R…Rajkumar movie review: Shahid Kapoor’s Rambo avatar overshadows his Romeo streak

R…Rajkumar movie review: Shahid Kapoor’s Rambo avatar overshadows his Romeo streak

Shahid Kapoor tries to be Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan at the same time and falls miles behind. You take a bowl and fill it with parts of Wanted, Chennai Express and numerous Telugu movies – what you get is mundane, no-brainer potboiler of a movie called R…Rajkumar

If your dabbawala gave you the same curry every day of the week, how would you feel? Definitely after a few days, you would get annoyed at the mundane monotonousness in your life. This is exactly the case with most Bollywood filmmakers nowadays. Why don’t they understand that if you serve the same old whiskey in a new bottle it does not become new.

This week’s offering R…Rajkumar is nothing different. In fact, it could be any of the many films that you have already seen. The boy-meets-girl-fights-with-villain of Chennai Express and the boy-joins-villain-and-becomes-the-informer of Wanted are still fresh in our minds. Then why combine the two and offer another one? Also, the wind farms of Andhra Pradesh have been shown a zillion times in Telugu movies, so why pick that same location for a Bollywood film?

To be honest, the biggest put off in the movie is the lack of a surprise element. The only time you are surprised is when Mukul Dev comes up and discloses his friendship with Shahid. Another big stumble is the comedy. The director has tried every trick in his book to tickle funny bones, but falls flat on his face. The unpersuasive, often clumsy and confused comedy scenes make your viewing even more difficult. The comedy sequences have old jokes and various other pathetic attempts that do not tickle you even a little bit.

Illogical action sequences and stunts that defy all rules of physics at times that make you wonder if the walls of your house are actually made of bricks and stones or not. In a hurry to make movies which earn more than Rs 100 crore, Prabhu Dheva has lost his touch. He has come out with the second no-brainer of the year after Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Like his past movies, this one too is laden with pinches of southern spices. The story is based in a small village where two drugs mafias, Sonu Sood and Ashish Vidyarthi are fighting with each other to be the sole kingpin of an opium business. Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor), who works for Sonu Sood and falls in love with Ashish Vidyarthi’s niece, has so much strength that he can single-handedly beat the pulp out of 100 goons at a time.

Although a good thing about the movie is that Shahid is back to acting. The actor displays the same intensity as he did in Kaminey and the same boyish charm he did in Jab We Met. Sonu Sood is good as he tried bettering his Dabangg act but did not have much scope. Still he did well enough to make other writer-directors think of him the very instance they write the character of a villain. Sonakshi Sinha’s character could have been portrayed by any background dancer in any of the songs and Shahid is actually not wrong when he says  tera weight dekha hai. You really feel that yes, he is adjusting. It’s time she starts experimenting with new roles as she has been constantly doing the same role over and over again. And a tip, Sona, please join a gym.

The music of the film is good and might be on the charts for sometime but there are way too many songs. Why don’t the directors understand that if they want to put in five songs each of five minute they might as well make a separate music video and spare the viewer of an extra half hour. And who the heck has an item number on their wedding day?

If you are a die-hard fan of south movies or a bigger fan of their no-brainer potboiler Hindi remakes, then do go for this movie and have a gala time. For the rest, wait for the DVD or better still watch it, free of cost, when it comes on TV.

Rating: 2.5 out of 52.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Prateek Sur

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • nissa

    lop u shahid kapoor……….i found da movie really amazing……….

  • ym1964tata

    bollywood has gone crazy after wanted they want every other movie to be its copy so they are repeating it. its high time they stoped or they will have to shut down the industry.they learn the hard way thats the main fault. yogesh mohan

  • aditya

    nice muvie

  • Rahul


    see for comprehensive reviews…

    like picture pandit on fb.

  • neena

    nice movie better then chennai exp….krish3…gori tere pyaar me….etc…it has everything good songs,dance,action but shahid doen’nt know how to promote his movies…..or i will say movie was released on wrong date….before ramleela i think

  • Raj Sapru

    It an enjoyable watch. Shahid is brilliant in the movie. I am never reading critics reviews before watching a movie again ! Go watch it

  • http://www.gossipsense.com/ Supam BC

    Stupid review……. If you cannot understand masala movies, give your review job to someone else who deserves it. Don’t always go for logic or flawless movies. Audiences want entertainment, and RRajkumar surely gives it. Finally Prabhu did his magic again.


    shut ur mouth reviewr….


    its a awesome entertainer of the year….. songs, dance, dialogue, action, comedy. full to masala movie

  • akhil

    i saw this movie twice . nyc movie with full of entertainment …Masala .action.. shahid rocked in this with his terrific action moves and dance.. dialogues were also fantastic.. i enjoyed as an audience and my friends too … shahid is back with ful of energy .

  • Abu Dhabi Saravanan

    Full of entertainment, really worth watching. I doubt on these media reviews.

  • shahid

    Superb movie….Critics should learn how to give review..

  • shahid

    Superb action packed movie..paisa wasool..Stop critics this kind of review

  • Kasim Ansari

    Man don’t be stupid… the movie was amazinggggg….. u guys just fucking praise Salman and shahrukh … it was way better than chennai express..

  • Go-cool

    Fantastic movie… gone with my gang of 5 members…..enjoyed each and every scene…. I can see in many websites all the critics giving negative shade for this movie but 90% comments for those reviews are positive and enjoyed watching the movie…. Guys just go for it….. Critics always give their own views, not a judge like in live shows…. Its good more than Chennai Express…

  • Megha Sharma

    my choice for the cinema is split bwn this and dhoom.. all the comments here seem good, but 2.5? yah.. gala mvoie !!