RAAZ 3 trailer: Slick, stylised, but not scary!

The Vikram Bhatt production looks visually appealing with its glossy cinematography and fine visual effects, but the promo of the Emraan Hashmi-Esha Gupta-Bipasha Basu starrer did not quite scare us

As Bipasha Basu’s sinister character emerges out of profound darkness and says in a husky voice, “Ek raaz tumhare dil main hain. Ek raaz mere andar bhi…” (Your heart holds a secret. I too know a secret,) you get hooked to the screen, but what follows thereafter doesn’t quite hold your attention. The promo looks fantastic visually, but the story seems extremely predictable.

Clearly, Raaz 3 is a story about one-upmanship, where a film director (Emraan Hashmi) is torn between two superstars (Bipasha and Esha Gupta). The promo shows Esha, who is seemingly the love interest of Hashmi and a rising star, as an arch rival for the largely forgotten superstar Bipasha, who apparently plays a sex-doll for Hashmi. Obviously, Bips can’t stand Esha’s ever-growing popularity and stardom. That’s when black magic and voodoo is employed by the Bengali bombshell to destroy Esha. What follows thereafter is Hashmi’s relentless endeavour to save Esha’s soul from evil.

With a story as predictable as that, it will be interesting to see if Bhatt can craft an interesting film with his ‘unusual’ directorial skills. We were not impressed by the film’s poster and now the promo has managed to win our vote only for the visual aesthetics.

Here’s your chance to watch the trailer of Raaz 3. Tell us, does it send chills down your spine?

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