RA.One movie review: Shahrukh Khan scores as a superhero… almost

RA.One movie review: Shahrukh Khan scores as a superhero… almost


Used to those mindless movies doing the rounds? King Khan’s latest film is one where you would not want to leave your brains behind

It’s always tough to make a sci-fi film where you have to first make the audience understand the basic premise – the ‘new technology’ that makes things happen. And even tougher when your primary target audience is children. Shahrukh Khan and Anubhav Sinha manage to pull it off barely by a pixel. So Shekhar Subramanian (SRK) is a clumsy, Hindi and Tamil speaking game programmer in London. He has a wife Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) and a kid Prateek. To impress his son, he makes a computer game where the villain RA.One is more powerful than the hero, G.One. Then the unexpected happens. Thanks to the ‘new technology’, RA.One enters the real world. Now he is all set to cause destruction everywhere he goes and even G.One might not be able to stop him.

Kareena really doesn’t have much scope to show off her talent, except in the songs and she shines in them. Shahrukh is in a totally new avatar here and it’s not just the curly hair. His romance is downplayed, he does funny football fights and gets his Tamil wrong. But hey, it is an interesting change from his usual dreamy romantic scenes. And when he has to remain expressionless as he is playing a game character, he still conveys a lot with his blue eyes.

A big cheer for Arjun Rampal. We couldn’t wait for RA.One to come out of the game, just so we could see the hunk. We waited. And waited. The most tragic thing that can happen to a hero, happens to Shekhar and all we are thinking is, where is Arjun? It’s post-interval and he is still to make his appearance. Poor Arjun. And to think he shaved his glorious head of hair just to be in less than half a movie. Despite the length of his role, Arjun makes a heady impact.

If you are a die-hard SRK fan, you should give this film a shot. Especially with the VFX actually being really stunning. It makes you want to believe that yes, gaming characters can enter the real world. That’s a huge plus. RA.One has set the bar really high with its VFX. If only director Sinha had paid that much attention to the emotional factor. There are so many moments where you know he wants you to pull out your handkerchief but you just don’t feel the need to. That’s why in the end, we are still left asking one thing: G.One might be a superhero with a heart, but hey Shahrukh, where’s the soul?



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  • Shweta

    gr8 review.

    • abdirahman boote

      very very very best movie ra one is a avatar of bollywood

  • @iamriyaaz

    Beautiful movie love u sir !

  • deepti

    Ohh God another non stop nonsense movie from shahrukh khan …..he has actually ruled bollywood in 90′s coz there was noone else in industry at that time …now he acts so cheap n stupid n intolerable…

    MOvie is not worth a penny…

    Shahrukh shud be given life time achievement and thrown out of bollywood ….idiot that he is …

    • bush

      mind ur lang. 1st
      and empower ur english grammer 1st
      stupid …
      nach na aaye aagan teda

      • gangadhar

        superb movie…….mind blowing

    • mintu

      aare kutiya, janta hai tu kiskebare me comment maar raha hai

    • bony

      u r a idiot deepti…

    • Ajith

      hey guys thanks for the comments for the review of ra one. just wanted to watch the movie but got not going to watch. sharukh u r a loser this time…..

    • fan of shahrukh

      oyeeee…..mu samal ke baat kar..idiot!!!!!

    • fan of shahrukh


      mu samal ke baat kar….idiot.. ..idiot…idiot.idiot…idiot.idiot.;idiot….idiot…idiot.

  • Tushar

    I watched this movie and waste of money.those who have seen english movies can corelate most of the scene copied. And no matcho image of Hero. thumbs down from me

  • rahul

    Thanks Asha for a non-biased review. I don’t think the movie desrves the kind of hype and promotions done.

  • rocky

    best movie from Bollywood i m loving it..thanks shahrukh khan

    • aman

      absolutely right

  • behzad

    movie is great…..and it raises bar of vfx in indian movies…thumbs up for srk

  • NAZ

    A complete waste of time and a rip off from the English movie MEGAMIND.One sentence to describe the movie “Not lived upto the expectations it has created from its huge marketing exercises “. Thanks to the unique mktg activities , it might be financially succesful but cudnt win the hearts.The way the reviewis written,its is evident that the author himself doesnt have anything special to mention about and the same time doesn’t want to portray it negatively and thus affecting the collection part. Understandably so. I appreciate SRK for his bold attempt , but sadly didnt offer anything to cherish about after the movie. Better luck for DON2.
    They made us wait longer than 1 1/2hr actually screening started at 9pm 2 1/2hrs late in Dubai. The movie is ok to watch, first 30 minutes entertaining, the next 40 minutes boring and lost, the second half is entertaining. Shahrukh has tried to put in all, comdey, fiction, romance, kidi fun…a movie not for the thinkers and pure entertainment seekers..

  • MIK

    Remember these guys were praising the IDOTIC movies i mean the worst ever movies made in India (no need to name the movies like cheap remakes of south indian movies)….BUT THE KING IS GONNA RULE RA ONE is rockinggggggggggggggggg the worlddddd

  • Arjun

    realli rip off of megamind?get a life dude…dis movis is nowhere close to the story of megamind.Go c d movie first and den write a review

  • yunusmogal

    raone world main ek naya record karegi jo aaj tak world kisi bhi film ne nahi kiya haga goodluck and godbless you sharukh iam yunus frm baroda gujrat 09898121355

  • Kumar

    Has all the signs of an SRK mid life crisis!
    Huge budet on special effects, shame it didnt stretch to the script and acting!!

  • unknon

    aall the best 2 ra.one N i hope it will b much hit…!!

  • iman

    movie is blockbuster as king khan so nice. love buddy

  • eric

    a faltu film and bakwaas film

    • johjacojinglehiemerschmitz

      no you tatu; he’s amazing.
      duck now.

  • haya kazim

    great movie yaaar..indian cinema ka naya dawar shuru hone wala ha..jalo mat and love SRK

  • kamal

    Not so good as expected. Its simple and common movy, nothing so much.

  • bony

    u r a ediot

  • bony

    i told idiot to deepti

  • Demonoid

    awesome movie…screw u guys…

  • dibakar

    sala,khamoka paisa or samay dono hi barbad kiya.der ghante ki movie ko khickar 3 ghante ka bana diya.naa hum nikal sakte aur naa dekh kar maja le sakte ish movie ko.ek baat humne jaan liye ke gouri khan ke paas bahut sare paisa hai barbat karne ko.kuch hum jaise bekar-garibo ko dete to bahut accha hota,ish se luvjanak business karlete,dingujar v ho jata.

    • fan of shahrukh


      der ghante ki movie tha to adha paisa osul ho geya na….

  • Praveen Menon

    One of the finest performances from SRK and Kareena

  • Maalika Jameel

    Good movie for the kids who have lost a parent when young–SRK send’s out a message–The Good Die Young–bit emotional the end–overall Good Entertainment.

  • jaiveer

    ra one not a hit movie …i am wathing & i hate sarukh …after this movie.

  • Qasim zeb KHAN


  • Dizorus

    decent movie, could have made it original without the obvious references to “The Matrix” and “Terminator 2 : Judgment Day”I mean I understand how both these stories besides from the black leather jackets with the shades and pieces of the enemy fusing together and stuff, it copies the whole “Silent hero devoid of emotions because he’s a robot of some kind”
    It was a cliche . But I loved everyone’s performance !

  • Jack

    I just recently found out about this website and started reading lots of articles here. It is very good in general. One thing I noticed in most if not all articles on this website is that, clearly you folks don’t like SRK. The bitter taste in writing is felt in articles about him throughout. I’d say, cut him some slack and try to be a little more unbiased in your articles.

    • Rashed


  • Jasmine

    As always we loved Shahrukh’s movie in Dubai. Still dancing on chammak challo number.
    Loooooove the film, you should come to Dubai and see the crowd in the theater. It is like a carnival !!!
    Thankyooooo Shahrukh, Kareena, Arjun… we love you all.

    • aisha


  • Alixa

    kia movie thi sprb……1!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • uzair


    • Lisa

      I TOTALLY AGREE with U!

  • Hatim

    king khan proved once again dat he is the only king of bollywood

  • Dee

    just watched it now…its an amazing experience, complete visual treat …specially the chase in the LONDON streets, the Entry of G.One, fight between g.1 and Ra.1 and the V.T Train-Stopping sequence is simply breathtking …endin is little predictable but the great visual and graphic effects covers it all …far-far better than recent Hindi action movies

  • Andy

    awesome movie….great Diwali

  • wedishell


  • Meheboob Khan

    It is a super duper hit movie, Guru(SRK) ne to bollywood ka parda fad k hollywood me pouch dia.. Srk ji diwali main isha hi pathaka chaihe tha. Expect se 10000000 gun jada mila. Love u srk.

    • dev

      such bola tu hollywood ko dikha diya bollywood ka dum.
      srk great

      • dev

        is movie ki comparision to acvtar honi chahiye log kyon bodygurd compare kar rahe hai bodygurd me hai kya wahi ghisi piti story.

  • Dr Sameer Kalgaonkar

    saw RA ONE first day first show…its an entertaining wholesome movie…something new to us as bollywood/ indian cinema audience..well the first 30 mins could have been better but once you have the 2 robots in the movie its a treat to watch…
    off late its been a unexplained unneccessary criticism about shah rukh khan on these sites.. sadly people who write against him look rather biased towards aamir..well lets appreciate his efforts…he was criticised for being repetitive but so is salman/ or aamir ! its a fact no matter how much v deny….. i feel lets appreciate the actors and performances rather our likes n dislikes..

    • Lisa

      Well said!!
      In my opinion Shah Rukh is the BEST! Brillient Actor and great personality.

  • bijendra

    one of the greatest i have ever seen,srk really rocks-SUPER ROCKING KHAN, Must watch movie for everyone and will be one the bumper hit of the year……………

  • irf

    this movie is complete waste of time really except the vfx and srk .i dont know how much money they got from raone team for this review

  • Puja

    this is a prove to those who think srk is only good in romantic 1s. guys u really should be ashamed to bad mouth this movie and the actor, its a new story not remake of any other movies at least new idea new story which should be really appreciated. and above all srk has dared to take the bollywood industry to higher level, just wait and watch just in few time many actors will start using the same idea.

  • Puja

    this is a prove to those who think srk is not only good in romantic 1s. guys u really should be ashamed to bad mouth this movie and the actor, its a new story not remake of any other movies at least new idea new story which should be really appreciated. and above all srk has dared to take the bollywood industry to higher level, just wait and watch just in few time many actors will start using the same idea.

  • Puja

    2nd post is by mistake

    • meer ali raza


  • meer ali raza

    Well said!!
    In my opinion Shah Rukh is the BEST! Brillient Actor and great personality

  • shahbaz khan

    jisme hai daam wahi hai srk {G.one} and shahrukh khan is known as king khan so there is one king in the jungle of bollywood

  • RITZ

    SRK is definitely a good actor but not the best among KHANs..Without any arguement the best is Aamir among all KHANs..

  • Roy QBZ

    SRK; beside being an good actor he is also a brilliant businessman, so he is the best among Khans.

    • Rahul Dhekane

      He is just businessman not creative n perfect like Aamir Khan and not even goodlooking and crowd pulling like Salman Khan without any promotion gimics..

      • xyz

        if sharukh is bad looking then how sweet do you look?
        pehele apna muh mirror mein dekho gaddhe.
        acche logon ko accha hi dhikta hai
        aur buru logon ko bura hi dhikta.

  • sania

    i love srk and m crazy 4 his movies…..he tried a vry new film and i really appreciate him 4 dat

  • Rahul Dhekane

    I saw this movie first day of DIWALI and really disappointed very much.

    He ruined our Diwali this time. Tees Maar Khan was much better and entertaining than Ra-One.

    Shahrukh grow up.. Technology wise.. u shud atleast copy ROBOT or bring South technicians.

    Even make up for CHITTI Rajanikantjee. was very bad.. and Shahrukh’s make up was too good. Did he do purposely ? such kinda question came in mind obviously.

    star : * just for Arman child Artists Look and Bebo’s perfrmance and Chamakchallo and the best acting done by
    Security check officer at Airport.. :)
    thats all..

  • ramsha

    gr8 muv!!!!!!! i n’joyd a lot…… gud use of vfx… its totly a thrllng xprienc fr d indian audience.muv full of noveltylyk a hollywood muv…. thnx srk fr mkng sch a muv.i feel sm ppl dnt noe hw 2 appreciate one’s effrt rather dey r bng biased coz of der lyjks n dislyks.
    wl SRK u r d bst!!!!!!!!!!

  • Azhar a Aryan

    Hi, Ra one-once again its only srk movie, where srk out of screan, scean going very slow, when came back, as fast as like express. I like this game idea to much, hungry to play that. Srk s shekhar to good.
    someone write hear ragnis makeup bad, remind him, rajni back frm hospital for shoot that.
    lucifer nice work, chamk challo to good, if this movie beat in india then its coz indian watcher r becicaly ignore new version.

  • Rashed

    “Mere gaon main ek kahawat hain,jab loog tumhare khilaf bolne lagey – samajhlo tarakki kar rahe hoon.” – Guru (2007)

    “To make something special you have to believe its special” – Kung Fu Panda (2008)

    It’s a new concept in which we are not used to….just watch the movie with an open mind. U will see all the little flaws that are being talked about will seem very little in compare to the TRUE ESSENCE of the movie.

    Ask your kids, U will find the answer?


    hi its very very very very good movie i love u srk i love u very much u r awsome kamal vadia


      People stupidly compare shahrukh with salman & aamir I think there’s no need for that & they are not making movies for each other or to have a superiorty over each other. They are all very clever people & they make films with the best of commercial aspect & advice.Don’t think they are even bothered about one another.RA one is a great film and we shold be proud of are Bombay film industry & all those who worked hard for the movie.Keep it up Shahrukh god bless you.

      • vivek

        i like this movie and i proved that bollywood makesh a science fiction movie.

  • abdul kadir

    its very very uper hit movie..
    arey hain kisi bhi bollywood ke hero main jo 150 cor ka game khel sake…are ke sare phuddu hain….king always king…hum e n takana

    • sameer

      bhai jaan isse gandi movie maine aaj tak nhi dekhi n jaha tak paise ka sawaal hai jodha akbar 200 crore ki thi…………

      • rajan

        Movie tau bahut saaf hai shayad tumhara chashma ganda tha

  • Anup

    Bakwaas movie…
    We should have law that will penalise producer, director and script writer for making such pathetic ‘Unhealthy’ movie.

    Unhealthy? Yes, it can cause headache, escalate it to migraine, high blood pressure and you may even want to kill your SRK-fan wife/girl-friend.

    SRK is probably the only super-hero to mock himself. Well, he cant even do the mocking good enough.

    He is good with raking in the moolahs with all his pathetic releases (incl. adverts)


    Bollywoodlife probably got paid to do the review and a few comments in favour.

    • 123

      gadhe khud hi bakwas hoga tu.
      tereko pata hai kya tu hi unhealthy hai isiliyetereko sabkuch unhealthy dekhai deta hai get well soon mamu.
      aur tu koun ayaa itna advice dene wala ki movie mat dekho?

      • 1234

        abhe ghatiya movie ko ghatiya hi kahenge

  • rekha

    awesome just brilliant film ………….. go n watch with a heart of a child. those criticising have lost the child in them shahrukh you reign supreme and will always be . thumbs up. great stuff , just loved it.

  • vidula pagar

    hello! how are you?
    I loved your latest movie ra-one
    its a wonderful creation.
    and my special thanks to gauri khanto produce this film
    i love you srk

  • William

    Shahrukh khan is a big superstar here in India, but he still not a big actor like Amir Khan.

    Amir is a great actor, he pulls crowd to theaters, and above all look at the careers of Shahrukh and Amir

    u will find that Amir has given less flops than shahrukh…

    Amir has given 95% hits in his career


    shahrukh khan has given 75% hits

    so who’s great and one thing more Amir do not repeat himself… he always work in films which has good scripts, so when u come out of the cinema hall you don’t feel disappointed…

    in the end Shahrukh can be the biggest superstar but never can be a great actor here in India, the country which has seen great actors like Ashok Kumar, Balraj Sahni, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Nasir and Om Puri Sahib..

    • adil raza

      amir khan se bada hero hai sharukkhan……….

  • american adrian

    Ra One was awesome! very well written! very entertainig!India you have a great actor in Shah Rukh,im not Indian but i really think he is an awesome actor too bad he has alot of haters who should respect him,uhm i dont see the other khans breaking records! great job Mr.Shah Rukh Khan will be buying the dvd and game etc cant wait for Don 2 you have made new fans here in the USA.

  • rakesh kumar

    i liked the movie RA*ONE most because this story gives an awareness about the upcoming robotic system.The mind of newly created robots or machines is maked very powerful and it may be much harmful for us.”If they startd thinking as we human, think what will happen”
    And inventions must be of very protected level.
    I think the movie RA*ONE achieved much success to spread this message not in INDIA but also in foreign cuontries at a large scale…

  • javid

    hai ra one is too good movie i like srk acting and kareena kapoor and arjun rampal is also to good i have watch 5 times movies i like chamak challo song is to good. thanks srk to creating this type of flim

  • Teja

    Ra.one is a very good scientific movie.i like the film very much.i am one of the huge fans of shah ruh khan from south india.it does not mean that i do not like amir and salman.i too like them.but i like shah ruh khan more than them.i am very happy about ra.one’s box office india.

  • priyam

    RA.1 is a great story. very nice graphic movie.i like it very much even i went to see it 2 times.and i wish there will be 2 part of the movie it may bang the box office to.

  • Amit

    Agree with just one point:
    I will keep waiting for Raone to comeout in real life becouse of Arjun Rampal.
    Arjun is great, Shahrukh bad as both Shekhar and G one.he repeats his MNIK act as G one.Visual effects are great,Raone design was superb,Tom wu’s london road chase are mind-blowing.

  • YEPME Fashion

    YEPME Fashion Review
    In Ra.One, a nerdy Shekar Subramanium (Shah Rukh Khan) works for a gaming company in London. Though his hot wife Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) doesn’t seem to mind his unhip get-up, his son Pratik (Armaan Varma) is less forgiving. He finds his father geeky and admires what he thinks is the ultra cool villain. To win the admiration of his son, Shekhar creates a game in which the villain Ra.One (Arjun Rampal) is invincible. Partik, a gaming enthusiast, defeats Ra.One at some level which annoys the villain. Ra.One finds a way to get out of the game into the real world to hunt and destroy his adversary. The only one who can control the powerful Ra.One is G.One, the good guy form the game. G.One takes on the appearance of Shekhar to combat Ra.One. Overall Ra.One is racy though it has its lagging moments. The movie starts off slow but then the second half gets more interesting. Scenes like the car chase and the reconstruction of Ra.One are cinematic delights. The novelty factor and visual effects are impressive. Though the movie is more accessible to people who are familiar with the gaming lingo.
    According to us at YEPME, Ra.One has a limited wardrobe on the fashion front. As, of course, the good and bad guys are sporting the superhero look. Body-hugging black skin suits with dashes of red or blue and capes dominate the screen. Arjun Rampal as Ra.One has a menacing presence. And out of the suit we see him mostly in jeans and a trench coat. Shah Rukh as the nerdy Shekar sticks to khakis and sweaters in neutral tones. He also sports a few jackets in subdued tones. Though in the “Chammak Challu” dance number Shah Rukh sports a dashing tuxedo. But the scene stealer of the song is Kareena in her flaming red attire. In the rest of the movie, this yummy-mummy prefers trendy casuals.

  • Kruti

    Hey SRK rocks…Will watch it again..Killer effects…HI5 RA.One!

  • adil raza

    amir khan se bada hero hai sharukkhan……….he is a great hero in this world.

  • situ

    Leave SRK alone… Y keep comparin him vith Aamir n Sallu.. dey r also grt actors.. But y keep comparin 3 idiots, ra.one n bodyguard dey al hve diff stories, diff aspects..its jus nt becoz of one person’s actin but an overall perspective of everybody’s efforts.. 3 idiots focusd on todays educa system vhich made d youngsters to watch it… n bodyguard wrkd becoz of sallu magic n ra.one did nt do much well becoz of its dailogues n lack of story oderwise its awsssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuummm n srk rockss

  • shimmer

    SUpERRRRR hitTT!!!! what a great movie!!! sharukkh you rocks! aap bollywood ko ek high level pe lejayege ies film se!! proud of you king khan!!!

  • anisha

    Ra.One and G.One both have done a good job

  • sameera

    i respect shahrukh but coming to raone movie i feel it was a big mistake of his.Raone is the super duper flop film of the bollywood till now, and being a goodactor he should deny it and face the truth infront of people tht a flop is flop.

  • vivek

    i agree with sameera its fact of Ra.one, really a empty vessel sounds more movie mei kuch dum nai hai isliye itna over publicity ajtaj karahe hai.

  • prakriti bajaj

    wt a beauty

  • Kayen

    I gotta say…The VFX was the best in Ra.one plus with SRK’s chamak challo suit…I haven’t seen such VFX & SFX in any other bollywood flms..Bravooo…Its like an upgrade for Bollywood…Well Someones got to do that first and that is King khan…

  • chandini narang

    Ra.One was a fantabulous film. The graphics are commendable. I think people in bollywood do not understand by the word ‘Cult Films’. Ra.One is one such Cult Film which has changed the perspective of Bollywood. Thank you SRK and the visual effects of his to make such an awesome film.

  • kajal doshi

    The film has created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic earner so far. Ra.One, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s most ambitious project to date. It has touched the highest individual collection in circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. It should be a matter of pride for us to get to watch such an action packed & science fiction movie with great excellence. 4 stars for this 1. If you haven’t seen this, you’re definitely missing the Big.One.

  • urvi waghmare

    Ra.One is very Indian at heart. What actually takes you by complete surprise is not just the money spent on visual effects or the stunning chase and action scenes, but the twists and turns in the screenplay. Ra.One is one such Cult Film which has changed the perspective of Bollywood.

  • Yohan Rodriguez

    Ra.One has broken all records. There’s no film like this. The last scene is amzing. Akon has done an awesome job. The music is mind blowing. Its a great thing that Bollywood now has international singers in their movies. SRK has moved on from romantic to sci-fiction & action movies and has indeed done well.

    • sunny

      A Big Flop

      • sunny

        Biggest Flop

    • vidon

      super duper flopppppppppp… never aspected such a worst movie,,,

    • jagadish

      except the akon music numbers there is nothing special in RA-ONE. Then where is the question of block buster and earning 200cr. Its rediculous.


      • FDB N / ;ZM BVH

        Shah Rukh Khan

  • SHahrukh

    Very nice movie…watch because it’s different and Ra.one is strong villain…srk rocks

  • Huma.Khan


    • amjad akhtar

      ek dam bakwas movie ………………..

  • eli

    hecne bawa duwmedim amma cox gozeldi twl. he birdeki, azerbatcan yekdi ve tekdi

  • ryukie

    I’m sowie I might sound a li’l rude bt wt say sum of u pipo compelled me 2 say so. I hv neva seen foolish pipo lyk those indians critising n comparin srk salman n amir.u shud b proud of srk 4 doin such a movie.u shud celebrate as u hv such an actor who brings new things 2 bollywood bt instead u guys wl jst strt sayn bodyguard dis n dat.tell me any thing new u hv seen in bodyguard itx same things we hv being wtchn bt ra.1 has sumtin unique n new.we here in africa luv srk n he is n wl 4evr b our king

  • Roshan

    One of the worst movies i ever saw. If the cost of the time and efforts SRK has given for the promotion of the film, it is super flop in terms of collection too.


    hei , i fully agree with u , SRK is a G/man , his projects motivate , revive , teach , council nd we in AFRICA, esp in South Africa r inspired by his work , whether young and old. Guys wake up nd learn from his work , get inspired and enjoy , destructive criticisms do not work , We love them all individually according to their individual talents nd performance

  • B.roy

    Koun bolta hai ra1 flog ,jo log bolta hai usko kus malum nahi he .

  • Adhe

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