Rahul Rawail’s son accused of assaulting an activist

Rahul Rawail’s son accused of assaulting an activist

Buzz suggests that Janet Balchandran Iyer, an evangelist, was assaulted by Bharat Rawail, son of producer-director of Ghayal and Arjun Pandit

Rahul Rawail’s family, who live in Bandra (West), Mumbai, has been accused to beating up an evangelist, Janet Balchandran Iyer. According to Iyer, after the prayer meeting with her group members (of Elohim Bible Group) on the second and third floor of the bungalow when they were exiting the premise on Saturday morning, Rawail, who occupies the ground floor of this bungalow came out with his wife and son, and started yelling and assaulting Janet. “At around 8.30pm, we were through with our meeting and members were leaving the premises. Suddenly, Mr Rawail’s son and wife assaulted Ms Iyer. They hit her so much that she started bleeding profusely,” Napolean Pacheo, a member of the group said. And so Iyer has filed an FIR against the Rawail family at the nearby Bandra police station.

Rawail on the other hand, has a different story to tell. “My son definitely did not beat up this Janet Iyer. She is a mad woman. She is a nuisance. She belongs to a cult. Almost every day, she brings three to four hundred people to my building at 4.30 am. What is this if not harassment?” Rahul said in an interview.

Also, while Rawail admits that Janet has pictures showing that she has been beaten up, he also says that Janet herself banged her head against the wall and that’s how she got injured. His son had no role to play in it whatsoever.

DCP Pratap Dighavkar of Zone IX said that on the day of the complaint the police was busy with the bandobast duty due to visarjan and will conduct an enquiry today.

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  • shilpa

    the woman does not seem insane to bang and wound herself. it is obvisous he is saying this to defend himself.

  • shilpa shetty

    rahuul rawail son is a stupid mad person… he always tease whnever he see me….

  • shalin

    once upon a time he was my college frd… he use to play with girls and take photos of her!! and blackmail her…..

  • shilpshetty

    once upon a time he was my college frd… he use to play with girls and take photos of her!! and blackmail her…..

  • sachin

    he should surelly be arrested… it’s not good for ou

  • suraj

    i knw him very well… he was my frd also…. he is same as his father playing with girls and make comment and fun of them…once upon a time he was my college frd… he use to play with girls and take photos of girls!! and blackmail them…..

  • amit

    he should be arrested… and put under law… very dangerous for society…

  • sharlin

    rahuul rawail son is such a nuisance for our society… he should be punished (rahul rawail will use his power to defence his son but society should not support them he should be punished).

  • sammy

    I myself spotted this scene when I was getting some medicine for my flu. That movie director rahul rawail really has a nerve. He definitely saw that wife pushing… He could have said the truth and apologized but he lied. I feel sorry for that woman look at that wound on her face. I hate seeing someone famous like Rahul Rawail covering up this incident with lies.

  • Qasim Malik

    Yey. Who would believe in Rahul’s testimony when there were so many eyes including mine who saw that woman getting beaten up with no reasons??? That was a psychotic family that I saw with my own eyes!!!

  • Daya

    I saw Rahul and his family beat a woman on the way to home. They dragged the woman of her head and made her butt against the wall. I’m very much disappointed Rahul. He use violence and told a lie though he is a pubic man!!! His behaviour is unworthy of the pubic man!!