Rajesh Khanna funeral: Thousands gather to bid adieu

Rajesh Khanna funeral: Thousands gather to bid adieu

The last rites of the legendary superstar will be held at 11.30am today

Braving the rain, thousands of fans are gathered at Bollywood’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna‘s home to be part of their icon’s funeral procession in Mumbai on Thursday.

The legend’s final journey started around 10am from his residence Aashirwad in Bandra, Mumbai. His body, in a transparent casket, was placed on a mini-truck decorated with white flowers. The last rites will take place at the Vile Parle crematorium at 11:30am.

With him on his last journey were his estranged wife Dimple, who took care of him in the last days, his younger daughter Rinke and son-in-law, actor Akshay Kumar who is married to his elder daughter Twinkle.

The actor, fondly called Kaka by his family and friends, passed away Wednesday morning following a liver infection. Rajesh started his career with the 1966 film Akhari Khat and went on to give hit films like Aradhana, Kati PatangAnand and Amar Prem that propelled him to dazzling fame.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Vinod

    Rajesh Khanna a legendary who can never be forgotten,He would have lived more but in his life lonely less killed him. Bolloywood stars marry but their relationship ends more quickly even before the interval of their films. When will they learn?

  • V Manohar

    Dear friends All fans of KAKA, we have a special information for you some thing to be very proud about type the name Rajesh Khanna in google and just see the number of links which appear – 5 CRORES 88 LAKHS and continously increasing , second only to Salman Khan who has 6 .5 Crores , Amitabh Bachchan has 4.50 Crores , Shaharukh 3.20 Crores , Aamir 4.50 Crores , Dev Anand – 45 lakhs , Shammi Kapoor 33 lakhs , Shashi Kapoor 33 lakhs , Dilip Kumar 46 lakhs , Raj Kapoor 55 lakhs, Dharmendra 66 lakhs , Hrithik Roshan 1.50 Crores . And at the pace its increasing he may overtake Salman too , in the morining when i saw it was 5.20 Crores its now close to 6. Now its responsibility of the fans of Rajesh Khanna and the media to highlight this … The Tiger roars again

    Now the whole world has come to know the real and true Super Star Rajesh Khanna of Indian Cinema. No actor can even match that Talent. My Salute to the one and only King of Romance. Even though there were few good actors from Bollywood. Now thinking back. We truly feel no one had the edge like Rajesh Khanna. May God bless his soul. He is true and complete actor. It seems acting comes naturally for him. Such a rare talent.

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