Rajdhani Express official trailer: Leander Paes plays the underdog

The film is about a set of people who end up together in the same train compartment and how a seemingly normal situation gets out of hand

The promo of Rajdhani Express gives us a fair idea of the concept of the film. A group of people from different walks of life are in the same train and have to deal with a situation that has gone way beyond their control. Leander Paes, who plays the underdog in the film, is forced into a situation wherein he has no other option but to take his gun out. Of whatever we have gathered, the movie is trying to convey how quick people are at stereotyping without analysing the problem or the person. In the film, no one cares about Leander’s background, what has he gone through in life, but since he has a gun, the media goes hammer and tongs and within seconds, Paes is subjected to the entire country’s wrath.

The film doesn’t look like a potential blockbuster. But kudos to the tennis star for making an effort, Priyanshu Chatterjee for making a comeback on the big screen after a long time and the makers for trying their hand at implementing a concept that’s quite thought-provoking…