RACE 2 trailer: John Abraham challenges Saif Ali Khan

Looks like the Race team (Ramesh Taurani and Abbas-Mustan) have simply replaced the characters of the first film, added loads of spice, incorporated some heavy-duty action sequences and labeled the same film ‘Race 2′

Saif Ali Khan’s corrosive pride is hurt when John Abraham challenges him in the same ol’ game criminals love to play –  loot each other’s treasure and kill with great relish. So while Saif’s character has a slight sinister edge, John looks delectable as he shows off his six-pack abs. Deepika Padukone brings her sexy self to the fore by wearing gowns with thigh-high slits (very Angelina Jolie). Jacquleine Fernandez is seen fencing and indulging in archery with great dexterity. Ameesha Patel plays private detective Anil Kapoor’s side-kick-personal assistant-bimbo arm-candy. Remember, Sameera Reddy played this role in the prequel. No points for guessing why she opted out of the second film.

The title track ‘Allah duhai’ is used in the promos once again. What can we say – this one looks like a treat for hardcore Bollywood fans. And people who are desperately waiting for a decent action flick with a great storyline to hit the screens MIGHT be disappointed…

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