Rahul Khanna: Anil Kapoor is very methodical and disciplined

Rahul returns to TV after almost a decade with Anil Kapoor’s 24. Read on to know what he has to say

He is one of the most good looking actors in the industry. And yet, the suave and stylish Rahul Khanna makes sporadic but pivotal appearances in films —Earth 1947, Wake Up Sid, Love Aaj Kal to name a few. And now, Rahul, who had begun his career as a MTV VJ is returning to TV with a cameo in Anil Kapoor’s 24. In a telephonic interview from the US, Rahul tells us about his role and choices…

What prompted you to take up 24?

Anil (Kapoor) is a very good friend. He has worked with my brother (Akshaye) and he had been discussing the series from the time he was thinking of bringing 24 to India. Initially, I was supposed to do a bigger role but that didn’t work out. Then he told me about this role, which is pivotal to the serial and said he wanted me to do it. I could not say no.

Tell us about your role?

I play an investment banker whose name comes up during Jai Singh Rathod’s (Anil Kapoor) investigations. He feels there’s a possibility that I might have some information to the whereabouts of his kidnapped family as well as links to the assassination attempt — but he’s not certain. A lot of twists and turns lead to an explosive ending and things are not what they seem to be. My character has shades of grey. I’ve always wanted to play a character with an air of mystery and I must say, although it was a difficult shoot — long shooting days and a tough action sequences filmed in the middle of the Mumbai monsoon — this was a lot of fun to do.

Since it’s an action thriller did you have to undertake any particular training?

There was no training as such because although there was action, it wasn’t anything specialised.

All the action is very realistic and raw. We did have a lot of rehearsals, though. Anil is very methodical and disciplined. So we spent many days before the shoot going over the scenes together. Since the whole series is shot slickly, a lot of time was spent on deciding my wardrobe. I wear a great suit and it’s a buttoned-down look. Apart from the bruises, one of the most painful parts was that I ruined a really good suit!

Why don’t we see more of you in films?

There’s no particular reason, I make the best choices from what is offered to me. My character in Wake Up Sid was very interesting, I got a great feedback too. The reason I did that was I like Ayan Mukherjee. Also, Karan’s (Johar) approach as a producer was something new and different. I did Love Aaj Kal purely for Imtiaz (Ali Khan).

What next?

I have finished a beautiful film called Fireflies, directed by a first-timer. It is the story of two brothers – a tragic incident colours their lives. It’s a simple, lyrical story.