Rajat Kapoor: Anurag Kashyap is lending his name, not his money!

The ace filmmaker, who is all set for the release of his film Ankhon Dekhi this friday, maintains that he is good friends with the Gangs Of Wasseypur maker but will not approach him to produce his films

Rajat Kapoor has always been synonymous with offbeat cinema. He is best known for films which were low budget and high on content. But for making such films he has perennially faced a lack of producers. When we met him at his Goregaon office, he informed that even for Ankhon Dekhi he was not getting any producers and finally he got pissed and posted on twitter about it. That’s when he found a producer. It was sheer luck but maybe he might not be lucky everytime.

On the other hand Anurag Kashyap is also known for making parallel cinema. His films are not mainstream masala Hindi flicks. Also he has been promoting new scripts and producing those films under his banner. So why hasn’t Rajat ever approached Anurag, who also has a similar bent of mind as his, for producing his filmy ventures? We ask…

Rajat is slightly annoyed at us asking this and he retorts sharply by saying, “I am not a newcomer that I will need Anurag’s help. Anurag is a very dear friend of mine. To be honest, Anurag is lending his name and not his money to the filmmakers, which is good thing for a newcomer, but not for me. Anurag is a star now and his name itself helps newcomers get a foothold in the industry. Anurag can borrow money from the market for making films by just using his name. I have my own way of getting finances for my projects. When I need him I will go.”

Now we hope there is no animosity between the two that is brewing such a remark. We hope the two continue to make the best of what they love to make and not get into masala Hindi flicks, as that would definitely be money spinning but will kill the creative genius’ in them. Hai na peeps?