Ragini MMS 2 trailer: Sunny Leone seduces but fails to scare!

Though Jackpot may have failed at the box office, Sunny Leone’s next Ragini MMS 2 may rake in moolah. Not coz it is scary but coz there is skin show and more courtesy Ms Leone

The first trailer of Ragini MMS 2 is out and trust me it isn’t spooky at all. In fact, going by the trailer it seems the sequel of Ragini MMS is more of a porn film than a horror one. And we aren’t surprised. After all, Sunny Leone plays the lead and the makers have made sure to use her talent to the best. Wink wink! But the worst part about the trailer is the voice over you hear throughout. It feels as if you are hearing one of those news anchors who talk loudly just to grab your attention. Watch the trailer and you’ll agree with us. However, we are sure Sunny’s fans would enjoy watching the trailer coz the babe has certainly up the sexy quotient more than ever. In the video, you’ll get to see the pornstar-turned-Bollywood actor walking in her undies, making out and flashing her seductive side  in almost every other frame. The makers have indeed kept Sunny’s porn star image throughout the trailer. As for the story, Ragini MMS 2 doesn’t offer anything new. We dunno about the film, but the trailer of Ekta Kapoor’s latest horror venture is surely high on steamy scenes and oomph factor but lacks almost everything that is needed to scare the audience.

While we aren’t too impressed with the trailer of Sunny Leone starrer Ragini MMS 2, Bollywoodlifers, you watch the video and tell us what you think.