Rahul Bose plays Priyanka Chopra’s hubby in Zoya Akthar’s Dil Dhadakne Do!

A source close to the director Zoya Akhtar claimed that Rahul Bose has been roped in to play Priyanka Chopra’s spouse in the film

Zoya Akthar’s team after completing the shoot on cruise across Mediterranean sea is back safely to the shore. While the cast and crew flooded the internet with endless selfies, we hear a member of the cast was missing from the pictures.

A crew member of Dil Dhadakne Do said,” Though there’s a break of a week before the next schedule in Istanbul, most of the cast and that includes Farhan Akhtar has decided to proceed to Turkey for a vacation rather than return home for a week.”

A little birdie chirped in our ears that the mystery man in the film’s cast who was missing from the cruise pictures was none other than Rahul Bose. Apparently Rahul Bose will be seen as Priyanka‘s onscreen husband in the movie. A source close to Zoya Akhtar said,” They play an estranged couple.It’s a very stormy relationship. They have lots of fights in the film. Zoya wanted Rahul to come across as the outsider in Priyanka’s family.”

The source added,” Rahul was seen as the odd one out…you know, the actor from English, August and Chameli. But he turned out to be the most fun. During the cruise he got along with Priyanka, Farhan and the rest of the cast like a house on fire.”

Looks like Rahul Bose is finally mingling with the big stars and eyeing a space for himself in commercial cinema.