Raanjhanaa dialogue promos: Sonam Kapoor finally falls for Dhanush!

The dialogue promos of this Aanand Rai film mirror the amazing love vibes shared between the lead pair

The three dialogue promos of Raanjhanaa – starring Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush – are an interesting watch. If you see them carefully, they represent a love evolution of sorts.

In the first promo you see Dhanush wooing the Kapoor chick like crazy. In the second, you might just be smitten by the South dude’s style and attitude. His dialogues are laced with spicy mawali flavour, and that hooked us up completely to Dhanush’s acting. In the final one, Sonam who has been ignoring the Kolaveri singer’s advances ends up falling for him. She is unstoppable and doesn’t care a hoot about the society or the world anymore. The film is abounding with passion…and that wethinks will make it an interesting watch!