Queen song Badra bahaar: Amit Trivedi’s latest song for Kangana Ranaut is repetitive and disappointing!

Fri, January 17, 2014 9:00am IST by
Queen song Badra bahaar: Amit Trivedi’s latest song for Kangana Ranaut is repetitive and disappointing!

The makers of Kangana’s upcoming film have released their second song and we must say it’s not dhamaakedaar

When the first song London Thumakda from Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film Queen was released, it caught everyone’s frenzy – thanks to it’s electrifying beats of dhol and quirky lyrics. Not only aam janta, but some peeps from B-town including filmmaker Karan Johar was impressed by the energy of the song.

After listening to London Thumakda, we were eagerly waiting for the second song to come out and we thought it will take the music of Queen to an all new level. But looks like we were wrong on that front. Yes, the second song Badra Bahaar from Kangana starrer is out and we must say that it has disappointed us deeply.

Composed by Amit Trivedi, Badra Bahaar is quite similar to Amit’s earlier compositions in the film Dev D which starred Abhay Deol in the lead role. If you will listen to Badra Bahaar carefully, you will notice that this is a mix of three songs from Dev D – Duniya, Pardesi and Nayan Tarse.

While the music and lyrics of the song are disappointing, the video looks interesting as it shows Kangana all lost and panicky. It also gives you a sneak peek of the film’s dialogues, and we are quite sure that you would want to watch Queen.

Anyway, watch the Badra Bahaar song and tell us if you like it. Also a word of advice to Mr Amit Trivedi – come up with something new man!
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  • AJ

    not sure, but i didnt really find badra bahar same as any of dev d songs…they have a similar beat trend but which bollywood songs today dont have that same beat? On the contrary, being from the same music director I would expect some similarity of course, but i did not find much…

  • Bhram Waqabati

    what are you on about its an awesoeme somng

  • Tejas XD

    No way! First of all, it’s a pretty cool compostion. The Sitar! <3
    Secondly, it is not really similar to the Dev D tracks.
    Thirdly, Amit Trivedi doesn't need to be told how to make music. He is a game-changer. He is out of the league. He is a legend.

    And, the whole album is out. Review the whole album, but please keep it sane.

  • natwar

    it is an awesome song, so what if it has the same mood as Dev D songs, atleast he is not lifting up from someone else’s songs..