Raanjhanaa new poster: Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush in deep waters

The makers have come up with yet another poster which gives us a fair idea of the adventure the film entails

Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush are trying to weather the storm in their vibrant retro-styled yellow scooter in the new poster of Raanjhanaa. While Dhanush is the typical Bollywood hero trying to protect his lady love from the detractors, the Kapoor chick resolves to stick to her man, hanging on to him despite the rickety ride.

Of whatever we have seen in the promos, we love Dhanush’s energy and Sonam’s simplicity. The two make for an out and out unusual pair. Love is obviously an integral part of the movie, but after seeing the poster, we are sure there is adventure in great doses as well. The idyllic river bank of Varanasi and the beautiful view in the background is a visual delight. And amidst the picturesque locales, there’s Sonam and Dhanush indulging in some hardcore adventure…