Rajat Barmecha: I find Kareena very good-looking

Good performances truly have the ability to move you. Rajat Barmecha has proved this right with Udaan and his recent cameo in Shaitan. This young lad has already begun his starry journey, the mere evidence being his high aspirations to work with Kareena Kapoor

He doesn’t stop blushing while talking about his favourite actress. “I would love to work with Kareena.  I hope somebody’s listening (laughs). I find her very good-looking,” he says.

The 22 year old wasn’t allowed to have too much fun on the sets of Udaan. “Vikramaditya Motwane (director of the movie) wanted me to concentrate and always be in character,” he said. The indifferent relations between a ruthless father (played by Ronit Roy) and an adolescent was the main highlight of the movie. Let’s hear it from Rajat on how the father-son chemistry was off-screen, “Ronit Roy is a very sweet person. He always guided and corrected me whenever I did something wrong. He also applauded when I did good work. He taught me the basic technicalities of acting.”

The character Rohan (Rajat) in the movie is sure to transport you into a different space altogether. His impeccable poetry recitals and knack of getting people around him to listen make Rohan extremely likable. Rajat in real life is not much into poetry and writing. “I really had a tough time reciting poems. It sounded good because, the poems were of that standard. After Udaan, I did try my hand at writing. I wrote a couple of English poems for my close ones, though they are nowhere close to the verses in the movie,” he says modestly.

He apparently had a different taste in films before joining the industry. The only genre that excited him was spicy commercial Bollywood cinema. Vikramaditya and Anurag Kashyap (producer of the movie) exposed him to World Cinema and taught him the importance of watching all kinds of movies if he really wanted to make it big as an actor. “Vikram and Anurag asked me what my favourite movie was. I told them it’s the Salaam Namaste kind of films that I like to watch. Since then they take a dig at me every now and then. They have brought about a drastic change in me. In the last six months, I’ve watched a lot of foreign films and now I’ve learnt to appreciate good cinema,” he says confidently.

“When I auditioned for the role, I just knew one thing, that it’s an Anurag Kashyap film. I didn’t know that Amit Trivedi was working on the music or anything else. I feel blessed that my first film got so much recognition. The best part was when we discovered in the Cannes Film Festival that even foreign critics loved the film,” says Rajat candidly.

The actor is not really inspired by any big names in the industry. He prefers extracting the good traits out of people and gets motivated by them. “For instance, if you talk about Shah Rukh Khan, I love his presence of mind and intelligence. I get fascinated by Salman’s care-a-damn attitude, and Amitabh Bachchan’s down-to-earth nature inspires me. I am also a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar. We share the same date of birth,” he says gleefully.