Raj Kumar Yadav: The nude scene in Shahid was my idea

The actor knew so much about lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi by the end of the film that baring it all seemed like the best thing to do for a crucial scene in which he’s tortured to death

Raj Kumar Yadav will be seen playing the role of Shahid Azmi – a lawyer and human rights activist – who was assassinated in Mumbai in 2010, in his upcoming film Shahid. The actor confesses that to add the much needed edge to your character in your films, you need to start living the role you are playing. So he says, “I have to be very convinced to do something like this and I was 200 percent convinced. But you know what, the nude scene was never a part of the screenplay. And we shot this scene totally at the end of the film. So by the time we finished shooting, I was totally into Shahid – the character. I could feel him inside me. So I just came up with this idea that since Shahid is tortured in this scene, and is suffering inside a cell, he should be naked. And Hansal Mehta (director of Shahid) loved the idea.”

Anyone who inspired him to do this scene? “You have Sean Penn in Milk and he has so many kissing scenes with James Franco, and when you watch the film, you don’t cringe but can feel that those things are happening in the character’s life. So the same way I want people to feel my character,” says Raj Kumar.