont quit watching this lovely show :) Qubool hai is spectacular and I will continue watching this show no matter what track it goes to :D love Taanveers acting Karan’s and Surbhi’s u all are amazing

  • mnath

    omg, I watched Thursdays episode [20 june 2013] and it was rally disgusting. how can tanveer think to do this. asad tumse toh yeh umeed nahi thi. I can see zoya and asad fighting for small situation but not seprating. so please end this tanveers story. now asad you should realize she is evil. I just hate you tanu.ASAD AB TOH USSE CHILDHOOD FRIEND MAT KHENA.I HOPE THAT ZOYA WALKING OUT FOR AJMER WILL A PLAN TO EXPOSE TANU REAL FACE.


  • anjalidembare

    joya & asad UR jodi is very nice & joya UR very nice

    • shaan

      Don’t separate Asad and Zoya, if you do so ppl are not going to watch this serial. kick out that tanveer out of the serial.

      • sabaQammar

        i guess zoya should support asad just to let down tanver

  • swatantra

    I like this program veryyyyyyyyyy much.
    I want to meet joya in. In real. Life! !¡!

  • aman

    when will asad confess his love with zoya in front of her????

  • khushi

    qubool hain is a great show. BUT iss show ka naya tiwst is yakkkk.
    iekin plz tanu ko jldi bhagao. AND plzzz……
    asad ko thappr mat marwao.

  • shamaila

    Omg zoya is in a terrible situation. This should be the interval for Tanu, thinking she’s won but i hope that Asad comes across reality however facing the truth of his so called best friend Tanu.

    I can’t wait to see Asad reunite with Zoya and finally marring her.
    He should completely neglect Tanu and get her punished for her doing. she deserves to go to prison.

  • APPU


  • Arshad khan

    Kuch Nasha To Aapki Baat Ka Hai
    Kuch Nasha To Dheemi Barsaat Ka Hai
    Humein Aap Yun Hi Sharabi Na Kahiye
    Is Dil Par Asar To Aap Se Mulakat Ka Hai.

  • ayushi

    yes if they will be separated I will stop watching QB

  • Nagma

    verry beautifull and sweet . i also like joya & asad.

  • emily


  • Sarah

    Ugh noooooo! Predictable that Tanveer wins again…so tired of her stunts that are repeated episode after episode, enough with her! I don’t think that it will be boring if they get married; there’s still all that drama with Zoya’s father and Asad’s father believing he killed Zoya’s mother for example.

  • Muhammad Usman

    Ithink that asad should nikah with zoya we are waiting for this episode. Tanveer should be hanged what she is up to

  • Bhavya navya

    ZOYA and Mr khan you are the best. Me and my sister is the veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    big fan of your..

  • tamatar

    just outstanding jodi

  • saman

    asad hy me saman i love you

    • wajid

      zoya bhen tumara show bohot acha lagta hai

  • Nuzhath fathima

    Zoya nd asad shld get marry..otherwise the poplarity of serial goes down..so, plz show the marriage of asad and zoya..plz plz if they get marry den serial ll be on number 1 position..

  • Rinky

    Yes. Joya And Asad Should Become Together and Then if twists comes like up and downs of life they together will face and cope with it and suceed we viewers should look for fun into their romance and their legally living together not becoming separate and making life tragic, and tanveer ‘s role should now come to an end and Asad And Joya Be reunited and Ayaan and Humara After dat If tanveer comes back with some spice we have no offence but in no way Tanveer should Suceed now to get Asad but instead should get more and more angry seening Asad and Joya Getting Married But Cant Do Anything .If dis happen then the serial be hatke coz what is happeng happens in every serial its same old monotonous Trp!damn!

  • mayuri&kiran

    hi zoya&asad. zoya ur shayri is very great & quite.
    zoya&asad aapki jodi qubool hai.we all love u & miss u

  • chetna saini

    plzzzz I hav requst toh uhhh… krwa do ab inka nikah…. jitii bar y rote h utni bar hi m… m serial dkhna hi band kl di…. but mko dkhna h y…
    ab ek umid jagayi h inhe milwane ki wo add dkh k m khusi k mre crayz ho gyi…. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reaust plzz milwa do yr inhe…… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • saba

    Mujhe asad bahut pesand h asad aur zoya ki jodi no .1 jodi h bas who mil jaye aur unki shade ho jay i lov asad and zoya

  • reena

    I Love this show verrrrrryyyyyy much.plz never seperate them.
    Zoya u r looking so pritty I lv u……

  • waqar ali

    Beautiful pic

  • aaradhya

    nice pro………I like u surbhi and karan I mean asad zoya