Raaz 3: Steamy, steamier or steamiest?

Posted Mon, January 30, 2012 2:12pm IST

Shooting for the third part of the franchise has begun and it seems that the makers will indeed make it even more…err…hot than before!

The Bhatts seem to be very confident of the latest installment in the Raaz franchise, one that stars Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu. Though the shoot has just begun, the makers have been heard saying that Raaz 3 will be their biggest money-spinner yet. Going by the shooting stills that our buddy the birdie sent us, it is quite obvious that, if nothing else, the hotness quotient of the film has been upped, thanks to the smoking Bips getting jiggy with the buff Emraan. Mukesh Bhatt said in a recent interview, “Raaz 3 is what can be termed the ‘horror of the hearts’. It is a completely new story, a romantic one at that, which would surprise and shock you. Yet again the legacy of Vishesh Films continues with newcomers composing some great music for the film. I am sure it will break all records that films coming from our production house have created so far.”

The Bhatts have mastered the horror genre and with a casting that is mint-fresh, they could have a surefire hit on their hands. Bipasha is very excited about this film and she even got her hair coloured red for the role. She recently posted a message on Twitter saying, “Changed my hair colour frm my Blondish look to a Deep Red colour!Quite a change!Can’t recognize myself!” Emraan, who has just finished shooting for Jannat 2, is also very upbeat about this film. It is a little to early to comment on it with any credibility, but from what we’ve seen we must say Bipasha looks very sexy…to put it mildly. Don’t you think so?

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  • Maiya

    Bips my love…. u just look stunning. Ohh I really liked ur new hair colour. Quite a change ha… keep it up dear.

  • Anonymous

    The first Raaz with Bipasha Basu and Dino Moreo was great. Raaz 2 just lost me. The storyline was terrible and had absolutely no relation to the first film with completely new people that no one cares for. The original pair Dino and Bips were great. I’ll give Raaz 3 a shot because of Bipasha, I hope it’s more scary, and less porno. I don’t like Emran Hashmi.

  • karan

    i want to see agen murder seen in RaaZ-3 with bips.

  • bipas

    i am bangladesh

  • bhut

    nice pic

  • anku

    nice pic & nice bipasha basu

  • kaushal


  • sam

    i hope it very hourar

  • zul ziran

    u mother @@@@## anonymous if u dont like emraan hashmi…, then who the hell are you to comment over him… if u like dino then go and ##@@ with him you scumbag….

    Emraan Hashmi fanz……….

    • anubhuti

      emraan is very sexy……hot

  • Anup

    Emran Is a allrounder actor in bolliyod movi. I love my boss imran