RA.One’s a hit: Shahrukh Khan won’t have to dance at weddings now

The actor had recently confessed on a TV show that if RA.One, one of his most ambitious projects, doesn’t make the expected profits, he will get back to dancing at marriages

 Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One has been getting an array of mixed reviews. Some have been raving about the special effects in the movie while others are busy looking for loopholes in the story. Trade analysts predict that just the Khan tag and the super filmy SFX are more than enough to pull people into multiplexes and it will recover its profits right in the first week of its release. Now that’s good news for the actor, as he has been on tenterhooks for quite some time now and with positive feedback from the critics, Mr Khan can now rest assured that he won’t have to shimmy at some unknown person’s wedding just so that he could earn some extra moolah to pay his bills. With Don 2 in the pipeline, King Khan has a lot more to look forward to. And wethinks he should really start practicing some cool dance moves rather than sticking to his signature pelvic thrusts. Coz it’s victory time for the superstar and people who want him to groove at their weddings can please knock someone else’s door, as Mr Khan is busy basking in the remarkable glory of RA.One!